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  1. How to Choose the Nugg Club Strain That’s Right for You

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    Choosing the right strain for you is a decision that only you can make. While there are tons of tips, no uniform choice exists. There is no perfect solution for a daytime strain for people that need to remain productive. The same goes for evening strains, and any other time of the day, really.


    Cannabis flower is sure to deliver some level of consistency but it does tend to change even when in the hands of master cultivators. When considering the person consuming it, these varying effects grow that much more. Each person reacts to cannabis differently.


    That’s why, when choosing which type of flower to consume, there are a certain set of criteria that helps you make your decision. Going beyond the physical focus, let’s dive into key questions you should ask before choosing which strain is best for you.


    Factors to consider when purchasing edibles:

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    Where it Was Grown


    If you can, find out where the product was grown. With that understanding, a consumer can better track the product’s path to the sales shelves. Because when you know that a cultivator is licensed and has it’s product lab-tested, you can trust you’re getting higher quality, better flavor, and reliable potency and effects. Anthony Franciosi, founder and head grower of Honest Marijuana Company, says that asking where the flower came from should be the first question asked.


    “I always lean towards growers that try to use organic methods and are conscientious about their footprint before I consider what kind of strain I want. In my experience, organically grown cannabis has a more unique flavor and better overall effect, so I like to start there,” he said.


    Touch and Smell


    If making a purchase in-store, be sure to get a feel for the flower. If it is dry or lacking in moisture, you may be better off with another choice.


    If your Sherbet smells like ChemDawg, you may have an issue on your hands. Your flower should have a strong-to-pungent odor that resembles its strain profile. Some flower will smell more like fruit or sweet hints, while others can smell more like the earth or fuel. Understand what a strain smells like and compare to what you are considering buying.


    Desired Effects


    The effects of a cannabis strain varies for a number of reasons. Each are points worth considering when mulling over which type of flower to buy.


    So what’s the difference between indica vs sativa?


    Sativas are more for keeping you going through the day. Meanwhile, indicas tend to produce effects that make it for night time. In other cases, hybrids can make a strain take on the effects of both. In the case of hybrid strains, understand the percentages in the flower. Some can be 50:50 while others are 80:20.


    Terpenes are another factor to consider. These compounds found in the crystals of flower, and numerous other sources, make up the aromatic and flavor profile of a strain. They also provide some of its effects. Each strain is composed of a variety of terpenes and will affect how a person feels.


    The same can be said for a cannabinoid profile. A strain with 2:1 THC to CBD is common for consumers. Meanwhile, medical patients may opt for a 25:1 CBD to THC strain so they can feel relief without a high.


    Beyond CBD and THC, over one hundred other cannabinoids can come into effect. THCA and CBDA are common and abundant cannabinoid acids with an array of others. While these cannabinoids will almost assuredly not get you high, they can alter the effects of a high.


    Dylan Smith, Head of Product at SmokeSmith Gear relies on reviews and budtenders to understand the experience a strain provides. “If they have had a good experience recently, then that’s a good sign,” explained Smith. “I am also a huge advocate of reading reviews.”


    In fact, the Nugg Team is always trying new products and reviewing them in detail. Our team reviews everything from flower and edibles to vapes and topicals.


    Budtender knowledge is also important. “Asking the budtender if he or she has personal experience is key,” Smith added. Buying online? No sweat. Nugg Club has a live chat team available to help you determine which strain might best suit your needs.




    Marijuana buds in jar with cannabis in rolling paper


    A flower’s strength can be included under desired effects but is also enough of a topic to stand on its own. Just a few decades ago, it was bewildering to find any flower that was beyond 10% potent. Today, the average flower ranges between 12% and 14% usually. Plus, many strains far exceed the average and can be as strong as in the high 20s or low 30s.


    Be sure to understand how strong a strain is before consuming. Though appealing, save off on trying the heavy hitters until you are more comfortable and familiar with your tolerance.


    Buyer Tip: It Varies By Region


    Smith also reminds buyers that a strain will vary by region. Unlike buying regulated products, cannabis strains can provide different experiences depending on where it is grown and purchased.


    “Cannabis has not gotten so standardized, so a strain can differ from region to region,” he said. “Thus, there is more impetus on the customer to know what they want, and to know what that strain looks and smells like before he or she walks into a dispensary.”


    If you don’t have the answers, consult with Nugg’s Cannabis Concierge.


    Popular Strains to Consider


    We agree that reviews are vital to the purchasing experience. It helps to know what your desired strain will do to you and how it will make you feel. To give you an idea, here are some of the most popular Nugg Club strains and their standout traits:


    • Blue Dream (Eighth Brother): A sativa-dominant hybrid that offers full body relaxation with a sweet blueberry aroma
    • OG Kush (Eighth Brother): A favorite strain since the 90s, OG Kush is a hybrid with a varied terpene profile which helps deliver hints of fuel, skunk and spice to the flower.
    • ChemDawg  (Eighth Brother): Known for its pungent diesel aroma, ChemDawg is not discreet and tends to pack a potent punch that is well above the average hybrid.
    • Sherbet (Henry’s Original): A slightly indica-dominant strain that calls GSC its parent, Sherbet is a full-bodied flower that offers up an array of sweet, fruity smells.
    • Purple Punch (Erba): An indica that smells sweet and delivers a potent punch that tastes great going down.
    • Miss USA (Lowell Herb Co): Offering up a strawberry-banana aroma, Miss USA is an indica-dominant flower that has tongues wagging for me of its deliciousness.
    • Grape Head (THC Designs): An indica-dominant hybrid, Grape Head’s flavor lives up to its name that offers up euphoric head highs to most consumers.
    • Forbidden Fruit (THC Designs): Forbidden Fruit is an indica that comes from two favorites, Cherry Pie and Tangie; guaranteeing a flavorful experience that is sure to leave consumers feeling the effects.
    • Sour Diesel (CaliGold): An icon in cannabis, this sativa-dominant flower is pungent and smells just like what its name implies. Going beyond aroma, this is a strain that provides effects well after consumption.
    • Do Si Do (Bloom Flower): One of the strongest flowers around, this pungent indica is likely to lock consumers to the couch after taking in its sweet, earthy flavors.
    • Green Crack (Dookie Bros): A sativa through and through, Green Crack is known for providing the energy rush of its other drug namesake without all the terrible effects. Though, consumers may be compelled for another taste of Green Crack’s tangy, fruity flavors.
    • Headband (Humboldt): Living up to its name, Headband is a hybrid that provides a comfortable yet noticeable head high that is sure to last a good while.


    Be sure to evaluate a strain for all of the above points and others. Remember that each strain can vary, depending on an array of factors. Do your due diligence and make an informed decision. In doing so, you’ll ensure that you have the most ideal experience while consuming.


    If you live in L.A. you may qualify for delivery from Nugg Club! Get these strains and more delivered to your doorstep – click here and enter your address.  


  2. Guide to Choosing the Right Edible When Buying Online

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    Buying an edible online can be difficult. Unless you have prior experience with the product, you are operating a rather high level of uncertainty when making your purchase. Aside from reviews, you’re largely left with going off your gut assumption.


    In fairness, the same can be said about many dispensary experiences as well. While you may come across an edible as an add-on, you’re otherwise guessing on how good the product will actually be.


    That said, there are tell-tale signs that you can use online and in the store to determine which edible is the right to buy for you. Here are some of the key factors to consider when buying the right edible online or in a dispensary.



    Quality of Packaging


    Packaging is a massive component of cannabis products. Most states require strict guidelines to ensure that products are resealable and safe from children. While many products meet and exceed these standards, online purchases can be hit or miss at times. Unfortunately, customers don’t have the advantage of an in-store experience to find out before purchasing physically.


    That said, consumers can look at the product online to get an idea for a quality product and its package. Each item should come in a resealable, child-proof box or packaging. Additionally, it should be appealing. While you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, we have to admit that the cover helps get us looking at the book if we aren’t sure of what we want. A visible logo and simple packaging should be the prelude to an amazing edible experience that awaits inside.


    Or, as Dr. John Oram of the award-winning chocolate edibles, NUG (no relation) explains, “ I need to be drawn into the product before I buy it. After purchase, I expect the edible product to be delicious and have no cannabis flavor whatsoever.” He added, “I have the same standards for cannabis edibles as I do for non-cannabis edibles. I need to enjoy eating it. Otherwise, why am I eating it?”


    Comprehensive Labeling Info


    Labeling is another component of the package a consumer needs to look out for. In short, make sure the product you buy is full of information.


    Is it clear what the item is? How about the company that’s making it? Going beyond the bare necessities for compliance, does the item list its strain information, cannabinoid profile, farm source or other key information? If it doesn’t consider another option.


    Jonathan Teeters, General Manager of the CBD Division for edible brand Azuca, wants to see products for clear selling points that buyers want to know. “I like to look for obvious callouts on the things that indicate they are positioning themselves for mainstream retail and customers: emblems and logos for gluten-free, kosher, organic, fair trade, GMP compliant, etc.”


    Ease of Use and Versatility


    Cannabis-infused pizza


    The days of DIY edibles and product uncertainty need to be over. By now, dosing should be fool-proof with edibles. We are dealing with sophisticated brands operating like any other major producer in the market. If your product gives you any sort of uncertainty around dosing, look elsewhere.


    Don’t even settle for an edible that is somewhat hard to dose. Furthermore, don’t settle for anything other than pre-divided pieces or edibles that are accurately dosed and/or listed on its measuring chart.


    Another point worth considering is the product’s versatility. Can it be easily added to other items? Does it allow for consumers to be creative with its consumption? If so, then it could be one of the better edibles to consider.


    Portability and Discretion


    Not many consumers want to show off that they’re consuming cannabis. The last thing they want to do is to draw attention to themselves with edibles that are overt and hard to dispense. These lower quality items tend to be better suited for the home. Slightly improved products are portable. However, good luck taking it out in public for more than a few minutes without someone catching on.


    A high-quality edible will be discreet and easy for communal use. Products made with professional-grade packaging and labeling helps keep consumption inconspicuous. As does easy to portion and dispense microdosed products. Combining these features will leave just about anyone assuming you are sharing a piece of candy with a friend.


    Gourmet Taste


    Remember, we’re talking about edibles here. A product may be checking off all the right boxes until it touches your taste buds. If that’s the case, then it’s going to be a hard and justified pass on that one. Edibles should be delicious and resemble your favorite gourmet snacks made with rich, complex flavors. These are snacks that don’t taste like flower and instead remind you of your favorite cannabis-free snacks.


    If you can’t try one before you buy, get reviews up front. Or, sample a friend’s edibles if they’re up for sharing. Otherwise, you’re paying for a blind taste test.


    Tolerable, Even Pleasant Texture


    Hazelnut spread with marijuana leaves in a jar


    There’s always that one candy or snack that you love but hate to the mess that comes with it. For me, as a kid, it was those push-up ice cream pops. They tasted delicious but left my hand and arm covered in sticky ice cream. But hey, that’s being 16, am I right?


    While you won’t be able to feel the product, try to get reviews or watch sample videos describing how the edible handles. Is it hard to ingest, or make a mess on your hands or the floor? How’s it feel when chewing?


    Overall, you want an edible that feels good on your tongue and won’t have half of its getting stuck on your fingers or in the carpet. Easy to handle should be the name of the game.


    A Consistent Experience


    Much like its taste, an edible’s effectiveness can crush any promising edible that fails to live up to its effects. The edible should provide consumers with the measured effect that is stated on the package. It should be effective and deliver no adverse effects when consumed.


    Once proven to be effective, the edible should be consistent. Regardless of what piece off of which bar is eaten, you should know how this piece affects your body. If there is any guesswork involved, it may be time to switch to a new item.


    One way to ensure that a product is effective and consistent is to look for lab tests. Companies should offer these results on their website or at the request of a consumer. As Dr. Oram explains, “I expect the product to be fully lab tested for potency and safety. I expect to see a statement or label from the lab indicating the test results and the date of testing. I expect the test results to be close to the label claims and I expect the date of testing to be relatively recent, within the last few months.”


    A Price That Matches Quality


    One final make or break component is going to be the price. With some edibles costing exorbitant sums of money, not every item fits into a consumer’s budget. As such, find an edible that fits your budget while having a reputation as a consistent, flavorful and potent. You want bang for your buck. Make sure the two align.


    If you live in the Los Angeles area and are ready to buy your favorite edible online, click here to see if Nugg Club delivers to your address! 


  3. Top Selling Flower, Available Now from Nugg Club

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    There’s nothing quite like the aroma of opening a jar of perfectly cured cannabis flower. Bursting with fragrant terpenes and a gorgeous array of stunning colors, from emerald to nearly neon greens, from deep purples to vibrant orange hairs – cannabis flower is like a rainbow of healing goodness.


    Full-spectrum cannabis has a number of benefits thanks to its mix of cannabinoids and secondary compounds found in an array of strains today.


    If you want to enjoy the healing benefits and the joyful rituals of smoking cannabis flower, we’ve put together a list of the top-selling flower strains in the month of February, available for delivery from Nugg Club.


    Here Are the Top-Selling Nugg Club Flowers:

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    Eighth Brothers OG Kush (Indica)

    A mysterious strain with countless award-winning varieties originating from it, OG Kush is a California classic with potent trance-like effects. The OG stands for Ocean Grown, a tribute to its sunny coastal roots, while Kush is a subspecies of the indica phenotype originating out of the Hindu Kush mountains. The earthy and subtle pine aromas are recognizable to OG lovers worldwide, with a floral and spicy flavor complementing its resinous bulky green buds.


    While its genetics remain unknown, there’s no mystery when it comes to the powerful effects that made this crowd favorite so popular. A mind-numbing euphoria hits quickly with plenty of laughter and stimulating conversation that eventually fades into a stress-crushing relaxation. This strain is especially popular for easing pain and nausea, indulging in this strain may leave you glued to the couch.


    Eighth Brothers is a group of fully licensed and certified organic flower cultivators out of Mendocino County. Run by second 2nd generation farmers obsessed with quality, the company uses only the sun and clean mountain air to grow their superior products with zero pesticides. Every batch is lab-tested for purity and potency with results available on their packaging.


    Lowell Herb Co Miss USA (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)

    Born out of the hands of experienced cannabis breeders at DNA Genetics, Miss USA is a potent indica-dominant hybrid for the experienced cannabis connoisseur. This gorgeous strain has lime green buds dressed in a coat of fiery orange hairs and crystals with a floral, fruity aroma. A quick kick of euphoria will lift your spirits but this strain is best savored after the sun has sailed as it will soon fade into a deep body warmth and relaxation helpful in relieving pain and stress.


    Lowell brings you their carefully curated prerolls in a single serving so you can give them a try, or pop it in your pocket and take it to go. This Miss USA Preroll is made with 100% flower, no shake or trim in these top-notch twisted delights. The cardboard tube allows safekeeping and travel and the raw paper and crutch make for a smoother smoking experience.


    Lowell brings you their carefully curated prerolls in their sleek and durable cardboard box for easy transportation and impressing your friends. Each beautifully crafted package contains either 3.5 grams of their carefully curated all organic cannabis in 7 half gram prerolls with potency and strains listed on the box. Never using shake or trim, each blend is made up of 100% flower testing between 22%-25% THC.


    Lowell is a different kind of cannabis company, not only caring about the integrity of their products but the people who grew it as well. Paying their farmers a proper living wage is as important to them as their all-natural farming techniques, utilizing rich organic fertilizer and never spraying synthetic pesticides. Their old school brand style is indicative of the rough and tough era William Lowell began his cannabis farms, and over 100 years later you can still see the deep love and respect they have for the plant in every product.


    Old Pal Blue Dream (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid)

    Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that balances a dreamy cerebral psychoactivity with full-body relaxation. This strain is a favorite amongst novice and connoisseurs alike, enjoying its uplifting and gentle euphoria perfect for a long hike or getting things done around the house. Bursting with sweet floral and berry aromas, enjoy a boost in mood and creativity without the heavy sedation. Its revitalizing yet calm effects make it a popular daytime medicine for patients seeking relief from stress, pain, depression, nausea, and fatigue.


    Old Pal products come in three varieties: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. They’ve found that the market of super-specific strains with new, quirky names is leading people away from the simple enjoyment of cannabis. Old Pal simply focuses on the three varieties while ensuring a quality product every time.


    Henry’s Sherbert (Hybrid)

    The perfect strain to cap off a busy day, Sherbet possesses similar genetics to its parent Girl Scout Cookies, and puts out equally gorgeous and potent flower. With dark purple buds that glisten in a sticky coat of trichomes, this powerful and picturesque flower will impress even the snobbiest of cannabis connoisseurs. A sour citrus, almost skunky aroma tends to escape even tightly closed containers, but the effects make up for what it lacks in discretion! An initial cerebral energy kicks off the effects with psychoactivity and euphoria, but soon a deep physical relaxation takes over with a pleasant numbness and warmth. Best reserved for evening shenanigans, Sherbet won’t put you right to sleep, but it may have you struggling to get off the couch. Many seek out Sherbet for its ability to induce appetite and alleviate pain and stress.


    Handcrafted in small batches, Henry’s Original provides clean green certified cannabis grown out of sunny Mendocino county. Their 100% Heirloom flower is grown with the utmost care by expert cultivators using all-organic soil and every batch is lab tested at ISO certified laboratories to ensure consistency and quality through every stage of the process. Henry’s Original believes our families, friends, and neighbors should have access to organically-grown cannabis straight from the farm.


    Ocean Purple Punch (Indica)

    A delicious heavy hitting indica, Purple Punch has all the limb numbing relaxation of its pacifying parents Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. With a crystal coat of trichomes blanketing each bud, this strain looks as good as it smells, emanating a fruity grape and berry aroma. Purple Punch starts with a cerebral buzz that quickly moves to the body, ending in total sedation that will leave you with heavy limbs and eyelids. Usually reserved for an evening luxury, this strain is great for alleviating chronic pain and stress as well as insomnia, with most sessions ending in a quiet dreamy slumber.


    Ocean Cannabis Company has a mission to develop the cleanest and highest quality cannabis and concentrates around. Their premium cannabis and natural flavor profiles are unrivaled in purity, quality, and potency, creating a truly one of a kind experience. A local Los Angeles Cannabis company, the owners started Ocean Cannabis Company to meet the need for premium, natural cannabis with a commitment to quality that only a small family business can provide.


    If you live in the Los Angeles area, check to see if your address is available for Nugg Club delivery, and have one of these top-selling strains to your door! 


  4. 9 Fruity Edibles to Stimulate Your Taste Buds

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    Who doesn’t love cannabis edibles? They’re delicious, they’re a very discreet way of consuming cannabis, and they deliver a potent high that lasts for hours.


    It seems like most edibles manufacturers are focused on chocolates, cookies, and brownies. We get it; we love a sweet treat as much as anyone. But sometimes you want a tart, tangy snack that will still get you stoned. We here at Nugg love all kinds of cannabis edibles, and we’re thrilled to share this rundown of our favorite cannabis-infused gummies. 


    Plus – Blueberry Gummies (100mg)

    These gummies are a great way to discreetly dose a little THC when you’re in need. With a tangy blueberry flavor and a satisfyingly chewy texture, California-based PLUS Blueberry Gummies are sure to turn your sour day around. Each gummy contains 5 mg of THC (20 pieces totaling 100 mg THC in each bag), making it easy to microdose a little at a time. And these gummies are made using concentrates from a hybrid cannabis strain, so you can expect a well-balanced experience that includes a calming body high and a gentle, slightly euphoric head high. They’re also gluten-free and made with kosher ingredients so anyone can enjoy the sweet taste of these fast acting, great tasting cannabis treats.


    Kushy Punch – Sativa Gummies (100mg)

    Sativa gummies from Kushy Punch offer a sweet taste and a swift boost of energy to help you get through any difficult day. Each package contains a total of 100 mg THC, divided into four equal 25 mg pieces. However, if that’s too high of a dose you can always cut each piece into quarters (which would then be 6.25 mg each) for a more controlled microdose experience. You’ll need some self-restraint around these potent gummies though; they’re made using concentrates derived from Super Silver Haze flower and infused with natural strawberry terpenes, giving you a rich, fruity taste in every bite. Expect a rush of energy from these sativa candies that are perfect for finding your creative muse or spending some active time outdoors. Fulfill the needs of your mind, body, and soul with these sustainably-grown, expertly made treats from Kushy Punch!


    Plus – CBD Pineapple Coconut Gummies (100mg)

    Experience a burst of tropical flavor and a subtle dose of relief with PLUS Pineapple Coconut CBD Gummies. Each gummy contains 5 mg CBD (100 mg total for each package), and with no THC or intoxication, these gummies are great for just about any day! As if that weren’t enough, PLUS gummies deliver a delicious taste experience without any guilt – they’re only 6 calories per gummy! Add a little CBD into your chaotic life with PLUS CBD gummies.


    Plus cannabis-infused CBD gummies


    District Edibles – Blue Raspberry Indica (100mg)

    Unwind with Blue Raspberry Gummies from District. Each gummy contains 10 mg of THC (100 mg total in package). Even though they’re low in sugar and in fat, you can still expect mouthwatering blue raspberry flavor in every bite! If 10 mg of THC is too high a dose, the distinct X shape of each gummy makes it easy to bite off a half or a quarter dose. And there’s never any rush to finish off the entire package thanks to District’s convenient blister pack, which keeps each dose fresh for whenever you need it! Expect a relaxing high and a restful night sleep with District’s delicious Blue Raspberry Indica Gummies.


    District Edibles –Watermelon Hybrid (100mg)

    With District’s Watermelon Hybrid Gummies, any day will feel like summer. Each delicious watermelon flavored gummy contains 10 mg THC, but these gummies were designed for easy microdosing if you don’t want a full 10 mg; District’s unique X-shaped treats can easily be split into halves or quarters for a lower, easy to control dose. These gummies are made from hybrid cannabis strains, so they’re perfect for any time of day or night. District’s edible gummies come in a convenient blister pack, so you’ll never have to worry about your cannabis treats going stale. Enjoy a low-fat, low-sugar treat that still brings big flavors by trying District’s Watermelon Hybrid Cannabis gummies today!


    Kanha Treats – Watermelon Gummies (100mg)

    For a light, refreshing gummy experience that will have you daydreaming of summer, check out Kanha Treats Watermelon Gummies. Each gummy contains 10 mg of THC, with 100 mg total THC per package. Kanha Treats uses its own cannabis oil, which has been CO2 extracted for a pure and consistent dose in each gummy. Enjoy the fruits on life’s journey with Kanha Treats Watermelon Gummies.


    Green Hornet – Mixed Fruit Indica (100mg)

    If you’re looking for a relaxing treat, look no further than Cheeba Chews’ Green Hornet Mixed Fruit Indica Gummies. Each gummy is precisely dosed at 10 mg of THC (100 mg total per package). Cheeba Chews tests their products at each stage of production to ensure that you always get a clean, consistent cannabis edible experience. Expect a tasty treat that’s both potent and delicious with Green Hornet Mixed Fruit Indica Gummies!


    Kushy Punch – Recover (60mg THC/30mg CBD)

    Can’t decide between a THC or a CBD experience? Try Kushy Punch’s Recover Gummies and enjoy the best of both worlds! Each package contains a total of 60 mg THC and 30 mg CBD, divided into four segments for ease of consumption. The high CBD concentration helps you relax, recuperate, and rest up for whatever tomorrow brings. You’ll love these tart berry flavors and potent cannabis effects. They’re crafted with fresh ingredients and potent cannabis extracts, and each product has been meticulously designed with love in California.


    District Edibles – Cherry Cola Sativa (100mg)

    Enjoy the flavors of Cherry Cola without the guilt that comes with a soda! District’s Cherry Cola Sativa Gummies deliver an excitingly familiar flavor with a dose of THC. Each gummy contains 10 mg of THC (100 mg total in each package), but thanks to District’s unique X shaped gummies you can turn each piece into four microdoses with ease. Expect a zippy, powerful energy that’s perfect for any excursion thanks to the sativa cannabis extracts that go into each gummy. Enjoy a low-sugar, low-fat treat without sacrificing taste or quality by snacking on District’s Cherry Cola Gummies!


    If you live in the Los Angeles area, check to see if your address is available for Nugg Club delivery, and have your favorite edible delivered to your door! 


  5. Replace Your Morning Coffee With These Energizing Vapes

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    Close your eyes and picture yourself stumbling out of bed, turning the gears of your manual grinder, listening for the sounds of percolating water and the unmistakable aroma that wafts through your home. Were you picturing coffee being prepared, or a morning bong rip?


    Whether it’s a relaxing day off or a productive day running errands, some cannabis consumers like to start the morning out by enjoying cannabis with their coffee. In fact, some people choose cannabis instead of coffee – and it’s not hard to understand why. Too much coffee can leave you feeling sick and jittery. By contrast, cannabis use in the morning can help manage chronic pain, tackle stomach and GI issues, improve your mood, and for some people, cannabis also has a motivating “get up and go” effect. In fact, smoking cannabis can actually increase your heart rate by 20 to 50 beats per minute, making it easy to feel like you just downed a few cups of coffee.


    The practice of morning smoking is fairly common among regular cannabis consumers in the US. Nearly one in five pot smokers have (or have had) morning smoke sessions. Vaping is an even better option than smoking since it allows you to take a single puff at a time, making it much easier to dial in the exact dose you’re looking for.


    If you’re new to the “wake and bake,” don’t worry – we’ve got the perfect guide to sativa cannabis vapes that will help you medicate in the morning and still have a productive, meaningful day, all while reducing pain and stress!


    Here are four energizing vapes that Nugg recommends:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]


    1. Select – Maui Wowie


    From the first fruity taste to the subtle pineapple essence on the exhale, Maui Wowie is a strain that most cannabis connoisseurs encounter sooner or later. This delicious sativa strain hails from – where else? – Hawaii. But its delicious smell and taste, as well as its cherished effects, have made it a household name around the world. Maui Wowie is known for its cerebral stimulation and bursts of motivation, making it a perfect morning strain to get your day started.


    Select’s Maui Wowie vape cartridge comes in a PAX Era-compatible Pod that’s small and discreet but packs a big punch. With a THC content that can reach as high as 75% in some batches, this cartridge is sure to give you just as much of a jolt as that cup of java you’re used to brewing (but without any risk of getting a stomach ache!). Select grows their cannabis crop using organic soil, state-of-the-art extraction technology, and extensive quality control testing, so you always know you’re getting a high-quality product for a high caliber morning.


    2. Rove – Tangie


    Nothing screams “sativa” like a zesty citrus aroma and tart flavor first thing in the morning. Tangie is chock full of citrus flavor, and this sativa strain delivers an unparalleled euphoric head high. The Tangie strain originated in Amsterdam but it’s believed to have been sourced from a California Orange hybrid. Many consumers report an energetic but focused high, making this an ideal strain to jumpstart your day.


    Rove’s vape cartridges deliver single source, whole-plant extracted cannabis concentrates, so you can take comfort knowing that the Rove Tangie vape tastes exactly like the original flower. Rove also labels each cartridge’s packaging so you know which farm grew the cannabis flower before it was put through the CO2 extraction process. Expect a flavorful palate and a rush of euphoria to make your morning vape session a memorable experience.


    3. Dosist – Arouse 50


    If you’re new to morning wake and bake sessions, this may be the perfect pen to dip your toes in the water. Dosist delivers precise, controlled vape released without any buttons. There’s no separate battery needed, either, as the pen is an all-in-one product. Simply put the discreet, minimalistic vape pen to your lips and inhale until the pen vibrates. Once this happens, the pen will shut off automatically. It delivers 2.25 mg per dose, making it easy to microdose with this stimulating cannabis product.


    Dosist doesn’t produce strain-specific cannabis oils. Rather, each Dosist product is expertly blended to deliver a range of cannabinoids and terpenes tailored to meet any need. The Arouse formula offers a 10-to-1 THC:CBD ratio and includes terpenes like B-Caryophyllene, Farnesene, and Linalool. Their cannabis concentrates are tested three times during the extraction process, with follow-up tests being performed on the final product to ensure a clean, pure, and consistent vape experience. Dosist’s Arouse vape pen has been scientifically developed to meet your vape needs and it comes in 50 dose or 200 dose sizes.


    4. Bloom Farms – Durban Poison PAX Pod


    If sativa strains are comparable to a cup of coffee, this strain might be more of an espresso shot! Durban Poison is a landrace sativa strain, meaning it’s about as close to a “pure” sativa as you’ll find. This robust strain is believed to have originated in South Africa. Many consumers report that this strain delivers an energetic high with uplifting euphoria – an ideal strain for starting your day off with a puff.


    Bloom Farms has partnered with PAX Era to produce a Pod cartridge for the PAX vape battery. This cartridge has a THC concentration as high as 82% and reportedly offers a fast-acting burst of creative energy and productivity. Bloom Farms advocates for a healthy lifestyle that includes cannabis use for creativity, relaxation, relief, and just plain, old fun.


    Are you ready to try these Nugg Club vapes? If you live in the Los Angeles area, see if your address is available for delivery by clicking here today!


  6. How to Use Cannabis Before and After Your Workout

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    The topic of cannabis gyms and workout routines has been on the rise in the past few years. This only makes sense as cannabis continues to find its way into everyday activities. This is especially true with physical exercise, where cannabis has the potential to help the body at all stages of the workout – including its recovery.


    Nugg spoke to two proponents of cannabis workouts to better understand why and how they incorporate the two. Here is what they had to say, along with a handful of Nugg Club products that we recommend during each stage of your workout routine. 



    Before the Workout


    Some athletes choose to use cannabis as a morning pick me up. However, this isn’t the usual wake and bake in most cases. For certified personal trainer and co-founder of Green House Healthy, Antonio DeRose uses cannabis to recharge his endocannabinoid system.


    “My morning routine is same each day,” explains DeRose. “When I wake up, I immediately go to the kitchen to drink 16oz of water with pink Himalayan sea salt, freshly squeezed lemon juice. I get a pot of coffee started, then load the bong with flower and I start smoking to recharge my endocannabinoid system.” DeRose tells Nugg he often smokes one or two bowls before going out on a run or heading to the gym.


    The official NORML athlete explained how it helps his body as well. “Cannabis is a bronchodilator, so it expands my bronchial tubes and allows me to absorb more oxygen with each breath. In addition to helping my cardiorespiratory endurance, the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids help me overcome any pain, swelling, or soreness.”


    DeRose also mentioned how cannabis helps him get in the zone prior to his workout. He said, “This gives me a better mind-body connection and allows me to concentrate on my training goals without getting distracted.”


    If bongs aren’t your speed, consider a joint like a THC Design Sativa Single Pre-roll. You can get the same effect and take the joint on your run for some effective aftercare.



    During the Workout


    Much like DeRose mentioned about getting in the zone, plenty of athletes and exercise enthusiasts enjoy how cannabis gets them into a groove in their workout. OMG Farms COO Ryan Miller is a proponent of cannabis in workouts and physical therapy. He supports the “in the zone” theory, or what researchers call a “flow state.” Miller explained that “In addition to making physically repetitive and mundane exercises enjoyable, what’s especially remarkable about flow state is that an individual experiencing it not only performs better at the task at hand but in “flow” they are reinforcing the brain patterns backing up that activity — meaning not only are they doing it better, they are getting better at it at a faster rate.


    Those just starting with cannabis and working out may find themselves enjoying a measured dose. In that case, a Dosist Bliss can provide a 9:1 THC-to-CBD that comes in three settings. Other fans of accurate dosing and all-natural choices may prefer an edible like PLUS Blackberry Lemon Gummies. However, be sure to account for the onset time of the edibles and the start of your workout.



    After a Workout


    After a rigorous workout, a person is likely to feel worn down and sore. Some classic keys to avoid such an outcome is ample stretching and staying hydrated. However, cannabis can also come into the equation. As documented in numerous medical consumers, cannabis can address these pains and symptoms. As Miller’s article goes on to explain, Recovery is also hastened due to the aforementioned anti-inflammatory and insulin-response promoting qualities of the plant.”


    By the evening, muscles soreness and pain can affect a person’s sleep. Miller explains that cannabis can help here as well “by its tendency to give users longer periods of deep sleep, where the majority of physical recovery happens.” If deep sleep is what you need, a tart treat like District Edibles’ Blue Raspberry Indica Gummy is sure to satisfy the taste buds while putting you into a restful bliss.


    Pro Tip: Start Low With a Microdose


    Combining cannabis and a workout routine is proving to be a worthwhile venture for athletes, workout enthusiasts and those in need of physical therapy. As Miller wrote, “Fortunately, health professionals across a variety of disciplines are beginning to discover how this ancient remedy can impact their field, and as access continues to improve, more individuals will be able to benefit from a therapeutic tool that may vastly improve their quality of life.”


    Now, with the discussion opening up, consumers have to make sure they consume at doses that are accurate to their body. To avoid any potential for overconsumption, consumers should opt for a measured dose when possible. In other cases, always apply the start low and go slow method. Instead of taking your usual Strawberry Cough Select Pax Pod hit, consider a quarter or half of that and see how you feel. Gauge yourself and adjust accordingly.


    With a proper workout and dosing routine, your body could see improved results by incorporating cannabis into a workout. Be sure to do your research and talk to experienced professionals to decide what works best for you.


    If you live in the LA area and are ready to incorporate cannabis into your fitness routine, find out if Nugg Club delivers to your area and take your workout to new highs! 


  7. District Edibles Blue Raspberry 100mg Indica Gummies (2019 Review)

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    When I first started eating cannabis edibles, I thought the point was to get so high that the only thing I could responsibly do was sit on the couch and binge watch a new TV series or go to sleep. But as my consumption matures, I realize more and more that a subtle high that leaves me lucid enough to function is a better option for me.


    The only problem is that I am a little lady with a pretty low tolerance for edibles. Like when the undisputed champ Mike Tyson fell to underdog Buster Douglas, even a 10 mg gummy can surprisingly knock me out. So when a friend recommended District Edibles, promising a mellow indica gummy that wouldn’t have me seeing stars, I was immediately interested.


    District Edibles makes scratch-made, gluten-free gummies in six flavors with two flavors in each category (sativa, indica, hybrid). Compared to many other gummies on the market, District’s Edibles are low in sugar – a huge plus for people like me who aren’t into overly sugary treats.


    I brought home a package of District Edibles Blue Raspberry Gummies (10 mg each). And after a long day at work, I decided to give one a try before heading to dinner with friends.


    In this District Edibles Blue Rasberry Gummy review, you'll learn about this product's:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]


    Packaging, Labeling & Product Design

    I’ve got to give it to District Edibles, their packaging is totally unique. A hard, plastic, child-resistant container about the size of a cigarette pack houses these edibles and is adorned with metallic gold, deep purple, and black color scheme. For environmental purposes, I’m not usually a fan of plastic packaging. But District Edibles makes sure their plastic is recyclable and I can also re-use this packaging as a joint holder! Win-win.


    When I try to open this package I run into problems, even with the instructions printed on the package. The box is a little bulky in my small hands, so I find it difficult to squeeze the two latches at the same time. Luckily, District Edibles provides a comedic and helpful 30-second video on their Instagram to help the packaging-challenged consumers like me. Just like the video shows, I lay the package flat on the table giving me more stability, squeeze the two latches on the side, and pull straight out – the packaging easily opens.


    The labeling gives me just enough information to be compliant and informative but doesn’t go the extra mile. The top of the container is clearly marked with a deep purple sticker and “indica” printed in all caps. On the front, the District Edibles metallic gold logo is placed right in the center, with a tamper-proof seal below. They include all the required labeling for compliance, including government warnings, amount of THC per box and per serving (100mg total, 10mg per gummy), ingredients, net weight, and lab testing info.


    District Edibles includes a note saying the cannabis oil used in this product is purified using CO2 and/or ethanol. I would love to know more about the actual strains used and how they were grown, more details on the cannabinoid content, and some way to verify lab testing results.


    Quality and Ease of Use


    The gummies themselves are stored in a plastic and foil blister pack reminiscent of a gum package. And the back of the blister pack has a fun, unique design that looks like a control panel of a rocketship, matching their astronaut-themed branding on their site and social media. I easily pop one gummy out and I’m ready to blast off! I’ve got dinner in an hour with friends, so I’m hoping these help ease the tension of a long day at work but won’t have me drooling on myself at the dinner table.


    I’m used to seeing gummies in circular or square shapes, but these District Edibles have a unique “X” shape. Despite the “blue raspberry” flavor, the color is actually more of an emerald green. Because each gummy is a 10 mg serving, I have no problem dosing these. If I wanted a smaller dose, I could easily bite off a corner of the X, although it would be hard to tell exactly how much THC I’d get.


    They use real gelatin in these (vegans, beware) so the texture shapes up to be more like Jell-o, wiggling in my hand as I observe it. Despite my less-than-positive experiences with Jell-O shots in college, I’m happy to report these gummies go down a lot easier than those shots ever did. Unlike most cannabis gummies on the market, these are not overly sweet – a huge plus for me who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with sugar! Overall, the flavor was subtle and tart at the end, not at all what I was expecting. The subtle taste is enjoyable enough, it just doesn’t pack much of a punch.


    Potency, Effectiveness & Affordability


    After one 10 mg gummy and about 30 minutes of waiting, I begin feeling the subtle high. Very similar to the flavor, the high is enjoyable but doesn’t knock me off my feet. It’s exactly what I’m hoping for in this current scenario – it eases tension in my shoulders, melts away stress from a long day, but keeps me totally lucid. I’m able to sit at dinner and carry on a meaningful conversation with friends without falling asleep in my ramen. The effects are so subtle that I could even see using these District Edibles indica gummies at work. That’s a big statement coming from a woman who has such a low edible tolerance!


    The accessible $14 price tag on these District Edibles gummies knocks it out of the park. For the subtle but lucid high, unique texture, light flavor, and smart packaging, $14 feels like a steal. I can definitely see myself purchasing another pack of these for those days I need a bit of a boost, but can’t allow myself to fly all the way to the moon. I wish I knew about these sooner!


    Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product 


    Packaging: 5/5

    • These are some of the most well-protected edibles I’ve found.
    • They come packaged in a hard-plastic, child-resistant container that you can reuse as a joint holder when you’re done with your gummies!
    • It’s slim and pocket-ready and houses your gummies in a plastic and foil blister pack, kind of like a pack of gum.


    Labeling: 3/5

    • While there is a lot of extra information on their website, the labels on the package seem like they’re pretty much the bare necessities for Adult Use compliance.
    • On the front is the brand name, opening instructions, Indica classification, flavor, net weight, amount of pieces in the box, amount of THC per box and per gummy. On the back are government warnings, a list of ingredients, usage instructions, batch number, manufactured-on date, and best-by date.
    • I’d like to know more about the oil: How was it extracted, what strains were used? I would have also liked to have seen a QR code or some sort of way to verify lab results and a full profile of cannabinoids detected.


    Easy to Dose?: 4.5/5

    • Because these are made in 10 individual 10 mg doses, they’ll be easy to dose if you’re comfortable with dosing in the 10 mg increments.
    • If you’re sensitive to small doses of THC, you might struggle to accurately cut these down further.


    Discretion: 5/5

    • Package is so small and dark, it’s easy to keep hidden when dosing throughout the day.
    • If you take the blister pack out of the external package, there is nothing cannabis related printed on it, which means you can eat these out in the open, easily, without any judgemental eyes looking at you.


    Taste: 3/5

    • I assumed this was going to be really sweet, but I was wrong.
    • Didn’t overwhelm my palate, but sometimes it’s nice to not to have to eat something so flavorful just to get to your medicine.
    • Blue raspberry taste was subtle and the gummies had a little bitterness as an endnote.


    Texture: 5/5

    • Great texture for a gummy candy… not chewy, more like a Jell-O texture.
    • Wiggly and smooth and broke down easily in my mouth.
    • Didn’t leave any residue behind on my hands or get stuck in my teeth.


    Effectiveness: 5/5

    • More of a subtle hitting edible, but I really liked the effects!
    • Got me high in all the right places, but also kept me lucid and clear-headed.
    • I was able to maintain my wits about me and have clear, thoughtful conversations.


    Versatility: 1.5/5

    • I can’t think of anything to do with these besides eating them right out of the package. Maybe you can garnish a frilly drink with them or suspend them in Jell-O.


    Consistency: 5/5

    • District Edibles is always precise in their formulations, making this an edible that will give you a consistent experience every time you buy it.


    Price: 4/5

    • For $14, this is a good price for a gummy that provides effective, consistent results, and is easy to eat and easy to dose.
    • The taste could be a little better, but I appreciate that it wasn’t overly sweet.
    • Overall it was a good experience for the price.


    Overall Rating: 4.15


    District Edibles Blue Raspberry Indica gummies are an affordable and subtle edible option that I thoroughly enjoyed. The packaging is unique and protective, the gummies have a fun texture unlike any others I’ve tried reminding me of a much, much more enjoyable Jell-O shot. The high hit me in all the right places. This feels like an adult edible, one that you eat before a dinner party; it’s not the kind of edible I used to eat right before consuming an entire pizza and watching two seasons of The Office. The flavor is pretty underwhelming, but I like that these aren’t overly sweet. I will use these again anytime I need some pain or stress relief, but don’t want to drool on myself. My biggest issues have to do with labeling: I would love to see more information about the strains used to make the cannabis oil and a full cannabinoid content summary. But for $14, I will absolutely purchase these again.


    Are you ready to try these blue raspberry indica gummies from District Edibles? If you live in the Los Angeles area, see if your address is available for delivery by clicking here today!


  8. 5 Cannabis Topicals That Actually Work

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    As cannabis use has entered the national conversation about pain management and holistic care, non-smokable forms of cannabis have increasingly grown in popularity – including many cannabis products that do not produce “high” (psychotropic) effects. This shift in cannabis use may have helped destigmatize cannabis for some individuals, and the increased market for alternative consumption methods has redefined the ways that cannabis can be used to help treat certain ailments.


    Part of this may be due to rising consumption rates among Baby Boomers, many of whom use cannabis to treat pain while minimizing the use of pharmaceutical medications. One study from New York University’s School of Medicine reports that cannabis use has increased by 71% among adults over the age of 50. And that increase in cannabis consumption is not just for Rolling Stones reunion shows; many Baby Boomers are using cannabis to supplement their prescription drug needs. A University of Georgia report estimates that Medicare has so far seen savings of over $165 million in prescription costs in states where medical cannabis has been legalized. There’s a clear trend which shows that consumers across all demographics increasingly want options that don’t involve smoking. But what’s so special about topicals?


    First, let’s start with the basics.


    What Are Topicals?


    Cannabis topicals include any skincare product that contains cannabis extracts. When skincare brands make products that contain cannabis, they’re typically infusing an existing lotion, salve, or balm with cannabinoids that have been extracted from the cannabis plant. The most common cannabinoids found in topicals include:


    • THC: the main psychotropic ingredient in cannabis. It’s also the thing in cannabis that makes you feel stoned.
    • CBD: a non-psychotropic cannabinoid that may offer certain health and wellness benefits without causing intoxication.


    Some topicals contain both THC and CBD, while others contain just one or the other. CBD-only products can be sold in any state, but any product containing THC can only be sold through a licensed dispensary or delivery service in states with legal cannabis.


    Will Cannabis Topicals Get Me Stoned?


    No, using topicals – including those made with THC – will not cause intoxication. That’s because cannabis topicals interact with the endocannabinoid system in your skin without actually entering the bloodstream and altering your brain chemistry.


    The one exception to cannabis topicals not getting you stoned is cannabis transdermal patches. These products are similar to a nicotine patch, and some patches can bypass the skin barrier, causing intoxication.


    Because cannabis topicals (other than transdermals) do not cause intoxication, it’s generally safe to assume that using topicals alone – without smoking, vaping, eating edibles, or using transdermals – will not cause you to fail a drug test.


    What Are The Best Cannabis Topicals To Use For My Needs?


    The answer to this question depends on your specific needs. However, we here at Nugg have our fingers on the pulse of emerging cannabis brands and their medicinal and wellness products. Here are a few of our favorites, available for delivery in the LA area through Nugg Club.


    1. Papa & Barkley 1:3 Balm – This product contains a one-to-three ratio of CBD to THC. It comes in two sizes: 15 ml and 50 ml. Our experts recommend that you start by applying a nickel-sized portion of balm to a problem area, then gently rub the balm into that area until it’s completely absorbed. Ingredients: Cannabis, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Essential Oil Blend (Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender), Vitamin E Oil, Natural Terpenes


    1. Apothecanna Extra Strength Creme – Expect a healing experience with Apothecanna’s blend of organic compounds designed to relieve pain and inflammation. The Extra Strength Creme comes in eight-ounce bottles and contains 100 mg of CBD, along with arnica, peppermint, vitamins, and essential oils. There’s a long list of ingredients, from cannabis oil and organic sunflower oil to glyceryl stearate, arnica extract, organic juniper oil and phenoxyethanol.


    1. High Gorgeous “In Your Dreams” Body Lotion – It’s hard not to love a product that smells good and feels good. That’s exactly what you can expect from this High Gorgeous product. The “In Your Dreams” body lotion is infused with lavender and chamomile, and each four-ounce jar contains a 2:1 ratio, offering 100 mg of THC and 50 mg of CBD. It’s ideal for all-over external use and it’s made without allergens like soy. 


    1. Kush Queen Awaken Bomb – This medicated bath bomb contains a one-to-one ratio of THC and CBD, serving up 25 mg of each for your therapeutic bathing pleasure. It’s recommended that you soak for approximately 30 minutes to enjoy the full relaxing effects that this product offers. Ingredients: 100% Organic Peppermint Oil, Cannabidiol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium sulfate, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Colors.


    1. Honey Pot Body Lotion – Take comfort knowing that Honey Pot has won a prestigious Cannabis Cup award for their cannabis-infused body lotion. It’s available in a two-ounce bottle (which contains 250 mg THC) or in an eight-ounce bottle (which has 1,000 mg THC). Both versions also contain lavender, aloe vera, and wildflower honey, along with a unique blend of essential oils.


    How Do I Use Cannabis Topicals?


    Using cannabis topicals couldn’t be easier. First, determine what part of your body is currently achy, uncomfortable, or otherwise in need of relief. Make sure that part of your body is clean; if you haven’t showered, you can use a wet towel or washcloth to remove any dirt and sweat that may have accumulated there. Apply a generous amount of topical to that body part, then gently massage the area until the topical is completely absorbed. Wash your hands when you’re finished and reapply as needed.


    What Should I Expect When Using Cannabis Topicals?


    Expect gentle relaxation and some minor pain relief. Remember that with severe and/or chronic injuries, you probably won’t get total instant relief of your symptoms. It’s more like using a heating pad or soaking sore muscles in a hot bath: you’ll definitely notice a difference, and ideally, your discomfort should be a little more tolerable.


    Finding the right product for your needs may require some trial and error. If a product that only contains CBD doesn’t work for you, try something that combines CBD and THC. Because of a phenomenon known as the entourage effect, a blend of cannabinoids is often more effective than just a single isolated cannabinoid. You can also try experimenting with different ratios and concentrations of CBD and THC.


    No matter what your needs may be, there’s a Nugg Club product to help you find relief! 


  9. A Look Beyond the Brand: THC Design

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    Alex Wilkerson has his nose in the flowers. He’s not picking roses. Instead, Wilkerson inhales the rich terpene profiles of the latest cannabis strains that THC Design has in the works.


    “It’s got a great nose,” Wilkerson says of a batch of Purple Punch.

    THC Design Head Cultivator Alex Wilkerson
    THC Design Head Cultivator, Alex Wilkerson, samples the nose of Platinum Scout, one of THC Design’s cornerstone strains.

    The way that THC Designs’ team talks about cannabis is not unlike the way sommeliers talk about fine wine, which underscores just how seriously they take this plant.


    A candid conversation about cannabis’ complex aroma and tasting notes were somewhat rare in the cannabis community, which has previously used terms like “dank” to describe a bag of weed’s characteristics. That’s exactly what the folks at THC Design are hoping to change.


    What you'll learn about:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]


    THC Design’s Mission


    THC Design Founder Jairia Pass Headshot THC Design Co-Founder and Head of Sales, Jairia Pass, poses in the mother room at their HQ in downtown LA.


    “That’s a huge goal for us to have it [cannabis] very normalized in your home,” said Jairia Pass, co-founder of THC Design. “You should be able to talk about that and not feel weird about it.”


    That connection to cannabis is evident in seemingly every conversation that Pass and her team have. While other cannabis cultivators may be focused on producing the most intoxicating buds possible, the team at THC Design have other plans in mind. For them, potency is important – but it’s not the only goal.


    “We want to represent what cannabis isn’t usually represented as. Something that’s a benefit for society, something that can be used to help others,” Wilkerson said.


    “It’s not just a drug,” Pass emphasizes. “We want to show people everything this plant can do.”


    That level of enthusiasm for cannabis is what THC Design is all about. First and foremost, the team at THC Design wants you to know that they care about cannabis because they value cannabis consumers.


    “That passion comes because we have so much faith and love and care for this plant,” Jairia Pass said. “We just know that there are so many possibilities for this plant and what it can do.”


    Passion Turned to Purpose

    Jairia Pass Co-Founder THC Design Jairia Pass, Co-Founder of THC Design, likes to take a little personal time each day in the mother room.


    The people behind THC Design have been growing cannabis for over a decade. Pass, the company’s co-founder, began her passion for cannabis in Oklahoma. But she quickly found that Southern California was a more hospitable place to plant roots and fully embrace the possibilities of this sacred plant.


    “This is where we need to be, in Los Angeles,” Pass said. “This is where the community for cannabis is and where it’s growing, and this is where I think the most education needs to be.”


    Pass’s experience and her passion for high-quality cannabis are evident when you smell, see and taste the buds and pre-rolls THC Design produces. They’ve studied the genetics behind every strain they sell in order to create a premium product for consumers and consistent medicine for medical cannabis patients.

    THC Design Clone to Platinum Scout Flower
    THC Design controls their genetics throughout the entire growth process. Pictured is cornerstone strain, Platinum Scout.


    “We’re constantly trying new genetics for the best medicine possible,” Pass said. “As we’ve grown, we’re trying to find plants that are actually better for medicinal purposes. Right now we’re currently sourcing genetics for higher CBD – that’s going to be the future.”


    Maintaining Environmental Sustainability

    THC Design grow room
    One of THC Design’s several grow rooms, containing around 430 plants.


    Fine tuning their plants’ genetics isn’t the only thing that the THC Design team is focusing on. They also want to be as environmentally sustainable as possible – a breath of fresh air in this arid, drought-prone region of Southern California.


    Unlike many grow operations, THC Design’s growing facility is as close to waste-free as you can get. They use HVAC systems to capture moisture from the air, including moisture that the plants themselves release. Water is essentially being harvested, sterilized, and recycled within a closed system.

    THC Design sustainable growing water recycling
    THC Design employs a full closed-water system, recycling a large portion of the plant’s precipitation.

    “It’s nice that we can get water that our plants make, in the actual flower rooms, and then use that to feed the plants all over again,” Wilkerson said. “It’s like the Circle of Life.”


    “Our practices have gotten a lot better,” Pass explained. “We’re using energy efficient bulbs…we’re using less electricity.”

    A Focus on Education

    In addition to sustainability, the THC Design team also wants to focus on education. They work with policymakers to make them better informed when it comes to the benefits of cannabis, advocating for legislative reform at the local level as well as the national level.


    They’re also hoping to educate cannabis consumers on how to be more self-sufficient, with their popular “Grow Girl” series of online educational content. The Grow Girl series instructs viewers on how to sustainably grow their own cannabis plants at home.


    “I’ve had so much faith and hope in cannabis,” Alex Wilkerson said. “How you take care of a plant might be reflective of how you take care of yourself.”


    Even if you haven’t tried THC Design’s products, you’ve certainly seen them in your local dispensary. Their pre-rolls, gram bags, and prepackaged eighths are labeled with the brand’s easily recognizable logo that includes the delta-9-THC molecule, with pre-rolls delivered in slim, discreet metal tins that are reminiscent of old-fashioned cigarette cases.


    Sativas are labeled with green lettering on the logo, hybrids are orange-yellow, and indicas are a calming shade of purple.


    Try a pre-roll or a prepackaged flower varietal from THC Design through Nugg and see for yourself how quality-crafted cannabis can help you focus on your own sense of wellness. Then check out the brand’s website at www.thcdesign.com to learn more about what elevates this brand above the competition.


    THC Design Purple Punch Flower Strain
    THC Design’s Purple Punch strain in full, glorious, flower.