How to Use Cannabis Before and After Your Workout

Andrew Ward | February 12, 2019 | 1 Comment


The topic of cannabis gyms and workout routines has been on the rise in the past few years. This only makes sense as cannabis continues to find its way into everyday activities. This is especially true with physical exercise, where cannabis has the potential to help the body at all stages of the workout – including its recovery.


Nugg spoke to two proponents of cannabis workouts to better understand why and how they incorporate the two. Here is what they had to say, along with a handful of Nugg Club products that we recommend during each stage of your workout routine. 



Before the Workout


Some athletes choose to use cannabis as a morning pick me up. However, this isn’t the usual wake and bake in most cases. For certified personal trainer and co-founder of Green House Healthy, Antonio DeRose uses cannabis to recharge his endocannabinoid system.


“My morning routine is same each day,” explains DeRose. “When I wake up, I immediately go to the kitchen to drink 16oz of water with pink Himalayan sea salt, freshly squeezed lemon juice. I get a pot of coffee started, then load the bong with flower and I start smoking to recharge my endocannabinoid system.” DeRose tells Nugg he often smokes one or two bowls before going out on a run or heading to the gym.


The official NORML athlete explained how it helps his body as well. “Cannabis is a bronchodilator, so it expands my bronchial tubes and allows me to absorb more oxygen with each breath. In addition to helping my cardiorespiratory endurance, the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids help me overcome any pain, swelling, or soreness.”


DeRose also mentioned how cannabis helps him get in the zone prior to his workout. He said, “This gives me a better mind-body connection and allows me to concentrate on my training goals without getting distracted.”


If bongs aren’t your speed, consider a joint like a THC Design Sativa Single Pre-roll. You can get the same effect and take the joint on your run for some effective aftercare.



During the Workout


Much like DeRose mentioned about getting in the zone, plenty of athletes and exercise enthusiasts enjoy how cannabis gets them into a groove in their workout. OMG Farms COO Ryan Miller is a proponent of cannabis in workouts and physical therapy. He supports the “in the zone” theory, or what researchers call a “flow state.” Miller explained that “In addition to making physically repetitive and mundane exercises enjoyable, what’s especially remarkable about flow state is that an individual experiencing it not only performs better at the task at hand but in “flow” they are reinforcing the brain patterns backing up that activity — meaning not only are they doing it better, they are getting better at it at a faster rate.


Those just starting with cannabis and working out may find themselves enjoying a measured dose. In that case, a Dosist Bliss can provide a 9:1 THC-to-CBD that comes in three settings. Other fans of accurate dosing and all-natural choices may prefer an edible like PLUS Blackberry Lemon Gummies. However, be sure to account for the onset time of the edibles and the start of your workout.



After a Workout


After a rigorous workout, a person is likely to feel worn down and sore. Some classic keys to avoid such an outcome is ample stretching and staying hydrated. However, cannabis can also come into the equation. As documented in numerous medical consumers, cannabis can address these pains and symptoms. As Miller’s article goes on to explain, Recovery is also hastened due to the aforementioned anti-inflammatory and insulin-response promoting qualities of the plant.”


By the evening, muscles soreness and pain can affect a person’s sleep. Miller explains that cannabis can help here as well “by its tendency to give users longer periods of deep sleep, where the majority of physical recovery happens.” If deep sleep is what you need, a tart treat like District Edibles’ Blue Raspberry Indica Gummy is sure to satisfy the taste buds while putting you into a restful bliss.


Pro Tip: Start Low With a Microdose


Combining cannabis and a workout routine is proving to be a worthwhile venture for athletes, workout enthusiasts and those in need of physical therapy. As Miller wrote, “Fortunately, health professionals across a variety of disciplines are beginning to discover how this ancient remedy can impact their field, and as access continues to improve, more individuals will be able to benefit from a therapeutic tool that may vastly improve their quality of life.”


Now, with the discussion opening up, consumers have to make sure they consume at doses that are accurate to their body. To avoid any potential for overconsumption, consumers should opt for a measured dose when possible. In other cases, always apply the start low and go slow method. Instead of taking your usual Strawberry Cough Select Pax Pod hit, consider a quarter or half of that and see how you feel. Gauge yourself and adjust accordingly.


With a proper workout and dosing routine, your body could see improved results by incorporating cannabis into a workout. Be sure to do your research and talk to experienced professionals to decide what works best for you.


If you live in the LA area and are ready to incorporate cannabis into your fitness routine, find out if Nugg Club delivers to your area and take your workout to new highs! 


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    It’s really sad we in IL don’t have access to the products on your site! I am tired of being on opiates as they have cost me, indirectly, a ton of money. I’m on the Intrathecal Pump and the oral form of the narcotic, dilaudid!!

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