THC Design Indica Pre-Roll Pack (2019 Video Review)

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THC Design brings a whole new meaning to farm-to-table (farm-to-joint from here on out). The brand grows top shelf cannabis, like this choice indica flower, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles then packages it into these pre-rolled joints. Find five in this 3.5 gram tin or pick ’em up individually.


It’s no secret that lots of pre-rolls are just flat out bad. Like dried out, throat-burn bad. But THC Design’s joints are a breath of fresh air as they burn smooth and waxy, and even have a use-by date to ensure you get a great smoke, every time. If you’ve never considered yourself a “pre-roll person,” you just might after giving these a try.


Simply put, THC Design wants you to smoke well (and preserve your lungs while you do it). The brand even hooks you up with hemp wick so you don’t inhale those nasty lighter fumes.


Order this THC Design indica pre-roll pack and more of their cannabis products right to your home with Nugg now!

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