7 Tips to Control Your Cannabis Dosing

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Once you understand the different ways to consume medical marijuana, it’s important to have a basis for how you manage your cannabis dosing.


Cannabis dosing depends on the person, condition being treated, and consumption method. The following is not medical advice and is meant only to provide general guidelines to approach medicating with cannabis.


Hint: Seek the opinion of your primary doctor or a cannabis specialist to learn if marijuana might be right for you. Additionally, when using cannabis for the first time, do so under close-watch of someone you trust with extensive cannabis experience.



Learn Which Consumption Method Is Best for You 


Cannabis medicines are infused with CBD:THC rich extracts, and come in sublingual sprays, edibles, flowers, tinctures, concentrates and other forms. Depending on your condition, dose sensitivity, and other factors, one consumption type may be better than another.


Hint: experiment with different consumption types to see which is most effective for you. Be conservative when trying a new form of consumption.


Check out an unofficial guide to trying cannabis edibles.


Begin with a Low Dose


Especially for those with little or no experience using cannabis, start small and slowly increase your doses. Many recommend starting with a 10mg dose and working your way up in 5-10mg increments. Want to see specific stats on successful cannabis dosing experiments? Click here.


Spread Out Your Doses 


If you’re a novice user, take multiple small doses over the course of a day, rather than a large dose at once. It’ll let you stay active and aware of how the marijuana is affecting you.


Find Your THC:CBD Ratio 


Cannabis products have varying amounts of CBD and THC. Different combinations of the two help treat different ailments and types of pain, and the two together are said to enhance each other’s therapeutic effects.


For maximum benefit, choose cannabis products that include both cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating compound, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis.


Experiment Before Making Major Changes 


Once you’ve found the right CBD/THC ratio and dose level that suits you, observe the effects over at least a short period of time (one week is recommended). Then consider if you need to adjust the type or amount of cannabis you consume to produce the desired effect.


Don’t Overdo It 


Often with cannabinoid therapeutics, “less is more.” With cannabinoid compounds, higher doses of CBD may not be as effective as low or moderate doses. In some individuals, too much THC can increase anxiety and cause mood disorders, among other side effects.


Hint: Start with a CBD-rich remedy, and slowly increase the amount of THC in your cannabis doses until you find a balance you’re comfortable with.


Consider the Condition You’re Treating 


Anxiety, depression, spasms, and other pediatric seizure disorders may be better treated with a moderate dose of a CBD-dominant remedy—look for a CBD:THC ratio of more than 14:1. For cancer or neuropathic pain, you may need more THC, for instance, a 1:1 ratio.




As with any medication, it’s important to exercise caution when using cannabis. Understand the differences in chemical composition between different cannabis strains (sativa, indica, hybrid).


With the disappointing lack of cannabis research, it’s important to look to others’ experiences with cannabis for guidance on proper use. Know your medical history, and consult with your doctor or a cannabis specialist before use.


Ask us. We’re here to give you the information and resources you need to make an informed decision about cannabis use. Just comment below with any questions!

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