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  1. How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York

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    When President Nixon began the Drug War in earnest, it was nearly inconceivable to most illicit cannabis users that the world would acknowledge the Devil’s lettuce as an actual medicine. Oh, the hippies knew what cannabis was capable of, but the rest of the world treated “marihuana” like a weapon of mass destruction.


    You can still see some of this leftover mentality in the intensely prohibitive regulations that surround the plant – even in legal states. Still, we’ve come a long way since the ’70s, as a recent poll shows an astonishing 94% of Americans approve of medical cannabis.


    New York is one of the 31 (and counting) states that now allow cannabis use for medical purposes. If you’re thinking about asking your doctor whether cannabis is a good choice for your particular condition, you’ve come to the right place.


    ­­­In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about becoming a medical cannabis patient in New York. Whether you feel like a deer in headlights when it comes to cannabis options or you’re having trouble digesting the legal jargon – we’re here to ensure you have the best experience possible. As cannabis becomes more widely accepted, we want to make sure you have accurate, reliable information so that you can find the relief you need…and the happiness you deserve.



    Are You a Candidate for Medical Cannabis in New York?


    What to Know About Your Initial Cannabis Consultation

    There are four basic steps to becoming a registered cannabis patient in New York:

    1. See a doctor
    2. Obtain a patient certification
    3. Register online as a patient
    4. Purchase from one of New York’s authorized dispensaries


    While this is a very straightforward process, there are a few things you will need to consider before you begin the process.



    You’re required to prove New York state residency to become a cannabis patient here. This requirement is usually satisfied with a driver’s license or a state ID. If you don’t have a state ID, you can show proof of residency through a utility bill or a lease with your name on it. The department may also allow other proof of residency at their discretion.


    Those who temporarily reside in New York for serious medical treatment can also sign up for the program, so long as they provide documentation of temporary residency.


    Qualifying NY Medical Cannabis

    Not everyone qualifies for medical cannabis in New York. While the law is less restrictive than it was originally, you need to have one of the following “severe, debilitating or life-threatening conditions:”

    • Cancer
    • Positive status for HIV or AIDS
    • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity
    • Epilepsy
    • Inflammatory bowel disease
    • Neuropathy
    • *Chronic pain as defined by 10 NYCRR §1004.2(a)(8)(xi)
    • Huntington’s disease
    • PTSD
    • Opiate replacement


    You must also have one of the following associated or complicating conditions:

    • Cachexia (weakness and wasting of the body due to severe chronic illness)
    • Severe or chronic pain
    • Severe nausea
    • Seizures
    • Severe or persistent muscle spasms


    Finding a Licensed Cannabis Doctor in New York


    Because the Empire State requires these serious conditions to access medical cannabis, your doctor won’t recommend it for a minor condition. Any doctor who promises to approve, no matter what, is likely not compliant. Some people simply won’t qualify for the program.


    Your doctor should ask to see the medical records connected to your condition. These records might include:

    • Hospital visits
    • Prescriptions
    • Physical therapy records
    • Detailed patient charts
    • Medical test results

    It’s a good idea to have all of those records ready before you talk to the doctor so you can provide any supplemental information he or she needs. Also, plan for the extra time it may take to track down certain records and other info. A legitimate doctor will take every step necessary to ensure you qualify under the law before certification.


    For New York residents who shudder at the thought of making a special trip or simply don’t have time in their hurried schedule, consultations can be done entirely online. Save the car fare and cook that homemade meal while talking to your cannabis doctor from the privacy and comfort of home.


    Cannabis or Medical Marijuana Vs Opiods


    How to Start the Conversation with Your Cannabis Doctor

    It’s important to know that not every doctor in New York can recommend cannabis as medicine. Doctors are first required to take a 4-hour certification course then register with the program as providers; so don’t be bewildered if your doctor won’t prescribe it. Instead, ask for a referral to a cannabis-friendly doctor who is qualified to help.


    During the registration process, your doctor will have the option to tell the state their recommended method of administration and THC:CBD ratio. He or she will also have the option to leave this decision up to your dispensary’s pharmacist. Just discuss these preferences with your doctor during the consultation to make sure you get the proper dosage and cannabis type that meet your needs.


    How to Get Your Medical Cannabis Registration in New York


    If your doctor determines you’ll benefit from cannabis, he or she will register you with the state as a medical cannabis patient. Here’s the NuggMD process:


    1) Create an account with NuggMD New York.


    2) Provide basic info like your name, address and proof of age.


    3) Provide your medical history with as much detail about your condition(s) as possible so the doctor will have a chance to evaluate your potential treatment options.


    4) Provide your payment information and enter the virtual waiting room. You shouldn’t wait too long since there are several fully-licensed, cannabis-friendly physicians currently working with NuggMD. While you do, chat with one of our knowledgeable cannabis concierges to learn more about medical cannabis in New York.


    5) When your new physician becomes available, he or she will finish your evaluation via our telemedicine platform. The video consultation can be as short or long as needed, with some consultations only requiring a few minutes to complete. And remember: don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is an important new step in your journey to wellness, and knowledge is power.


    Some questions you should consider:

    • What ratio of CBD to THC do I need?
    • What method of application should I try?
    • Should I combine methods?
    • How often should I take my medicine?
    • How will this affect other medicines I am taking?


    Be sure to tell your doctor about every medicine, vitamin and herb you’re currently or have recently taken so he or she can ascertain any possible interactions.


    6) As a NuggMD member, you only pay $149 for the evaluation.


    7) Once approved as a cannabis patient in New York, you’ll receive an email with specific instructions to complete your state registration process. If you have any trouble completing this process, just hop on over to our site and our concierge service will happily give you a hand.


    * On July 12, 2018, the Department of Health announced that they are enhancing the registration process to allow patients to print out 30-day temporary ID cards. This will allow patients to purchase medicine immediately upon completion of registration while they wait for the Department to process their application and mail out an ID card (ID cards must be renewed each year). 


    Buying Medical Marijuana in New York


    How to Buy Medical Cannabis in New York

    After you’ve obtained your certification and registered with the state, it’s finally time to purchase your herbal medicine.


    There are currently only 10 organizations in New York that are allowed to legally dispense medical marijuana:

    • Columbia Care
    • Etain, LLC
    • MedMen, Inc.
    • Vireo Health of New York LLC
    • Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, Inc. *
    • Valley Agriceuticals, LLC *
    • Citiva Medical LLC *
    • PalliaTech NY, LLC DBA


    Facilities marked with an asterix (*) are in the process of licensing dispensaries and will open soon.


    What Cannabis Consumption Methods Can I Use in New York?


    There are three main consumption methods available for cannabis in NY:

    • Inhalation
    • Oral
    • Topical


    Let’s explore each of these methods in detail.



    This allows the active ingredients from your cannabis to directly enter the bloodstream through your lungs.



    It’s the slowest method of cannabis administration, but also the longest lasting. The effect of edibles tends to be much stronger than inhaled cannabis so proceed cautiously.


    This is because taking cannabis orally produces different compounds in our bloodstream that affect us differently than inhalation. Basically, our liver converts at least some of the delta-9 THC (the ingredient that makes us high when inhaled) to 11-hydroxy-THC, a much more potent psychedelic. When we inhale cannabis, it bypasses the liver so we don’t get all of that 11-hydroxy-THC.



    Some new patients prefer topical cannabis applications because they’re (mostly) non-psychoactive. Rather than ingesting cannabis and feeling the potent effects of THC, topicals deliver THC and CBD directly into the affected area.


    Topicals come in many forms, including lotions, balms, oils, lubricants and transdermal patches. They also come in many different THC:CBD ratios. But since THC isn’t easily absorbed into the skin, high THC topicals might be a little pricey when compared to their effects. Most are high in CBD and combined with other soothing ingredients like capsaicin, mint or other essential oils for added benefit.


    A more recent trend in topical application is the transdermal patch. It utilizes the same type of agents that help the nicotine patch deliver compounds through the skin. These transdermal patches can make you high if they contain enough THC, so be careful when choosing the right topical.

    Medical Marijuana Topical Treatment


    Picking the Right Ingestion Method

    All of these methods of delivering cannabis into the system provide a unique opportunity to help alleviate symptoms. Your physician might even recommend a combo of up to three different methods to get the maximum benefits.


    For instance, the doctor might recommend a vape pen for immediate pain, then an oral dose since the vape pen’s effects tend to wear off sooner. With careful timing and dosing, it’s possible to get relief without the associated peaks and lows that come with other medicines.


    Whichever methods your doctor recommends, be sure to follow dosing instructions to the letter. Taking your medicines in the wrong order or doubling up on doses could give you anxiety or couch-lock instead of relief.


    Types of Cannabis Product Available in New York


    Unlike many medical cannabis states, the range of legally available products in New York is very restricted. The state regulates the amount of THC in a product, the way it can be administered, and the amount that can be dispensed in a 30-day period.


    The products currently allowed are:

    • Metered liquid or oil preparations like vape pens and tinctures
    • Solid and semisolid preparations like capsules, tablets and lozenges
    • Ground, non-smokable plant preparations
    • Topical applications and patches


    The NY Compassionate Care Act forbids smokable cannabis and edibles. So the only fast-acting inhaled form of cannabis allowed is vaporization. Gummy bears or brownies are definitely out.


    Each registered cannabis organization is also required to have at least one brand of cannabis with low THC/high CBD and one with equal THC/CBD. Aside from that, they’re allowed to produce their own brands with their own proprietary ratios of THC and CBD, so long as they get department approval first. We’ll go over a comprehensive list of the products available so far, a little later in this guide. For now, let’s go over the basics.


    Each of these formulations and administration types are designed to target certain symptoms and conditions. Your doctor or pharmacist may have an in-depth discussion with you about these. In the meantime, here’s a basic breakdown of each product type, what conditions they’re most commonly used for, and how they’re used. 


    Vape Pen

    Relatively new compared to the old joint, vaporizer pens are metered oil preparations heated into vapor then inhaled. They first started popping up in the early 2000s and have caught on quickly due to their convenience and discretion.


    Vape pens are usually heated with a small cylindrical battery the size of a cigarette, although there are other battery types on the market. You can purchase vapor oil in bulk to fill cartridges, or in disposable cartridges.


    When the cartridge is attached to the battery and activated, the solution heats up to about 390°F. This is actually below the combustion level so the active ingredients are inhaled without the smoke and tar you’d get with a joint or a bong.


    Vaporizing Medical Marijuana is the best method



    A cannabis tincture is a liquid solution held under the tongue for fast absorption through the network of blood vessels there and in your gums. They might also be called cannabis oral solutions, but the action is basically the same.


    Sometimes patients assume a tincture doesn’t work because they don’t take enough with the first dose and don’t feel the effects fast enough. This leads to discomfort once they get a surprise dose of highly psychoactive 11-hydroxy-THC, which grows more uncomfortable if they took another sublingual dose. Use extreme caution with this potent method and don’t take another dose ’till it’s time.


    Like vaping, tinctures come in low to high CBD to THC ratios designed to treat different conditions.


    Oral Sprays

    Cannabis oral sprays work like tinctures, though make microdosing much easier. You’ll know exactly how much cannabis you absorb per spray, controlling your dose. This factor makes oral sprays ideal for first-time users who need THC, but want to start light.


    Ads for oral sprays often refer to the fact that they mimic smoking. This doesn’t mean you should inhale like you do joints or vaporizers. You’re supposed to spray it on the mucous membranes inside your mouth and hold it for 30 seconds to a minute without swallowing. While you’ll feel the effects faster if administered properly, swallowing immediately still produces the same effects as other oral doses. Ask your pharmacist exactly how much THC is delivered with each spray.



    This is a more comfortable way to take cannabis for those who have never taken anything other than pills. Cannabis capsules come in a very wide variety of dosing options and a wide range of THC:CBD ratios.  


    If you have any allergies such as gluten or wheat, let your pharmacist know as inactive ingredients may contain something that will irritate your allergies. Capsules come in very precise doses so you’ll have little risk of accidentally taking too much as long as you follow the doctor’s instructions.


    Hard-Pressed Tablets

    Tablets affect you in roughly the same way as capsules, but unlike capsules, you can break them down into smaller doses. This is a new product that recently became available and comes recommended for those who lack the motor control necessary for more intricate dosing methods.


    What Does Cannabis Feel Like?


    Surely you’ve heard stories about uncontrollable giggles, paranoia, and the unrelenting craving for a hot fudge sundae. But what does being on cannabis really feel like?


    When you feel cannabis’ psychoactive effects you might mildly hallucinate, although strong hallucinations aren’t common. Colors might seem brighter or faces might appear weird, yet a more noticeable change is your state of mind. People tend to experience their surrounding environment in a more enhanced way. It’s also common to become very introspective or want to spend time creating art or music.


    It’s a good idea to do something enjoyable while taking cannabis and surround yourself with friends and family – especially when getting used to your regimen. Also, be prepared with munchies and plenty of refreshing, non-alcoholic beverages as hunger and thirst are nearly universal symptoms of being “high.” This is why cannabis is used so often to treat anorexia.


    Other most common effects of cannabis are:

    • Relaxation
    • A changed perception of time
    • Loss of concentration
    • Temporary memory loss
    • Giggles
    • Happiness
    • Increased energy
    • Decreased energy, colloquially called “the couch lock”


    Marijuana Leaf


    What to Do If Your Dose Is Too Strong


    One effect of cannabis new users need to watch carefully for is anxiety. This can happen if you take too much THC for your tolerance level. Everyone is different, and what might be the perfect dose for your friend can be too much for you.


    Some people find that they become slightly paranoid and experience palpitations and panic instead of calm and euphoria. If this is you, remember to stay calm; no one has ever overdosed on cannabis. Call your doctor as soon as you can so he or she can adjust your dosage, method of administration and THC:CBD ratio.


    Meanwhile, first things first: eat something and drink plenty of fluids. Eating helps to slow down THC absorption rates in your digestive tract (if you took an edible form) and tends to curb the effects of the high. Drinking fluids will help to flush the extra THC from your system as well.


    Eating can also occupy your mind, which leads to our next point – find something fun to do. Some people find a panic attack can be turned around by watching a stand up comedian, playing cards with friends, and even reading a good book in a quiet room. And try to find someone pleasant to spend your time with. If you ingest a little too much THC, remember it’ll eventually wear off – even if it seems like forever. However, if you start to experience any abnormal symptoms like vomiting, call 911 or head to the nearest emergency room.*


    *A Note About Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

    Unlike a well-known disease for which we know the cause, we call a set of symptoms with uncertain causes a syndrome. No one knows exactly what causes cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, but it’s thought to be a result of using highly potent cannabis. It also appears to come in three stages:


    • Prodromal: Can last for months to years and consists of feeling abdominal pain and nausea. Often, the patient increases their cannabis use to provide temporary relief from the symptoms.


    • Hyperemetic: At this point, patients begin vomiting profusely. They’ll also decrease their food intake and can become dehydrated in severe cases. Many find that the only relief is from the nausea is a hot shower. This is when the patient usually begins to seek help.


    • Recovery: Typically won’t start until the cannabis intake stops. Once it does, most patients begin to experience relief within days, but it could take months. If they use cannabis again, symptoms will likely return.


    No one knows why some develop this condition after using cannabis for years, and some don’t. It’s also confusing to hear that cannabis can actually cause nausea and vomiting after heavy use as it’s usually used to treat nausea and vomiting. As cannabis potency strengthens and legalization reduces conversational barriers between patients and physicians, it’s becoming more common for people to seek treatment for CHS.


    While this condition is very rare, it’s important to make sure new users understand that there are risks associated with heavy cannabis intake. Discuss these risks with your doctor and ensure that you follow up if you experience any unexpected nausea or vomiting.


    Trial and Error

    Sometimes it takes a little while to find the perfect dose. Often, a patient can become impatient with microdosing, especially if their doctor starts them on doses as low as 5mg. Lots of new patients find that tracking their symptoms helps monitor and find this perfect balance. Try saving your reactions to your doctor’s recommended administration methods and formulations in a journal or chart. 


    How to Stay Out of Trouble in New York


    None of the information in this section or article constitutes legal advice. We’ve provided the non-comprehensive list of potential violations below so you understand it’s still possible to get into legal trouble for cannabis possession, even with a valid medical marijuana card. You should not consider this the full summary of all regulations that apply to you as a patient. Always seek the advice of an attorney for legal questions about your medical cannabis use and possession. There are still tens of thousands of cannabis-related arrests in New York every year. Don’t put yourself in the position to be one of them.


    New York has decriminalized possession of small amounts of cannabis – 25 grams or less. However, you must keep your medical cannabis out of plain sight, not consume it in public, and definitely not possess more than the legal limit.


    Even if you’re a registered MMJ patient, keep your cannabis out of sight or face possible criminal penalties. Having any amount in public view, smoking or otherwise consuming in public could result in a misdemeanor and 90 days in jail. This includes using your legally authorized vape pen. And remember, vaping is the only legally approved way of inhaling cannabis. Keep in mind that your medical cannabis recommendation is for your use only – sharing your medical cannabis with others can also get you in trouble.


    The first couple of times you’re caught publicly possessing small amounts of unauthorized cannabis, you’ll be subject to a $100 or $200 fine (similar to a traffic ticket). If you’re caught more than twice, you could incur criminal penalties and even time in jail.


    Possessing less than a quarter ounce of concentrates without state authorization is a misdemeanor that carries up to a year in jail. Possession of more than a quarter ounce of concentrates is a felony that results in a minimum seven years in prison.


    Private New York cultivation remains illegal and will result in a misdemeanor and one year in jail. Possession charges for the amount grown can also result in a potential felony with several years in jail.


    Unauthorized possession of any paraphernalia, such as cannabis scales, bongs or pipes, is a misdemeanor as well, punishable by up to a year in jail. Be aware of these additional charges:

    • Giving away a joint can land you up to 3 months in jail
    • Selling any amount can cost you 7 years in jail
    • Trafficking will give you 15-25 years
    • Driving while high will result in criminal charges
    • Felony offenses can and likely will result in asset forfeiture


    As you can see, non-medical cannabis is anything but legal in New York, and there are still plenty of ways to get into trouble with authorized cannabis. This makes it all the more important to obtain and maintain your status as registered cannabis patient. There are far more protections for legal patients than for recreational users.


    Medical Marijuana Plant in the outdoors


    Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Cannabis in New York


    How much does cannabis cost in New York?

    Believe it or not, the Health Commissioner has the final say over New York cannabis prices. Dispensaries submit the cost of growing and manufacturing cannabis products and their proposed prices. Then the commissioner decides if it’s reasonable and approves or denies the cost.


    Can I get a card if I’m not a New York resident?

    Your doctor can register you as a temporary resident if you’re staying in NY for treatment. Your certification will only be valid for the length of your stay, and you’ll be required to provide proof of temporary residency.


    What if I don’t have a New York state ID?

    Your doctor can verify your identity using other methods if necessary. According to the alternative patient verification instructions:

    “The patient will upload a photo as a form of identification during the Patient Registration process. If your patient uploads a photo, you will receive an email from the Medical Marijuana Program to the email address printed on the patient’s certification asking you to validate that the photo received is a true likeness of your patient’s actual appearance. This validation must be performed before the New York State Department of Health can approve the patient’s registration.”


    If I become a registered patient, will that excuse me from drug testing at work?

    No. The state doesn’t provide protections for employees who use medical cannabis. If you’re concerned that your job doesn’t allow cannabis use outside of work, consider the potential consequences before making a final decision.


    Can cannabis use affect parental rights?

    Yes; there are no protections in New York for parents who are cannabis patients. The state does have a process, however, for parents to administer cannabis to their sick children in need.


    Are patients allowed to re-register before their old card expires?

    Yes. In fact, you’re expected to schedule your re-approval before your current registration expires.


    Need Help? Here’s Where to Go


    Our cannabis concierge team answers more than 300 questions each day through a live chat. Although these cannabis experts bend over backwards to solve any problem you have, even we admit there are some problems we can’t solve. The New York laws just aren’t perfect – yet.


    The list below contains contacts and links for some of the more active cannabis advocacy organizations in the state. If you know of any other organizations we could add to this list, we’d love to hear from you.


    The way we see it, the legalization fight is an ongoing battle that can only be won when no one has to worry about jail time for using this healing herb again and every prisoner of the cannabis drug war is free.  


    Please join us and the vast number of Americans who are now the marijuana majority in advocating for full legalization and an end to the war on drugs. We hope you now feel empowered to help make a change but, above all, you help change your own life with the medicine necessary to achieve the quality of life you deserve. 


    Additional Resources






    Activist Organizations:

    • Marijuana Policy Product
    • Drug Policy Alliance
    • Norml
    • High NY
    • Cannabis Society of New York
    • New York Cannabis Alliance
    • NYCannaBar


    Medical Cannabis Products Available in New York


    Medical Marijuana Products are available in New York


    Columbia Care

    Columbia Care has three different THC to CBD ratios for their product line:

    • High THC / Low CBD: This traditional formulation is commonly used to treat symptoms including severe pain, nausea, vomiting, appetite stimulation, and difficulty sleeping.
    • Equal THC / CBD: This balanced formulation is commonly used to treat symptoms including moderate pain, neuropathic pain, nausea, vomiting, appetite stimulation, inflammation, anxiety, and muscle spasms.
    • Low THC / High CBD: This specialty formulation is commonly used to treat symptoms including neuropathic pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures/epilepsy, and muscle spasms.


    Each of these formulations come in four different, easy-to-use consumption methods:

    • Sublingual tinctures
    • Vaporization oil
    • Hard-pressed tablets
    • Oral capsules


    You can find out more about Columbia Care’s line of products here.



    MedMen has five different formulations of THC to CBD for their line of products:

    • Wellness: A pure CBD ratio that optimizes health benefits and provides body relaxation with minimal cognitive side effects. Recommended for: patients with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease.
      • 0:1 (THC:CBD)
      • THC 0.00 mg*
      • CBD 200.00 mg*

    *THC below the limit of detection; <0.1mg/dose

    • Harmony: A perfect balance of THC and CBD that promotes well-being with subtle euphoric effects and mild cognitive side effects. Recommended for: patients with neuropathies, multiple sclerosis, cancer, IBS and chronic pain conditions.
      • 1:1 (THC:CBD)
      • THC 100.00 mg*
      • CBD 100.00 mg*

    No Additives or Fillers

    *Total content per package.

    • Awake: A 20:1 THC to CBD ratio appropriate for daytime treatment that provides a euphoric, uplifting effect with moderate cognitive side effects. Recommended for: Treatment of moderate to severe pain, multiple sclerosis, ALS, HIV/AIDS and IBS.
      • 20:1 (THC:CBD)
      • THC 190.48 mg*
      • CBD 9.52 mg*

    No Additives or Fillers

    *Total content per package.

    • Calm: A 50:1 THC to CBD ratio with subtle euphoric effects and notable cognitive side effects to help manage more severe symptoms. Recommended for: more severe symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis, ALS, HIV/AIDS, cancer and other chronic pain conditions.
      • 50:1 (THC:CBD)
      • THC 196.08 mg*
      • CBD 3.92 mg*

    No Additives or Fillers

    *Total content per package.

    • Sleep: A 100:1 THC to CBD ratio that provides a relaxing and sedative effect with higher cognitive side effects and better suited for nighttime use. Recommended for: Treatment of pain conditions and patients with multiple sclerosis, ALS, HIV/AIDS and cancer.
      • 100:1 (THC:CBD)
      • THC 198.02 mg*
      • CBD 1.98 mg*

    No Additives or Fillers

    *Total content per package.


    Each of these five formulations come in two different consumption methods:

    1.) Vape pens for inhaled administration

    2.) Drops for oral administration.

    Find out more about MedMen and their product offerings here.



    Etain offers four different THC to CBD ratios for their product line:

    • Dolce: A high-CBD medical marijuana product. Dolce is formulated to provide a subtle euphoric effect in patients while concentrating on the calming effects of CBD. Dolce is formulated primarily from CBD with trace amounts of THC, and is intended for use by patients suffering from symptoms related to epilepsy, Huntington’s disease, or Parkinson’s disease.

         Dolce is available at their dispensaries as:

      • Capsules (pills) for oral use
      • Tinctures (oil) for sublingual (under the tongue) use
      • Oral spray formulated with a fresh mint taste
      • Vaporizers for inhaled use
    • Mezzo: A 2 CBD to 1 THC medical marijuana product. It’s formulated to lessen THC’s euphoric effects with CBD’s calming effects. Mezzo is intended for patients suffering from symptoms related to multiple sclerosis (MS), cancer, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), neuropathies, spinal cord damage, epilepsy, Huntington’s disease, or Parkinson’s disease.

         Mezzo is available at their dispensaries as:

      • Capsules (pills) for oral use
      • Tinctures (oil) for sublingual (under the tongue) use
    • Balance: An equal THC:CBD product. Balance provides a moderate euphoric effect accompanied by the calming effects of CBD. Balance is intended for patients suffering from symptoms related to Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Neuropathies, Spinal Cord Damage, Epilepsy, Huntington’s Disease, or Parkinson’s Disease.

         Balance is available at their dispensaries as:

      • Capsules (pills) for oral use
      • Tinctures (oil) for sublingual (under the tongue) use
      • Oral spray formulated with a fresh mint taste
      • Vaporizers for inhaled use
    • Forte: This high-THC product provides a strong euphoric effect in patients. Forte is formulated primarily from THC with trace amounts of CBD and is intended for patients suffering from symptoms related to ALS, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s, neuropathies, spinal cord damage, and cancer. Recommended for those with experience taking cannabis.

         Forte is available at their dispensaries as:

      • Capsules (pills) for oral use
      • Tinctures (oil) for sublingual (under the tongue) use
      • Oral spray formulated with a fresh mint taste
      • Vaporizers for inhaled use

    Discover more about Etain’s line of cannabis products here.



    Vireo’s products come in five different general formulations of THC to CBD, with slightly different precise ratios for each administration method.

    Blue: Vireo Blue products are predominantly CBD, with a small component of THC.

    • Blue Oral Solution, 25mL Bottle

    THC: 7 mg/mL

    CBD : 42 mg/mL

    • Blue Oral Solution, 12.5mL Bottle

    THC: 7 mg/mL

    CBD : 42 mg/mL

    • Blue Capsules, 30 Capsules

    THC: 0.7 mg/capsule

    CBD : 4.3 mg/capsule

    • Blue Prefilled Vaporizer Cartridge, 0.5mL Cartridge

    THC: 36 mg/mL

    CBD : 214 mg/mL

    • Blue Bulk Oil for Vaporization, 1mL Vial

    THC: 72 mg/mL

    CBD : 428 mg/mL

    Green: Vireo Green products are balanced, with equal amounts of THC and CBD.

    • Green Oral Solution, 25mL Bottle

    THC: 25 mg/mL

    CBD : 25 mg/mL

    • Green Oral Solution, 12.5mL Bottle

    THC: 25 mg/mL

    CBD : 25 mg/mL

    • Green Capsules, 30 Capsules

    THC: 2.5 mg/capsule

    CBD : 2.5 mg/capsule

    • Green Prefilled Vaporizer Cartridge, 0.5mL Cartridge

    THC: 125 mg/cartridge

    CBD: 125 mg/cartridge

    • Green Bulk Oil for Vaporization, 1mL Vial

    THC: 250 mg/mL

    CBD : 250 mg/mL

    Indigo: Vireo Indigo products are predominantly CBD, with a small component of THC.

    • Indigo Oral Solution, 25mL Bottle

    THC: 2.5 mg/mL

    CBD :  47.5 mg/mL

    • Indigo Oral Solution, 12.5mL Bottle

    THC: 2.5 mg/mL

    CBD :  47.5 mg/mL

    • Indigo Capsules, 30 Capsules

    THC: 2.5 mg/capsule

    CBD :  47.5 mg/capsule

    Red: Vireo Red products are predominantly THC, with a small component of CBD.

    • Red Oral Solution, 25mL Bottle

    THC: 23.75 mg/mL

    CBD : 1.25 mg/mL

    • Red Oral Solution, 12.5mL Bottle

    THC: 23.75 mg/mL

    CBD : 1.25 mg/mL

    • Red Capsules, 30 Capsules

    THC: 4.75 mg/capsule

    CBD : 0.25 mg/capsule

    • Red Prefilled Vaporizer Cartridge, 0.5mL Cartridge

    THC: 237.5 mg/cartridge

    CBD : 12.5 mg/cartridge

    • Red Bulk Oil for Vaporization, 1mL Vial

    THC: 475 mg/mL

    CBD : 25 mg/mL

    Yellow: Vireo Yellow products are predominantly THC, with a small component of CBD. With all

    • Yellow Oral Solution, 25mL Bottle

    THC: 24 mg/mL

    CBD : 4 mg/mL

    • Yellow Oral Solution, 12.5mL Bottle

    THC: 24 mg/mL

    CBD : 4 mg/mL

    • Yellow Capsules, 30 Capsules

    THC: 4.3 mg/capsule

    CBD : 0.7 mg/capsule

    • Yellow Prefilled Vaporizer Cartridge, 0.5mL Cartridge

    THC: 214 mg/cartridge

    CBD : 36 mg/cartridge

    • Yellow Bulk Oil for Vaporization, 1mL Vial

    THC: 428 mg/mL

    CBD : 72 mg/mL

    Vaporizer Starter Pack: The vaporizer starter pack contains vaporizer cartridges from 3 different formulations, Green, Yellow and Red. Each formulation may have a different effect on your condition:

    • Vireo Green products are balanced, with equal amounts of THC and CBD.

    THC: 50 mg/cartridge

    CBD: 50 mg/cartridge

    • Vireo Yellow products are predominantly THC, with a small component of CBD.

    THC: 85.6 mg/cartridge

    CBD : 14.4 mg/cartridge

    • Vireo Red products are predominantly THC, with a small component of CBD.

    THC: 95 mg/cartridge

    CBD : 5 mg/cartridge

    Special discounts are offered to patients that require financial assistance. Listed prices are prior to any discount and subject to change. You can learn more about Vireo’s line of products here.



    Aqua Vaporizer (2:1) Oil

    UNIT: 1 ml

    Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol 400 (75%), THC 167.5mg, CBD 82.5mg

    Aqua Tincture (2:1) Tincture

    UNIT: 30 ml

    Ingredients: Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid,THC 8mg per 2 ml, CBD 4mg per 2 ml

    Blue Vaporizer (20:1) Indica Oil

    UNIT: 1 ml

    Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol 400 (75%), THC 250mg

    Blue Vaporizer (20:1) Sativa Oil

    UNIT: 1 ml

    Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol 400 (75%), THC 250mg

    Blue Vaporizer (20:1) Hybrid Oil

    UNIT: 1 ml

    Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol 400 (75%), THC 250mg

    Blue Tincture (20:1) Tincture

    UNIT: 30 ml

    Ingredients: Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, THC 5mg per ml

    Blue Capsule (20:1) Extra Strength

    UNIT: 60 per bottle

    Ingredients: Proprietary, THC 9.5mg per capsule

    Blue Capsule (20:1) Standard Strength

    UNIT: 60 per bottle

    Ingredients: Proprietary, THC 5mg per capsule

    Green Vaporizer (1:1) Oil

    UNIT: 1 ml

    Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol 400 (65%), THC 200mg, CBD 200mg

    Green Tincture (1:1) Tincture

    UNIT: 30 ml

    Ingredients: Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, THC 5mg per 2 ml, CBD 5mg per 2 ml

    Lime Vaporizer (1:4) Oil

    UNIT: 1 ml

    Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol 400 (75%), THC 50mg, CBD 200mg

    Lime Tincture (1:4) Tincture

    UNIT: 30 ml

    Ingredients: Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, THC 2mg per 2 ml, CBD 8mg per 2 ml

    Yellow Vaporizer (1:20) Oil

    UNIT: 1 ml

    Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol 400 (75%), CBD 250mg

    Yellow Tincture (1:20) Tincture

    UNIT: 30 ml

    Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Alphatocopherpol acetate, Ascorbyl palmitate, Peppermint Oil, CBD 9.5mg per 2 ml

    You can find out more about Curaleaf’s line of cannabis products here.



  2. Best and Worst Vape Cartridges of 2015 & 2016



    You’ve probably noticed more and more “vape pens” popping up at your local dispensary, online telemedicine platforms like Nugg & NuggMD, but what about cannabis vape cartridges? Maybe you don’t know exactly what they are or how to use them, but you’ve seen your pal puffing on what looks to be an “armored pen” like its oxygen.


    Here’s the deal—the vaporizers you see today are portable electronic sticks that heat marijuana oil to a temperature just shy of combustion, emitting a smokeless “mist” without the tars, toxins and carbon produced and ingested when setting your herb aflame.

    Vaporizers make vaping and smoking easy, discreet, and honestly quite a lot of fun (just don’t confuse cannabis vaporizers with e-cigarette vaporizer pens that function the same but use nicotine instead of THC).


    Best Vape Cartridges link


    After seeing celebs like rapper/weed icon Snoop Dogg, comedian Sarah Silverman, fighter Nate Diaz and others publicly sport these magic healing wands, you’re probably tempted to try one for yourself. You’re not alone. Even a third of Leafly reviews are related to medical or adult vaporizer use. 


    But what you might not realize is that the vape pens themselves aren’t the key. Yes, each comes with its own design, price, quality, durability, and “wow factor”; but in reality it’s the THC and/or CBD vape oil (also commonly referred to as cannabis e-juice or liquid concentrate) inside the detachable cartridge that produces the relaxing, healing effects.


    These weed cartridges are typically created using a CO2 extraction method and can be replaced time and time again with any THC and/or CBD infused liquid.


    Which brings us to the point of this article…


    What are the best (and worst) vape cartridges available today?


    We wish someone warned us which ones to try first and which ones to stay away from, but there’s just not much information out there on what makes one cartridge better than another. Maybe a random reddit thread here and there, a post in High Times or The Cannabist, but for the most part the topic of personal cannabis vaporizers is still an emerging trend with a lot to be discovered.


    Plus, when something so small is priced so high you can’t really afford trial and error. We’re writing this post in hopes that prospective wax pen vape cartridge buyers like you find it useful prior to purchase.


    Our first piece of advice for medical marijuana users—don’t listen to what the budtenders tell you. They’re job is to push products. They’re not pharmacists. Most of them don’t care about your medical needs and the cannabis industry just doesn’t have standards to make sure the people behind the counter know what they’re talking about.


    In fact, most of us are frequently shocked how little they actually know. “This one’s the best” usually means “this is the one nobody’s buying and we really need to get rid of it.”


    And you often can’t trust pricing as an indicator of quality; you may think expensive carts trump the rest in quality and potency, but they’re most likely only pricey because of fancy packaging and branding.


    In this 2015-2017 breakdown, we’ll try to refrain from talking about qualities that are mainly subjective like smell and taste. They all smell and taste differently, but we know what you care about most are the THC concentration, vapor production, and ultimately the effects of the high, so we’ll mainly address these issues.


    We’ve also updated this piece to include vape cartridges that became available to consumers in 2017.


    In this brand spotlight, you'll discover:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]


    We’ll go from worst to best so, even if you don’t have time to read this whole thing, you can click on a brand above and find out which one(s) to try and which to stay away from. When you do find one you’re interested in, check out the last section of this post to learn how you can get it delivered to your home (if you’re in California, that is).




    Don’t be fooled by the sleek packaging! You might be tempted to buy an O.pen pre-filled hash oil vape cartridge or O.Pen refill because they’re nice, colorful, and have a variety of vape cartridge strains in 250mg ($30-45) and 500mg ($50-65) sizes, but this is the least favorite brand we’ve tried.


    And believe us, we wanted to think the first experience was a fluke, but then the second AND third marijuana oil cartridges ended in leakage too.


    SEE ALSO: Full O-pen Vape Pen & Cartridges Review


    Even when we followed the O.pen vape instructions and managed to get these things puffing, the burnt plastic taste was simply off-putting and unnatural. We imagine this product comes from a production line with little quality control and a company with little interest in the cannabis user. Still looking for O-pen vape cartridges for sale? Scroll or jump to the end of this article. 


    O-Pen vape cartridges = avoid, not worth the problems when better ones available.


    American Flower


    This one will get you high, but not very quickly. We had to power-hit it rapidly for ten minutes and only then did the cerebral lift-up kick in. There’s not that much vapor produced, so you feel like every hit comes up short. For some reason this one is priced at $40 for 500mg of vape pen hash oil, but we have no idea what reason justifies that price.


    Their packaging isn’t even aesthetically pleasing. See for yourself; it’s freaking atrocious. Looks like it’s straight out of the Kirkland Swiss army knife handbook.


    American Flower cartridges = don’t bother, unless the O-pen is your only other option. Then prep the lungs, suck down the entire cart and hope for the best.


    Pure Vape


    Pure Vape has the potential to be an amazing product. They kill it when it comes to taste, potency, and availability, but they’re not fooling anybody with their price point.


    If you’re light on cash $40 for the 500mg cartridge and $50 for the 1200mg cartridge (a better deal) might not be worth it; you’re better off buying some wax or shatter to get more bang for your buck, unless you insist on vaping.


    An average Pure Vape cartridge might last about four days, if you have the discipline of a Shaolin monk, but if you’re a regular toker this thing will give you two days of great tasting vapor, and two days of burnt hits.  Instead, save those 40 or 50 bucks for one of the bad boys below.


    Pure Vape cartridges = quality but short-lasting; not worth the price.




    TetraLabs does not mess around when it comes to quality. These cannabis oil cartridges contain pure liquid THC will get you really high, make your mouth water, and will last longer than most others on the market.


    While more expensive than the previous cartridges, their strength, smoothness and effectiveness makes them worth the heftier $70 (1000mg) and $40 (500mg) price tags.


    While they come in a variety of flavors, Classic, Crème Brûlée, Earl Grey, Pineapple and Spearmint, unfortunately they don’t come in a variety of strains because you only have one option…Mystery Hybrid.


    Although labeled a hybrid strain, we wouldn’t recommend this cartridge if you’re trying to get stuff done. They definitely lean more towards the indica-dominant side of the spectrum, so if you’re looking for that deep body couch-lock then this is the vape cartridge for you.


    Tetra Labs Gold cartridges = pricey but dank, almost too dank if you’re tryna function.


    Eureka Vapor


    Unlike the others on this list, Eureka oil vapor cartridges come in almost 20 popular indica, sativa and hybrid strains like Girl Scout Cookie, Super Silver Haze, and White Window for practically every condition or mood.


    Not only is there something for everybody, each Eureka vapor cartridge tastes like what it’s supposed to as their extraction process produces only the purest and healthiest vapor.


    SEE ALSO: Eureka Vape Cartridge Review


    They’re fairly priced at $35 for 0.5g/500mg and $65 for 1g/1000mg, plus works like any standard 510-thread cartridge. Currently they’re only available in California and Colorado, so if you can legally buy medical marijuana and are lucky enough to find them, take advantage and enjoy! You won’t be sorry.


    Eureka vape cartridges = great selection, effective, and affordable; a more balanced cartridge.


    Honey Vape


    Super potent, super high-quality with a bunch of great tasting strains like Skywalker OG, Blackberry, and Tangerine Dream to choose from.


    In our eyes, Honey Vape could’ve taken the cake, but we like to medicate on-the-go and this cartridge slowed us down. Why?


    When we first tried the Honey Vape cartridge we were ready to put it at the top of this list (meaning the absolute worst) marijuana cartridge available. We could barely get this thing to hit at all. We were sucking on it like a baby on a pacifier, our lips hurt and we were doing way too much of the work.


    But we found the trick—you have to heat this stuff up beforehand until the liquid THC starts to flow and then, believe us, it runs like gold. After giving up on the concentrate and accidentally leaving it to fry in the sun, we discovered that the THC vape juice was swimming around more freely.


    We then plugged it into our vape pen, took one huge drag and, would you look at that, the thing absolutely RIPPED.


    With up to 80% THC oil in each, we proceeded to get a mind-blowing creative high that lasted well over two hours (impressive for any THC cartridges our book).


    SEE ALSO: In-Depth Honey Vape Cartridges Review


    So if you don’t mind doing a little prep-work (like putting a blowdryer or flame to this thing) and paying $40 (0.5g), $75 (1g), or $110 (1.8g) for a CO2 oil cartridge, then Honey Vape is totally worth it. You won’t find this kind of quality and potency anywhere else.


    Honey Vape cartridges = looks like honey, tastes like it too, and gets you very medicated so go try one of these cartridges now.


    Kurvana (formerly Kure Botanicals)


    There’s nothing more satisfying than a perfect tasting vapor hit. We’d probably buy these cannabis vape juices even if they didn’t contain active cannabinoids; they’re that good.


    However, even though these cartridges taste better than any others we’ve tried, taste isn’t the determining factor for why we put Kurvana at numero uno.


    They’re also extremely potent (67-70% THC), come in 11 delicious strains like Pineapple Express, Citron OG and Grapefruit Kush, and the presentation is pristine. Where other companies use fancy packaging to place a premium on price (a.k.a. rip you off), Kurvana uses its stylish packaging as the “wow factor.”


    The only downside is they’re one of the most expensive 1g cartridges available, $75 each, but their .5g cartridges are a reasonable $40 a piece, putting them on-par with the Honey vape cartridge.


    These embody everything you want in your weed oil cartridges: the intensely flavored strains taste awesome and hit smoothly while getting you high as a kite, and the beautifully crafted vial containers look attractive. Way to go Kurvana, you’ve done us right.


    Kurvana vape cartridges = currently one of the best vape cartridge on the market, hands down.


    vape cartridges

    Pax Era


    Mostly known for their dried flower vapes, Pax has become a leading vape cartridge producer in 2017 due in part to their super sleek and stylish concentrates pen, the Pax Era. The pen’s thin, rectangular shape is unlike any other, making their cartridges, called “pods,” a high quality specialty item. 


    Surprisingly, Pax doesn’t make their own vape oil but partners with high quality cannabis companies, licensing their pod’s to different ones in each MMJ state.


    Here in California, Bloom Farms produces the pods in a ton of organic strains, including ACDC, Silver Haze, Sour Diesel, White Kush and many more. Bloom Farm’s Pax Era Pods are on the expensive end, with 500mg (the only size available) cartridges costing around $60 a piece.


    In addition to the pods’ lasting unexpectedly long, the pen itself heats to a perfect temperature so you’ll never have another harsh hit filled with burnt flavor.  It not only looks futuristic, it also comes equipped with an app, allowing you to track your consumption and alter the temperature as needed.


    Pax Era Pods = What these pods lack in affordability and diversity they make up for in quality, flavor and lasting ability. Worth the splurge.




    The FlavRx takes pride in emphasizing the science behind the perfect dose, so it’s no surprise the company won “Best Vape Pen” at the 2016 HempCon in San Francisco. Now in 2017 they’ve become even popular. Every cartridge provides a quality high that’s full of natural flavor, tasting more like smoking flower than vaping concentrate.


    Another amazing aspect of FlavRx cartridges? There are currently 24 strain-specific options to choose from, including favorites like Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, Blue Dream, Jack Herer and OG Kush, along with several more so you’ll never get bored.


    Their cartridges come in two sizes: 500mg (0.5ml) and 1,000mg (1.0ml). The smaller will cost around $35 while the large will cost around $65, making these some of the more expensive options available.


    If you’re more concerned with price than quality, these vape oil cartridges probably aren’t for you. But if you are willing to pay a bit more for better quality flavor and high, FlavRx might be your new favorite.


    FlavRX = Rich, natural flavor of smoking flower with the potent high of concentrates.


    Read on to learn how to order cannabis delivery online from top dispensaries in your area. We guarantee you they carry some (if not all) of these products.


    Best Vape Cartridges link


    How to Get Vape Products Delivered in Under an Hour



    Where can you find THC vape oil for sale online? While you can’t buy it or other vape pen cartridges wholesale directly from the companies that make them, or buy them outside of your designated state, you can find a variety of vape refills, dab cartridges, wax cartridges, BHO cartridges, CBD vape pen cartridges, hash oil cartridges and more for sale just by using any device with an internet connection!


    Keep in mind though, this service is only available in California for now.


    Visit Nugg, the leading online cannabis marketplace, to find a competitive list of the vape cartridges you want, and have them delivered to your door! Put in your address or zip code and/or use the search bar to hunt for brands and vape products using key search words like “vaporizer” and “cartridges.”


    See which medical marijuana dispensaries near you carry these awesome (or not so awesome) products, compare pricing, and order hassle-free without ever talking to a live person. Instant gratification here you come!


    So there you have it. The best and worst vape cartridges of 2015 & 2016, and much more to come in 2017.


    We’ll update this page regularly with new cartridge additions, so visit us again to learn about new cartridge brands & products.

  3. Jetty Extracts Review: A More Stylish Brand of Waxes, E-Juices & More


    Jetty Extracts is a nonprofit founded four years ago in San Diego by surfers with a love of cannabis and a desire to help the ill. Its products, image and ethics totally embody So Cal.


    Utilizing a retro Americana aesthetic—think pomade, burlesque dancers and raw denim—Jetty has crafted marijuana concentrate products that speak directly to a fashionable young demographic always wanting something different. Their products are detailed, flashy and a great deal fancier than the minimal packaging of most cannabis products.


    A particular breed of jaded buyer will probably think “vegan über hipster” and approach Jetty Extracts products and reviews with a certain amount of skepticism and bias. It’s understandable; plenty of brands justify a higher price tag by creating products purely designed to appeal to a rebellious youth culture who’s willing to sacrifice quality for an appealing façade.


    Is Jetty Extracts any different? It sells attractive products, but do they live up to the level of quality promised by their packaging? We’ll review them and find out what the company’s all about. 



    Jetty’s CO2 Extraction 


    Part of a growing trend in the cannabis industry, Jetty solely makes extracts utilizing a supercritical CO2 extraction method, which is thought by many to produce a cleaner product and experience than those extracted with a solvent (most commonly butane).


    While some find butane extraction dangerous only in the hands of an unreputable producer, most research points to it creating a product that’ll more often than not contain additives not suitable for human consumption. Jetty’s CO2 method guarantees that the potential dangers of solvent-based extractions are avoided altogether.


    Jetty goes a step further than some of their competitors by adding back the terpenes that are often lost in the extraction process. Though these are only present in trace amounts (of almost all cannabis strains), they nonetheless act synergistically with cannabinoids and are often medically beneficial.


    Helping Heal the Sick


    Another way Jetty goes above and beyond commerce is with their Shelter Project initiative, which provides cancer patients with clean and safe medicinal cannabis oil and/or high CBD plants at no cost. The initiative is backed by donations, volunteers, and Jetty itself, as the company donates 1% of their gross revenue to the cause.


    Philanthropists, weed activists, and cannabis enthusiasts alike looking to support those in need can rest assured that a part of their purchase goes towards supporting a great cause!


    While 1% of revenue isn’t much (although it certainly adds up), we’re a growing business ourselves, and respect has to be paid to those who think about more than just money. After all, profits won’t move this industry forward, people will.


    Jetty Extracts Products


    The company produces extracts in all basic forms. These include:


    Vape Pen

    Simply combining the Jetty battery with the oil cartridge creates a convenient vape pen. Just push the silver button to produce the ideal dosage. Two or three solid puffs and you’ll be feeling better.


    The vapor is clean, smooth and doesn’t taste burnt like with some lower-quality concentrates. And Jetty’s wide variety of strains means that Jetty Extracts not only makes an effective product, but can cater to your favorite kind of high and improve almost any ailment.

    There’s also a handy leather Jetty Jacket you can tie to almost anything and take your vaporizer on the go! Now that’s something you don’t see everyday, and is testament to this company’s focus on delivering an exceptional, high-end product.


    Vape Cartridges

    Jetty Pure and Gold cartridges each contain 700mg of clear, clean cannabis concentrate. The Pure cartridges contain between 60 and 70% THC; the Gold cartridges around 80% THC. Pure cartridges sell for $40-50 and gold for $60-70. Each comes packaged in a small labeled burlap sack, which itself is housed in a rustic tube that looks more suited for incense than oil. In addition to their stylish packaging, Jetty also makes indica and sativa CBD blend cartridges (2:1 THC:CBD ratio) that have up to 30% CBD.


    Bonus: [thrive_2step id=’2036′]Download a free PDF[/thrive_2step] that includes the Best & Worst vape cartridges from 2016 & 2017. This has been our most popular guide so far.


    They’re available in a variety of familiar strains like Jack Herer, Trainwreck, Blue Dream, Green Crack and Grape Ape. Jetty’s website doesn’t list all of them so you’re dependent on what your local dispensary has in stock, or you could just use getnugg.com and find several dispensaries that have the one you’re looking for, and will deliver to your home.


    Vape Refill E-liquids

    These e-juices come with a dropper and contain 1000mg of flavorful oil in each 3ml bottle. In addition to refilling your own Jetty pen it can be used to replenish almost any empty cartridge or standard liquid vaporizer. Available in the same wide variety of strains as the cartridges.


    SEE ALSO: History, Effects, & How to Make THC Liquid


    CO2 Waxes

    Jetty Extracts CO2 Wax


    Jetty’s wax is offered in indica, sativa, hybrid, and a variety of specific strains, as well as in two levels of refinement: gold and raw. Jetty’s gold wax is a stronger, purer honey-colored concentrate while their raw wax is a darker amber since it isn’t as refined in order to preserve the medically-beneficial terpenes. Sold in 1g containers for $40-45.




    This is where Jetty has a major leg up on its competitors. This discreet, pen-like hybrid holds 1ml of their pure, strain specific CO2 concentrates in one handy dabbing device specifically designed to deliver clean, easy application. Even the packaging looks great. And with a reasonable $45-55 price tag, you get a big bang for your buck.


    SEE ALSO: The Best & Worst Vape Cartridges of 2015 & 2016


    Just twist to reveal the button, push, and apply the desired amount of wax or hash oil you want to dab. Or you could add a tad to your next bowl, joint or blunt for extra aid; if you don’t smoke or vape, the pre-filled wax is safe and delicious, so you can put a dollop on your favorite edible, food, dish or drink.


    Remember, concentrates naturally pack a punch so don’t be fooled by the small amount and use too much.


    Despite the container/tool/applicator’s efficiency, users have complained that its twist-and-push function is complicated and can cause more frequent malfunctions that end up accidentally wasting or adding an extra amount of concentrate.


    Since then Jetty Extracts has redesigned the dablicator by simplifying the process: just twist to release a proper and mess-free amount of wax or oil, guaranteed.

    Jetty also sells empty, refillable dablicators in packs of 25 for dispensaries, other concentrate producers and anyone who wants to see their name on this versatile invention.


    Paying for More Than a Great Product


    For that jaded individual with the (possibly) irrational fear of hipsters, Jetty Extracts may not be the best brand for you. Though the quality of the products is undeniably high in virtually every regard, they’re not the simplest, most straightforward, or cheapest that some traditionalists may prefer.


    Jetty’s products are sold at a somewhat higher than average price point. Those looking for fresh and innovative methods of medication will likely be happy to pay for the luxury, but anyone looking purely for the most cost effective way to get relief may find another company better suited to their needs.


    Where to Buy Jetty Extracts 


    Where can you find Jetty Extracts products available for purchase? You could go to their website to find retailers in your area, but that’s all you’ll find. Instead visit Nugg, the largest medical marijuana online delivery marketplace in California, to find a variety of their products from dispensaries in your area and compare prices!



    Then with just a few taps from any internet-connected device, order Chong’s products straight to your doorstep from whichever dispensary in your area carries them! Don’t have a rec or med card to legally purchase cannabis in California? No problem, because NuggMD allows you to get a MMJ card online in 15 minutes or less from your mobile device! And if you use NuggMD you’ll automatically receive $20 credit on your first Nugg order!


    Customer Testimonials 


    “Just picked up this indica dablicator from u guys at hempcon got to say its AMAZING !!!!!! Taste is so pure and clean I’m on the hunt for it now. #‎jettyproducts‬ is pure fiiiiiiire”Samuel G.


    “This was my first oil purchase and I was not disappointed. It’s pretty strong but I found it to be great for being uninhibited in social situations and when you have to still function. I’m kind of a sucker for the little bag it comes in as well. It’s a cute touch…I would buy again for sure.”  —Hannah M.


    “Very potent and great price for all the CO2 oil e-juice you get. Very tasty and smooth.” —Aidan D.


    “Not only is [the dablicator] much cooler looking than the less threatening syringes that CO2 wax usually comes in, it’s easier to apply…everything sampled had a clean taste to it…” —Ashleigh C.


    Jetty Extracts Rating 


    Effectiveness: 4.5/5

    Not only are Jetty’s concentrates effective, but the wide variety of products and strains means that they’re effective down to very specific kinds of uses and kinds of highs. Vaping an indica on the go, or adding a sativa concentrate to the outside of your joint are all possible with one or more of Jetty’s products.


    Strength: 4.5/5

    Their strength is comparable to other premium brands on the market. The gold cartridges are very strong, and only topped by companies with high amounts of THC as their primary selling point.


    Taste/Aroma: 4.5/5

    A clean extraction process that also preserves terpenes means that these concentrates taste great.


    Cost: 3/5

    While some may be happy to pay for a premium quality product, others will find the high price tag unjustified, due to competitors offering equally strong products without a high level of craftsmanship that they may find unnecessary.


    Overall: 4.25/5 

    From this Jetty Extracts review, you can see that the TLC that goes into their products is apparent: the innovative design of their dablicator, the purity of their extraction process, and their dedication to aiding cancer patients embodies everything a premium cannabis brand should be: stylish, philanthropic, and dedicated to creating kick ass products.


    Even though they may not make the ideal cannabis products for some patients, it’s almost impossible to find fault with the brand as it succeeds in practically every area that matters. The Americana-based image isn’t just a façade. Jetty is truly a company dedicated to craftsmanship as much as curing.

  4. Absolute Xtracts Review: Vape Pen, Cartridges, Soft Gels, Oil & Honey Straws



    Need a new vape pen or looking for something edible? Keep reading this post ad you’ll find a detailed AbsoluteXtracts review covering each of the company’s many medical cannabis offerings.


    What you'll learn in this post:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]


    Company Background


    AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) is a flourishing NorCal cannabis company that prides itself on providing patients with pure, potent, and safe cannabis concentrates. Their diverse range of products are fully lab tested, labeled, and come “doctor recommended,” although it’s best to take such a statement with a grain of salt.


    As with any marijuana concentrate, the extraction process starts with the cannabis plant. With ABX, all their plants are grown and closely tended to in greenhouses and on small family owned farms across Northern California. They’re tested for viruses, bacteria, molds, and pesticides before being dried, cured and processed. The company uses high pressure CO2 to extract the cannabis oil and meticulous techniques to protect the cannabis terpenes, giving each strain its own unique smell, taste and effects.


    Below is a detailed examination of their product line, we hope it’ll help you find a remedy for what ails you.


    AbsoluteXtracts Vape Pen

    Vape Pen


    This portable vaporizer pen is simple to use and supplemented by a huge array of vaporizer cartridges available for purchase. Each cartridge touts organic oils that contain no additives or preservatives and only local, lab tested, high-quality cannabis.



    The ABX vape pen is sturdy and retails for $20-$30, but lightweight enough to carry in your pocket or purse. It even comes in a durable padded soft or hard case, depending on your aesthetic or practical preference, with cushioned pockets for the charger, battery, and a single cartridge. You can throw or toss it almost anywhere without worrying about breakage or leakage!


    How to Use It: 

    Plus, the ABX pen is super easy to use. The auto-draw feature allows for quick and easy activation; simply press down and inhale as the small red lights flash and enjoy! Just be aware, it’s best to take lighter, more frequent pulls than to take long, heavy hits that can cause an irritated throat.


    The pen operates on a 510 thread battery (industry standard) that can be used interchangeably with many other vape cartridge brands if needed. Once fully charged, the battery provides almost 400 hits, which makes it perfect for out-and-about extended usage. But just so you know, each ABX vape cartridge typically gives ~200 hits, so you’ll need to carry two cartridges with you to max out the battery life on this bad boy!


    Absolute Xtracts Vape Pen Cartridges


    Vape Cartridges


    Let’s take a second to talk about the ABX cartridges since they’re what makes the real magic happen.


    How It’s Made:

    Every ABX cartridge is pre-loaded with 100% pure CO2 oil that contains 70% active THC, making it one of the highest THC concentrations available for cartridges. Not only that, but each cartridge is made with metal and superior plastic, making it significantly more durable and less prone to leaking than other brands. They’re available in eighteen distinct, delicious strains to help with almost any medical ailment or mood without sacrificing quality for quantity.



    ABX Vape cartridges retail for anywhere from $35-$65, and sometimes vary by that much solely based on the strain held within. This is the time to use Nugg’s search function to find and compare prices for AbsoluteXtracts at your local dispensaries.



    • Grape Stomper: a sweet sativa-dominant hybrid.
    • Blue Dream: a euphoric sativa-dominant hybrid.
    • Sour Diesel: an energetic sativa.
    • Green Dragon: a sweet, piney indica.
    • Blackberry Kush: an earthy, berry indica.
    • OG Kush: a mellow, woody hybrid.
    • Cherry Pie: a fruity indica-dominant hybrid.
    • Girl Scout Cookies: a sweet hybrid.
    • Chem Dawg: a pungent hybrid.
    • Blue Jaw Way: fruity, spicy indica with high CBD content.
    • ACDC: an earthy indica also high in CBD.
    • Gorilla Glue: a pungent hybrid that’s quickly risen to become one of America’s favorite strains.


    There are two newer strains created in collaboration with Emerald Cup Extracts Group: Berry White, a sweet hybrid, and Royal Kush, a citrusy, earthy hybrid.  


    Sleek, discreet, and simple to use, the ABX vape pen and cartridges are perfect for anyone who’s watching their wallet without sacrificing quality or flavor, enjoys the ease of using a vaporizer over traditional smoking methods, and seeks medical benefits for a variety of ailments.


    AbsoluteXtracts Soft Gel Capsules


    Soft Gel Capsules


    If you don’t like smoking, vaping, extra calories, or are simply on the go, ABX Softgels are the perfect remedy for you. Each bottle contains 24 capsules, available in 10mg ($50), 25mg (around $70) and 50mg (about $100) THC doses. I’ve seen the price disparity fluctuate so use Nugg to find the best deal near you.  


    They also include tasty organic coconut oil to improve absorption, making sure your body harnesses their full effect. Simply pop a nondescript pill, wash it down with any non-alcoholic drink, and wait at least two hours for it to take full effect.


    While some say it’s best to ingest on an empty stomach (for more dramatic effects), I recommend having a full belly beforehand, as an empty stomach could induce queasiness and even vomiting—a waste of great medication and money.


    I’d start with one 25mg pill then, depending on your degree of pain, re-medicate every three to five hours. The price might seem steep, but it’s well worth it for their simplicity, effectiveness, and reliability.  Highly recommended.  


    AbsoluteXtracts 100% Cannabis Oil


    Oil Extract


    Available in indica and sativa, these extract syringes contain a whopping 500mg (0.5mL) of CO2 extracted pure cannabis oil in an already measured, easy to squeeze syringe for exact dosage, so you don’t have to worry about under or over medicating.  


    Unlike the vape cartridges, this versatile oil is best utilized for dabbing, cooking, baking, and applying topically on any unsightly bruises, cuts or sores.


    When cooking be sure that the ratio is exact and applicable to the size/amount of the dish you’re making or baking. For topical application simply rub the oil into the affected area three times a day and bandage; you should see a noticeable difference, depending on the wound’s severity, in anywhere from a few days to a week.  


    These syringe-style extracts retail at just $25-$30, so I recommend buying one of each; that way you get more bang for your buck and can do a lot more kitchen and first-aid experimentation.


    By the way, ABX is one of the first brands we’ve seen reported by users as having healing properties when applied topically to injuries (although that may be because of it’s easy topical application, not the oil itself).


    AbsoluteXtracts Sublingual Spray Sativa


    Sublingual Spray


    If you’re a consumer who appreciates convenience, speed, and being discreet with your cannabis consumption, look no further than ABX’s line of sublingual sprays. They’re powerful, fast acting, and great for on-the-go medicating.


    Dose Amount & Price:

    Available in both sativa and indica strains, the spray bottles come in 15mL (90 sprays) and 5mL bottles (30 sprays). The 15mL bottles retail for about $40, while the 5mL go for about $20. But again, prices vary from dispensary to dispensary, so do your research (or just use Nugg) to compare prices at different dispensaries near you.


    How to Use a Sublingual Spray:

    Remember to always shake the bottle beforehand, as the ingredients will separate quickly, then simply squirt under the tongue (sublingually) and hold for about a minute before swallowing. About three to fifteen minutes later you should begin to feel its soothing effects, which are advertised to last 1-2 hours.


    While some sprays require frequent dosing to compensate for lack of strength, you only need two sprays from an ABX sublingual to produce a mild high. It’ll make you more focused and aware—perfect to truck through the work day without distraction or fatigue.


    Should you need higher dosage, three to four sprays will create a more relaxing body high, while five sprays can spark euphoria (and sometimes paranoia)—probably not the best option for a day at the office. Remember, it’s always best to start small when considering your cannabis dosing.


    AbsoluteXtracts THC Honey Straws


    Honey Straws


    Honey that gets you high? And looks like a Pixie Stick? Count me in!


    Dose Amount:

    These oil infused straws are made with local, organic honey, 100% pure cannabis oil and coconut oil. Available in 10, 20, and 40mg doses of indica or sativa, they contain the same 70% active THC (like all ABX products).



    They cost anywhere from $7 to $10, but if you have a high tolerance it’s likely you could probably find a way to get more bang for your buck with a different product. After all, it’s really the convenience and novelty you’re paying for here.


    How to Consume:

    Enjoying an ABX Honey Straw is as easy as shooting it straight out of the straw into almost any food or drink—or directly into your mouth! For the best experience, I recommend adding it to tea, yogurt, milk, fruit salads, shakes—pretty much anything that could use an extra kick!


    These travel size straws are also perfect for public consumption without drawing unwarranted attention; just take off the label and medicate. Nobody will know, they’ll just think you have a sweet tooth!


    The effects should be noticeable in anywhere from a half-hour to two hours, depending on your tolerance, so regardless of the dosage don’t suck down this nectar in one sitting.  Take your time, enjoy the flavor and one of the most creative ways there is to medicate.


    AbsoluteXtracts Grow For Vets Charity


    Grow for Vets Charity


    In addition to creating an affordable line of potent, quality and diverse cannabis products, AbsoluteXtracts also sponsors the non-profit Grow For Vets “Save a Million Vets” program. This nationwide tour focuses on helping millions of our troubled American veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), to leave war behind and get back to normal life.


    For every vape cartridge sold AbsoluteXtracts will also donate an extra $2 to the tour. So remember, purchasing ABX products means helping our boys, so we should all do our part.


    To Recap


    Well, there you have it, a complete AbsoluteXtracts review detailing the brand, products, and user’s actual experiences with AbsoluteXtracts.


    As always, it’s best for you to decide for yourself if AbsoluteXtracts products are right for you. You can find them on the shelves of most dispensaries, or simply visit Getnugg.com, the GrubHub of medical marijuana delivery, and have Absolute’s cartridges, honey straws, gel caps and more delivered at your door in about an hour.


    Nugg delivery is available in over 60 California cities, and provides online research and thousands of products from local cannabis dispensaries, with 24/7 customer service and no cost to you. Register now for free home delivery!


  5. Kushy Punch Review: Gummies, Pure THC Oil & Vaporizer Pen


    Kushy Punch is the closest thing there is to an artisanal, California edibles brand. Organic, low-calorie, lab-tested, and hand-crafted in-state, Kushy Punch has gained a following for its highly potent, delicious, and butane-free gummies, which won “Best Edible Candy” at the Kush Expo in 2014.


    What you'll learn in this post:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]


    Infused Edible Products 


    Kushy Punch edibles derive their active ingredients through a whole-plant extraction process, avoiding harmful byproducts and distasteful residues. They’re among the top picks for patients looking for deep, long-lasting relaxation from physical discomfort—and of course they’re great for a host of medical conditions from chronic anxiety to nerve pain.


    First-time users should be wary, however, of hitting too hard on their first time to bat; as the name suggests, these gummies pack a massive punch, and it’s easy to overdo it if you’re not careful to pace yourself.


    Kushy Punch Flavors, Effects, Dose, Price


    Order Kushy Punch Online


    Lab Tested:

    Kushy Punch gummies are fast acting and highly potent, and every product is lab-tested using gas chromatography for dosage and uniformity (gas chromatography heats the sample to just above room temperature to expose latent gasses, exposing for the sample’s chemical contents without altering its quality and makeup).


    After this initial testing process, Kushy Punch sends their edibles to a third party lab for additional analysis and quality verification.



    For patients who can’t stand the same old experience day after day, they come in a wide variety of flavors (grape, raspberry, cherry, etc.) and strains (indica, sativa, hybrid, CBD, and T.K.O.).



    Their edibles are only made using Soxhlet extracted cannabis, gelatin, tapioca syrup,  organic cane sugar, natural flavor extract, natural food coloring, and vegetable oil. Plus, they don’t contain GMOs and are  gluten, fat, peanut and dairy-free. 



    Patients report that the hybrid and sativa strains are useful for inspiring a bit of creativity, while the indica and CBD strains are better for physical relaxation. Many patients note that Kushy Punch products retain the light, tea-like flavors of their whole-leaf flower origins—although it doesn’t appear that anybody has found this to be a bad thing.


    California Medical Dosage:

    • 60mg packages containing 3 doses each (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD; available in all flavors)
    • 80mg packages with 4 doses each (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD; available in all flavors)
    • 200mg packages containing 10 doses each (T.K.O.; available in all flavors)


    Beginners are recommended to try just ¼ or less of a bar for their first time, and wait 30 to 45 minutes before diving in for a second round (effects come on in 30 to 45 minutes, sometimes shorter if taking dosages of 20mg or more).


    If you find your tolerance higher than expected, still remember to pace yourself. The effects of just ¼ of most bars will still last 1-2 hours, with first-time users reporting ¼ and ½ bar doses of the CBD, T.K.O, and indica varieties lasting up to 4 hours. With such a potent product, experienced users will still find ¼ to ½ bar of any strain an excellent starting place for their experience.


    SEE ALSO:  7 Tips to Control Your Cannabis Dosing



    Depending on the strain and dose amount, Kushy Punch edibles can range in price from $10-15 for a 4-dose, 80mg bar, and $20-35 for a 10-dose, 200mg bar.



    Click here to use Nugg’s simple (but powerful) search feature to find which dispensaries in your area currently carry Kushy Punch products. You can even compare prices in one simple view and order online for home delivery. Once you reach the website, just enter your address at the top to refine your search!


    T.K.O & CBD Gummies 


    The two most unique strains are the T.K.O. and the CBD, both geared for experienced or high-resistance patients. The T.K.O. strain is, simply put, an all-out assault on physical and emotional stresses alike—more than 2x the dose means more than 2x the effect. They call it the T.K.O. (“Technical Knock Out”) for good reason.


    Instead of the regular 60mg to 80mg, these squares come in packages containing 200mg of THC (that’s 50mg per ¼ square, five times the dose of the traditional MMJ gummy or lozenge). T.K.O. gummies are ideal for patients who need top-level pain relief, or for those who have exceptional tolerance to cannabinoids.


    For patients with diabetes, the brand’s new CBD edibles are free of sugar and corn syrup and excellent for serving up a full helping of maximum pain relief and inflammation reduction without dysphoria or lethargy.


    SEE ALSO: THC vs. CBD: Effects, Health & Medical Benefits


    Sativa, Incia & Hybrid Gummies 


    Users report that the sativa is particularly effective for chronic pain (particularly back and foot pain) and gives a nice jolt of energy, while indica users report a “pretty heavy and meditative high” that can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours on a single dose (¼ bar).


    First-time users with anxiety and depression rank both sativa, indica, and hybrid gummies as effective temporary relief of symptoms, particularly after work or before bed for a better night’s sleep.


    Kushy Punch Pure THC Oil


    Pure THC Oil 


    Aside from medicated edible products, Kushy Punch recently introduced a super-concentrated form of the liquid THC oil it already uses to infuse its line of edibles. Known by the name “Pure THC Oil,” this product comes in a long, tubular package and contains a syringe with THC oil concentrate that can be applied to a dab rig, vape pen, or other method by which concentrated cannabis can be ingested.


    Kushy Punch uses an extraction process known as Soxhlet extraction, which uses organic sugar cane alcohol and has zero residual solvents or impurities. Their pure THC oil has been reported by lab-tests as having THC levels between 80-90%, one of the highest concentrations we’ve seen out of any product on the market.


    Aside from its Pure THC Oil, the company also produces concentrated oil in a variety of strains: Pineapple Express, Mango Dream, Strawberry Cough, and Sour Tangie.


    Kushy Punch Portable Disposable Vaporizer Pen


    Portable & Disposable Vape Pens 


    As if manufacturing the liquid concentrate wasn’t enough, Kushy Punch takes their product line to a whole new level by offering cannabis patients their concentrates in the form of disposable vape pens.


    Each disposable vape pen has 500mg of active cannabinoids, with a 1:3 CBD to THC ratio, and comes pre-charged to last until the pen is empty. The only caveat is the Kushy Punch vapes seem next to impossible to find, so perhaps their production has been limited as of late?


    If you’re unable to find one at your local dispensary or through a simple search on Nugg, we recommend checking out the slew of other vape cartridges on the market.




    Well, there you have it; a complete Kushy Punch Edibles Review detailing the brand, products, and user’s actual experiences with Kushy Punch. 


    As always, it’s best to decide for yourself if Kushy Punch edibles are right for you, and you can bet their products are currently on the shelves of your favorite dispensary!


    Or you can simply visit Getnugg.com, the GrubHub of medical marijuana delivery services, and have Kushy’s convenient edibles at your door in around an hour. Nugg delivery is now available in over 60 California cities, and provides online research and thousands of products from local cannabis dispensaries, with 24/7 customer service and no cost to you. Register now for free home delivery!


    Get Kushy Punch Delivered

  6. O.pen Vape Pen and Cartridges: Review, Instructions & Price



    As cannabis concentrates become ever more popular for consumers, one company has established a solid foothold in the medical marijuana market. O.pen Vape produces a personal vaporizer pen and cartridges that accompany it, which we recently got our hands on to review! The Nugg team is dedicated to finding and making public the most relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information on cannabis products, strains, and dispensaries throughout California (and ultimately beyond). Let’s dive in.



    For New Patients & the Cost-Conscious


    For many medical marijuana patients, two primary factors can cause concentrates to be somewhat inaccessible: they’re often costly, and can be difficult to use. An effective water pipe optimized for concentrates can run you upwards of 100$, meaning that vape pens are the only viable method of concentrate consumption for the cost-conscious. However, even vape pens start at the $30+ range (high-end vaporizer pens can be $200+). Unfortunately, many brands are finicky and prone to breaking.


    Though they don’t solve all of issues associated with modern-day vape pens (it’s extremely rare to find a brand who does), O.pen Vape has designed their products to be easy to operate and accessible to a wide audience. Their flagship product, aptly called the O.pen Vape, is sold at a $20-$25 price point, and uses pre-filled cartridges (often priced $30 and above per cartridge) that can simply be screwed onto the battery and heating element — no more trying to delicately place wax onto a small and fragile coil.


    As a company, O.pen Vape keeps communication with their retailers open. On their website they claim to train each of their distributors to be knowledgeable about their products, and even offer a warranty through distributors—though at least one customer has reported that their dispensary didn’t follow through on this. Regardless, open communication and collaboration with their retail partners is a huge plus in an industry that lacks diligence and consistency.


    This dispensary-specific problem aside, the O.pen Vape is simple and accessible. While its simplicity is limiting in some ways (to be discussed shortly), medical marijuana patients looking for an easy entry point into concentrates without costly bells and whistles might be satisfied with the O.pen Vape.


    How the O.pen Vape Pen Works


    O.pen vape charging instructions

    Out of the box, the O.pen Vape is nothing more than the main chassis and a USB charging tip that comes screwed onto the end of the pen. The battery contains no charge at the outset, so the first thing new users will want to do is charge the pen, which will take three or four hours. The battery will stay charged for about a week (which is extremely impressive by vape-pen standards), and the red light blinks green once it’s done charging.


    O.pen Vape Pen Review


    Using the pen requires a cartridge that screws onto the threaded tip where the USB charger is initially located. For most, purchasing a separate pre-filled cartridge will be the easiest way to jump right into using the O.pen. The O.pen company sells their own cartridges, which are generally about 30$ for half a gram, or 50$ for a full gram, although we’ve heard prices in Colorado are much more friendly. Though this can cost more than the pen itself, some dispensaries will throw in the pen for free with purchase of one or more cartridges. The chassis uses a standard 510 thread size, so pre-filled cartridges from any other company also utilizing this size will work with the O.pen as well. That’s a huge plus for us.


    The cartridge system

    O.pen Vape also sells empty cartridges that will fit onto the pen. A five pack of the smallest, .3mL size, will run you about 35$. Though slightly more cost-effective, the actual action of filling the cartridges can be an involved process. A syringe full of hash oil can be purchased at dispensaries, which then has to be heated before it can successfully be loaded into the empty cartridge.


    Non-liquid concentrates can be used with the O.pen as well, as long as they’re mixed with polyethylene glycol, in order to give them the proper consistency. But does anyone really have time for that? And you can’t load your herb into it either. All-in-all, the O.pen Vape’s cartridge system is pretty restrictive.

    O.pen Vape Cartridge Review

    Buy O.pen Vape Cartridges Online


    Once a cartridge full of the concentrate of your choice is attached to the O.pen, using it is as simple as inhaling. The heating element will stay activated for up to eight seconds (signifying the “Perfect puff”) at which point the LED indicator on the bottom of the pen will blink.


    HINT: the O.pen Vape also acts as a stylus for your smartphone or tablet, clever huh?


    The Good


    Since it’s not much bigger than an actual pen, transporting the O.pen is easy. If carrying the whole, assembled object is too difficult, it’s easy to unscrew the cartridge portion and carry each one separately.


    Additionally, a significant advantage of O.pen Vape’s pre-loaded vape cartridges is that they contain no carrier liquid, which means that the amount of THC contained in the cartridge is as-advertised. This makes it easier to both know the amount of THC being consumed, and allows you to create benchmarks for how much liquid-THC intake is ideal for you, if you don’t already know.


    Another major plus is that O.pen Vape offers a lifetime warranty. The company has sometimes but not always followed through on providing replacement parts, so it may be a gamble. However the offer is well-advertised, and anyone who’s persistent enough should receive the replacement parts to which they’re entitled.


    Since the O.pen is one of the most inexpensive entry points into concentrates, its downsides may be inconsequential to those looking for a basic, affordable product. However, users who may have more money to spend, seek pristine functionality, and value reliability above all else will probably find what they’re looking for in a more expensive product. Overall, the product is for a few specific demographics, within which it excels.


    The Bad


    The cartridges themselves cannot be exposed to higher levels of heat or cold, as that can cause leaking. And if some of the concentrate leaks onto the pen itself, the pen can stop working. This means that, although the pen is portable, some diligence must be paid to preventing exposure to more extreme temperatures.


    It’s also worth noting that at its core, the O.pen is essentially no different from a standard e-cigarette. The same product can essentially be purchased from e-cigarette retailers at a similar price point. Some users may be more comfortable purchasing their vape pen from a cannabis-specific retailer, or would just rather have a product intended for cannabis, so for them the O.pen remains a viable product. However, anyone savvy to e-cigarette mechanics may be able to find an overall more reliable alternative for the same price.


    Finally, most smokers want to know which flavor/strain they’re vaporizing. And unfortunately, the O.pen Vape makes that task rather difficult. The flavors between indica, hybrid, and sativa strains are nearly indistinguishable (at least in California), and often come with a hint of chemicals. Plus, we’ve often found the cartridges to only be ⅔ or ¾ full. That being said (and to O.pen’s credit), we didn’t notice any difference in the high produced by various strains, meaning it’s rather consistent and reliable.


    Other O.pen Products


    Though their most basic model is rooted in simplicity, O.pen Vape offers a wide range of products for more advanced vape users. Their flagship pen as well as a smaller model called the Go.pen can both be customized with your name or desired message for an extra cost. They also sell a glass mouthpiece, called the Helix, that can be used with the Go.pen. The Go.pen itself is a more traditionally-styled vape pen, with a button that controls the heating element, and a small and portable design.

    O.pen Vape Mouthpiece

    For either medical marijuana patients in search of a solid alternative to their favorite vape pen, or fans of the O.pen who are looking for an upgrade, these products do away with some of the simplicity of the regular O.pen in favor of a more complex design with increased functionality.


    Customer Testimonials


    “I’ve been an o.Pen Vape pen user for just about a year now. At first I enjoyed using them – they’re quick, easy, convenient! However, after awhile you’ll start to cough a little. I also noticed that I built up a tolerance to their products very quickly.” —Rod 


    The easiest to use vape pen on the market.” —Kathy 


    “They are 510 threaded, you can use them on most any -ecig thing. I’ve had/used about 20 cart[ridges] from them. 2 of them leaked (early on in my usage, so it might have been my fault). dispensary replaced both carts. to make sure it wasn’t the problem, they replaced my battery unit too.” —aManPerson


    Should I Buy the O.pen?


    The biggest selling point of the O.pen has to be its simplicity, hands down. It can be transported, refilled, and charged all with minimal hassle. The biggest downside? Probably the restrictive cartridge system, which makes it very difficult load your own cannabis oils and concentrates. Considering your best bet is to use the vape pen with the vape cartridges made by O.pen, it further exacerbates the problem by forcing you to seek out said vape cartridges, which might not be readily found at dispensaries near you.


    The O.pen is highly recommended for both users new to concentrates, the cost-conscious, and elderly patients who struggle with loading, activating, and cleaning a vape pen. It’s basically the most simple product you’ll find on the market.


    However, small issues, like a leaking cartridge or an inability to find pre-loaded cartridges, may render the product unusable for some. All bars aside, for the accessible vaporizing product it aims to be, the O.pen is a big success.


    Where to Buy O.pen Vape Pens & Cartridges


    While we love sharing awesome content on our blog to help cannabis patients better understand the plant they love, we’re also pioneering the way for easy, quick, and professional cannabis delivery.


    Nugg lets you find and order delivery online from local cannabis dispensaries in more than 60 California cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Think of it like GrubHub for cannabis. It’s free to use, every order is backed by 24/7 Customer Service, and you can choose from thousands of marijuana products across hundreds of dispensary menus. Just click the button below to start shopping dispensaries in your area!


    Order Online

  7. MicroG Pen: Where to Get It, How to Use It & What to Expect

    1 Comment

    This post takes you behind-the-scenes for an in-depth Grenco Science MicroG Pen review. Learn everything you need to know about this vape pen so you can determine if it’s the right vape for you. 



    Behind the Brand: Grenco Science


    Until the advent of cannabis concentrates, choosing a marijuana vaporizer was tricky. Lower-end vaporizers were generally prone to breaking, and high-end vaporizers, while effective, were often bulky and expensive, and were often confined to a room with a spare outlet.


    Once concentrates caught on with cannabis enthusiasts, demand for an easy way to smoke this potent but demanding form of marijuana was quickly met with the popularization of the vaporizer pen (or more commonly, “vape pen”).


    Inspired by the sleek design of e-cigarettes, vape pens are meant to be equally discreet and effective. While vape pens have reached such a level of popularity that some have been optimized for vaporizing ground herb, they are traditionally designed exclusively for use with concentrates, most popular amongst which are oil, wax and shatter. These concentrates are often found in liquid-THC form, and packed in small cartridges, some of which are interchangeable among the different vaporizer brands.


    SEE ALSO: our post on the best and worst vape cartridges currently available on the market.


    And trust us, there are many brands, most of which have become successful at creating minimal and effective vape pen products. However, no company has become synonymous with the vape pen trend as much as Grenco Science. Though that name may not ring a bell to some smokers, anyone with a current knowledge of marijuana is familiar with their flagship product, the G Pen.


    The G Pen has become a success due to a winning combination of great looks, brand ubiquity, and affordability (not to mention it was one of the first vape pens available). Though it has its fair share of rivals, it has more or less set a standard against which other vape pens are compared.


    Since reaching this level of success, Grenco Science has released a few counterparts to the classic G Pen. One of these is the microG Pen, designed as a smaller alternative to their classic design. Those looking for a small and discreet vape pen should consider the Micro G Pen, though a number of caveats should be considered first.


    The MicroG Pen: a Rundown



    Micro G Pen


    Even for those unfamiliar with how the G Pen, or vape pens in general tend to work, use of the microG Pen is pretty straightforward. Of course, you have to have your own concentrates first, so if you aren’t fully-stocked, head over to Nugg’s website and order delivery from a cannabis dispensary near you that carries concentrates.


    How to Load the MicroG Pen with Oil, Wax


    To load the microG Pen with either oil or wax, use either the branded metal tool contained in the microG Pen kit, or your own tool with a curved metal tip, to grab a small amount of your concentrate.


    Then, use the tool to place your concentrate into the metal chamber, located underneath the removable mouthpiece (which screws off). Make sure your tool is making contact with the lower portion of the chamber (on and around the coil), as that’s the part that tends to get hottest. Just be careful not to be too forceful with the coil itself, as it’s pretty delicate and can be dislodged with too much pressure.


    How to Use the MicroG Pen


    The microG Pen can be turned on or off by pressing the button located at its center five times. To activate the heating element located beneath the metal chamber, hold down the button for up to 15 seconds. At 15 seconds, the button will blink, deactivating the heating element, requiring a pause before it can be reheat, which prevents overheating.


    By holding down the button, you activate the pen to work by drawing air through the holes located on the pen’s silver band, past the coils, and over your oil on the screen. When the oil heats up, it melts down through the screen and onto the heating coils, vaporizing it.


    Hint: hold down the button for 5 to 10 seconds before taking your first inhale. It will allow your oil time to heat up, which packs a larger hit since the oil melts down onto the coil instead of sitting on the screen above it. By this token, the third and fourth hits are often best.  


    How to Charge the MicroG Pen

    microG Pen Charger

    Charging is as easy as inserting the included charging cable into the microG Pen itself, and then plugging it via USB into a computer, or into a wall outlet via an included adapter. Once the red light on your microG turns off, it’s charged and ready for use.


    Also included in the kit, which retails online for $69.95, are three additional metal chambers (also referred to as “tanks), five sleeves that fit over the mouthpiece to keep the pen protected while transporting it, two round glass containers, and three cotton swabs pre-loaded with isopropyl alcohol for cleaning.


    The Good & the Bad


    The biggest selling point of the microG Pen is its portability. Not only is it small and easy to carry in a pocket, but Grenco Science recognizes the importance of portability to buyers, and includes protective mouthpiece covers specifically to protect the pen while in your purse, pocket, backpack, or whatever other dark-space it’s hiding in.


    Additionally, one of the biggest selling points of Grenco Science’s line of products, including the microG Pen, is an unrivaled aesthetic design. Though this may not be a concern at all to some, for anyone who would like their vape pen to be both portable and cool-looking, the microG Pen is a strong choice. Foregoing the metal sheen most often seen on vape pen products, the microG Pen is given a softer and easier to grip matte black finish.


    Some users, however, have reported a build-up of old wax that’s very hard to clean from the metal chamber. Parts of this get vaporized with each successive use, however they only contribute to making the smoke harsher. You’re essentially smoking oil-reclaim at this point, which sounds nicer than it is.


    Additionally, some users have reported that the pen has a tendency to disassemble itself when carried in a pocket. Considering that portability is one of the biggest advantages to its smaller size, this may be a detriment to those without other means to transport it.


    Grenco Science offers a customer service line for product owners experiencing issues with their pen, however some users have reported a failure by Grenco Science to follow through on shipping the new parts they promised. Some have reported needing to get in touch with Grenco’s customer support up to 12 times before their issue was finally addressed, which is unacceptable in today’s age of customer-comes-first mentality.


    Its battery life is also less than ideal. For most habitual users, the battery will last between one and three days. It then takes about an hour and a half to charge. While charging is as easy as plugging it into a computer or wall outlet, this may not be feasible in a public place where discreteness is also a factor, so be wary of short battery life if you’re someone who travels often, since it could get in the way of an otherwise good experience.


    Hint: reduce battery-life pains by keeping your two batteries on alternating charge schedules.


    Customer Testimonials


    “For the stealthy and ease of use it is nice, but I will be honest, if you pack it up big a couple times it gets clogged, but in general nice vape pen.” —Beth K.


    “The coil in it breaks after a couple weeks and needs to be replaced.” The site admin replied: “I have not had this issue before. I have owned my Micro G Pen for over 6 months now. My coil has lasted. I think it’s all how you clean your vape pen. I just use alcohol and let it sit for 5 mins and it’s as good as new.” Dave 


    “Great Pen, very sleek and satisfying. Small and it packs just what’s needed, easy to use! What more can any of us ask for. Sincerely, a very satisfied Micro G Pen customer… I am giving it 8-9 out of 10.” Anonymous  


    What to Know Before Buying a MicroG Pen


    1. Beware of counterfeit merchandise! Due to its recognizable brand, and scarcer information available on medical marijuana-related products, some scammers sell knock-off Grenco Science products for prices that are too good to be true. If you’re buying from a website, make sure you know it’s reputable.
    2. The coil in the microG Pen will last, on average, six to eight weeks. Replacements will cost $15
    3. The microG Pen is NOT intended for use with thicker concentrates. Though it may work, the lifespan of the coil may be impacted if used to vaporize thicker waxes.
    4. If the light on the pen flashes three times, there’s a problem in communication between the battery and the coil. This may indicate a problem with one of these two components.


    Should I Buy the MicroG Pen?


    Those looking for a pen that’s easy to transport that looks great should consider the microG Pen. While users have had mixed results with Grenco Science’s customer service and functionality itself, parts are under warranty, and can be replaced.


    However, small and well-reviewed vape pens that may be easier to use at both higher and lower price points are also on the market, so prospective buyers should do some research first to find the vape pen that’s right for them.


    Where to Buy the MicroG Pen


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