Replace Your Morning Coffee With These Energizing Vapes

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Close your eyes and picture yourself stumbling out of bed, turning the gears of your manual grinder, listening for the sounds of percolating water and the unmistakable aroma that wafts through your home. Were you picturing coffee being prepared, or a morning bong rip?


Whether it’s a relaxing day off or a productive day running errands, some cannabis consumers like to start the morning out by enjoying cannabis with their coffee. In fact, some people choose cannabis instead of coffee – and it’s not hard to understand why. Too much coffee can leave you feeling sick and jittery. By contrast, cannabis use in the morning can help manage chronic pain, tackle stomach and GI issues, improve your mood, and for some people, cannabis also has a motivating “get up and go” effect. In fact, smoking cannabis can actually increase your heart rate by 20 to 50 beats per minute, making it easy to feel like you just downed a few cups of coffee.


The practice of morning smoking is fairly common among regular cannabis consumers in the US. Nearly one in five pot smokers have (or have had) morning smoke sessions. Vaping is an even better option than smoking since it allows you to take a single puff at a time, making it much easier to dial in the exact dose you’re looking for.


If you’re new to the “wake and bake,” don’t worry – we’ve got the perfect guide to sativa cannabis vapes that will help you medicate in the morning and still have a productive, meaningful day, all while reducing pain and stress!


Here are four energizing vapes that Nugg recommends:

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1. Select – Maui Wowie


From the first fruity taste to the subtle pineapple essence on the exhale, Maui Wowie is a strain that most cannabis connoisseurs encounter sooner or later. This delicious sativa strain hails from – where else? – Hawaii. But its delicious smell and taste, as well as its cherished effects, have made it a household name around the world. Maui Wowie is known for its cerebral stimulation and bursts of motivation, making it a perfect morning strain to get your day started.


Select’s Maui Wowie vape cartridge comes in a PAX Era-compatible Pod that’s small and discreet but packs a big punch. With a THC content that can reach as high as 75% in some batches, this cartridge is sure to give you just as much of a jolt as that cup of java you’re used to brewing (but without any risk of getting a stomach ache!). Select grows their cannabis crop using organic soil, state-of-the-art extraction technology, and extensive quality control testing, so you always know you’re getting a high-quality product for a high caliber morning.


2. Rove – Tangie


Nothing screams “sativa” like a zesty citrus aroma and tart flavor first thing in the morning. Tangie is chock full of citrus flavor, and this sativa strain delivers an unparalleled euphoric head high. The Tangie strain originated in Amsterdam but it’s believed to have been sourced from a California Orange hybrid. Many consumers report an energetic but focused high, making this an ideal strain to jumpstart your day.


Rove’s vape cartridges deliver single source, whole-plant extracted cannabis concentrates, so you can take comfort knowing that the Rove Tangie vape tastes exactly like the original flower. Rove also labels each cartridge’s packaging so you know which farm grew the cannabis flower before it was put through the CO2 extraction process. Expect a flavorful palate and a rush of euphoria to make your morning vape session a memorable experience.


3. Dosist – Arouse 50


If you’re new to morning wake and bake sessions, this may be the perfect pen to dip your toes in the water. Dosist delivers precise, controlled vape released without any buttons. There’s no separate battery needed, either, as the pen is an all-in-one product. Simply put the discreet, minimalistic vape pen to your lips and inhale until the pen vibrates. Once this happens, the pen will shut off automatically. It delivers 2.25 mg per dose, making it easy to microdose with this stimulating cannabis product.


Dosist doesn’t produce strain-specific cannabis oils. Rather, each Dosist product is expertly blended to deliver a range of cannabinoids and terpenes tailored to meet any need. The Arouse formula offers a 10-to-1 THC:CBD ratio and includes terpenes like B-Caryophyllene, Farnesene, and Linalool. Their cannabis concentrates are tested three times during the extraction process, with follow-up tests being performed on the final product to ensure a clean, pure, and consistent vape experience. Dosist’s Arouse vape pen has been scientifically developed to meet your vape needs and it comes in 50 dose or 200 dose sizes.


4. Bloom Farms – Durban Poison PAX Pod


If sativa strains are comparable to a cup of coffee, this strain might be more of an espresso shot! Durban Poison is a landrace sativa strain, meaning it’s about as close to a “pure” sativa as you’ll find. This robust strain is believed to have originated in South Africa. Many consumers report that this strain delivers an energetic high with uplifting euphoria – an ideal strain for starting your day off with a puff.


Bloom Farms has partnered with PAX Era to produce a Pod cartridge for the PAX vape battery. This cartridge has a THC concentration as high as 82% and reportedly offers a fast-acting burst of creative energy and productivity. Bloom Farms advocates for a healthy lifestyle that includes cannabis use for creativity, relaxation, relief, and just plain, old fun.


Are you ready to try these Nugg Club vapes? If you live in the Los Angeles area, see if your address is available for delivery by clicking here today!


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