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What documents do I need to fill out my Oklahoma medical marijuana card application?

To apply for a medical marijuana card, you’ll need:

1) Proof that you’re an Oklahoma resident, which can be one of the following:

  • Oklahoma driver’s license or ID
  • Oklahoma voter ID card
  • A utility bill from the month just before your application (cell phone and internet bills excluded)
  • A deed to residential property that you own in Oklahoma
  • A current residential rental agreement in Oklahoma (your name must be on the agreement)

2) Proof of your identity, which can be one of the following:

  • Oklahoma driver’s license or ID
  • Oklahoma identification card (front and back)
  • U.S. passport or other photo ID that’s been issued by the U.S. government
  • Tribal ID that’s approved by Oklahoma for identification purposes, including US Bureau of Indian Affairs ID or Oklahoma tribal photo IDs.

3) A clear digital, full color picture of your full face on a white or off-white background
4) Your Patient Physician Recommendation form that has been signed within 30 days of your application submission
5) Proof of SoonerCare or MediCare enrollment or 100% disabled veteran status if you’re applying for the discounted application fee of $20.

How long does it take to receive a state medical card?

It can take up to 14 days for your application to be approved after completing your online application. You should check your email frequently during this time as the OMMA may need additional documentation to complete the process. If you do not provide any missing information within the time limit, your application would be denied and you’d have to begin the process again. There is no refund for the application fee.

How long does a rec or state ID card last?

Your state ID will last for two years unless it is revoked by the OMMA sooner.

How much does a state card cost?

The application fee is $100. SoonerCare and MediCare patients and 100% disabled vets can apply for a discounted fee of only $20.

Is there a discount for purchasing medical marijuana in Oklahoma?

Unfortunately, no. Most states that offer recreational cannabis do have a tax discount, or no taxes, for medical marijuana purchases. Oklahoma is a medical marijuana only state though, and the state taxes all sales at the rate of 7%

Am I required to register with the state to become a medical marijuana patient?

Yes. You must first register with, and receive approval and a license from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority before using cannabis for medical purposes: “Patient”or”Qualified patient”means a person that has been properly issued a medical marijuana license pursuant to Title 63 O.S. § 420 et seq. and these rules. (Emergency Rules page 4)

Can employers still fire me for testing positive for cannabis on drug tests?

According to HB2612 page 23, your employer can’t fire you solely for your status as a medical marijuana patient unless:

  • they are required to by federal law in order to obtain federal funding,
  • the employee doesn’t have a valid medical marijuana license,
  • they consume medical marijuana while at work, or
  • the position involves a “safety sensitive” job.

The OMMA defines a safety sensitive job as “any job that includes tasks or duties that the employer reasonably believes could affect the safety and health of the employee performing the task or others including, but not limited to, any of the following:”

  1. the handling, packaging, processing, storage, disposal or transport of hazardous materials,
  2. the operation of a motor vehicle, other vehicle, equipment, machinery or power tools,
  3. repairing, maintaining or monitoring the performance or operation of any equipment, machinery or manufacturing process, the malfunction or disruption of which could result in injury or property damage,
  4. performing firefighting duties,
  5. the operation, maintenance or oversight of critical services and infrastructure including, but not limited to, electric, gas, and water utilities, power generation or distribution,
  6. the extraction, compression, processing, manufacturing, handling, packaging, storage, disposal, treatment or transport of potentially volatile, flammable, combustible materials, elements, chemicals or any other highly regulated component,
  7. dispensing pharmaceuticals,
  8. carrying a firearm, or
  9. direct patient care or direct child care

(H.B. 2612 page 24, section K)

Does the state provide electronic cards immediately with applications?

Unfortunately no. Your state application can be submitted online, but the state then has up to 14 days to review your application. If your application is missing any pertinent information, the state will email you requesting the corrections, which you can also submit online. Those who fail to complete all requirements of their application will receive a rejection letter after 14 days explaining why their application was denied.

Can I use medical marijuana in public?

Not only can you not smoke cannabis in public, but you can’t vaporize it either. All smoking and vaporizing is subject to the same restrictions as cigarette smoking.

(OMMA Regulations Sec. 310:681-2-11)

What are the daily purchase limits for medical marijuana?

Patients can purchase up to three (3) ounces of marijuana, one (1) ounce of marijuana concentrate, seventy-two (72) ounces of edible medical marijuana products, six (6) mature plants, and/or six (6) seedling plants. The Unity Bill clarifies that these possession rights are cumulative and that a patient or caregiver can possess all of these items so long as they hold a valid license.

The OMMA and the Patient Protection Act made it clear that these limits are cumulative, and that patients and caregivers can possess all of the amounts listed: “The rights to possess the marijuana products set forth in Section 420 of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes are cumulative and a duly licensed individual may possess at any one time the totality of the items listed therein and not be in violation of this act so long as the individual holds a valid patient license or caregiver license.”

(HB 2612 Sec. 8(A))

How many plants can a patient grow?

A patient may possess up to six mature plants and/or six seedling plants.

Does Oklahoma give reciprocity to out of state recommendations?

The state doesn’t allow purchases or possession with out of state licenses, but they do allow visitors to get a temporary license for up to 30 days. The cost of the temporary license is $100, and must be renewed if the patient is visiting for longer than 30 days. There are no discounts for out-of-state MediCaid or Medicare patients. You will need to do plenty of advance planning before traveling to Oklahoma because it can take the department up to 14 days to process a temporary license application. You can find out more here.

Can I use cannabis while on parole?

Oklahoma’s state law doesn’t prevent medical marijuana patients from using cannabis while on parole, but the district attorney in your county may still prevent it. The only way to know if you’re safe to use cannabis while on parole is to ask your parole officer what your county’s rules are.

Does Oklahoma law provide parental protections to MMJ patients?

The state recently passed SB 811, which will be in effect on Sep. 20, 2018. Sec. 425 says:

  1. No medical marijuana license holder may be denied custody of or visitation or parenting time with a minor, and there is no presumption of neglect or child endangerment for conduct allowed under this law, unless the person’s behavior creates an unreasonable danger to the safety of the minor.

Is my medical registration and information protected?

Both your patient records and all inventory tracking records containing your patient information must comply with federal and state laws, including HIPAA, and inventory tracking records can’t be retained for more than 60 days. You can read the full text of protections provided under HB 2612 here in Sec. 7.

What is the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act?

HB 2612, which is named The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act is also colloquially known as the Unity Bill, and it both clarifies some ambiguous areas of SQ 788 (the MMJ legalization bill) and makes changes that were necessary to conform with other laws. For instance, employers are still prevented from firing or refusing to hire medical marijuana patients, but there’s an exception now for so called ‘safety sensitive jobs.’ The bill can be read in full here:

  • How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma

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    Oklahoma’s modern history with cannabis began back in April 2015, when former Governor Mary Fallin signed House Bill 2154 into law, allowing for clinical trials of CBD. House Bill 2835 would expand CBD clinical trials to people over the age of 18 for this first time in the state. Gov. Fallin signed this bill in May of 2016.

    While the CBD clinical trial efforts were underway, Oklahomans had been pushing for medical access as early as spring of 2014. Setbacks held progress from moving forward in 2014, but by 2016, State Question 788 qualified for the ballot. Despite opposition from a myriad of resistance, citizens voted medical marijuana and State Question 788 into law in June 2018.

    Here is the vital information you should know about the law as it currently stands.

  • How to Apply for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Program

    Oklahoma voted medical marijuana into law on June 26, 2018, and has since signed granted over 145,000 patient and caregiver licenses. Patients licenses are valid for up to two years, and unlike other states, applicant’s need not have a “qualifying condition” to be approved.

    To apply for a patient license in Oklahoma, you will have to provide the following:

    • Your full name
    • Your place of residence and mailing address
    • Your date of birth
    • Your contact information, including telephone number and email address
    • Your doctor’s information and recommendation
    • Your signature, which must be dated within 30 days of the date of application
    • A full color digital photo of your head and top of shoulders taken on a white, or off-white background. (The photo must have been taken within the past 6 months.)

    Keep in mind that only Oklahoma residents will be approved for a regular state license, although temporary licenses are available for visiting patients from other states. Applicants for a regular state license must prove they’re residents by providing a valid driver’s license, utility bills, or other accepted documents.

    There is an application fee of $100. Medicaid (also known as SoonerCare) or Medicare applicants pay a reduced fee of $20. You must use a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit or debit card for payments. Prepaid cards from stores are also accepted.

    Your transaction may include additional processing fees, which are non-refundable. Unapproved applicants are not subject to a refund.

    Additionally, the application must be submitted within 30 days of the doctor’s appointment to be valid.

    After the Application is Submitted

    The OMMA reviews all submitted applications. If it meets all requirements, the OMMA will issue an approval letter with your license. Then your card will be mailed within 14 days of the date you submitted your application.

    Incomplete applications will receive an email which details the reason(s) the submission is incomplete. You can log back into your account to make the needed corrections.

    If the Department denies your application, you will receive a denial letter listing why it was rejected within 14 days of the date of submission.

    You Can Include a Caregiver if You Need Help

    Caregiver licenses are available for those who wish to take care of certain patients who need assistance with their treatment. This documentation can be obtained by filling out the Adult Patient Physician Recommendation Form. An application can be provided when submitting your application, or at a later date. The form can be accessed online using your OMMA account. A patient is allowed one caregiver at any given time.

    The caregiver must be 18 or older and must submit proof that they are a resident of Oklahoma. There are no other parameters to qualify.

    You can change your caregiver. Patients must submit a Patient Withdrawal of Caregiver Form to withdraw the first person before designating another caregiver. The patient is required to sign and submit a new Adult Patient Caregiver Designation Form for their desired new caregiver.

    What Conditions Qualify for Medical Cannabis Treatment in Oklahoma?

    Unlike other states, there’s no list of qualifying conditions in Oklahoma – making it a rather unique and unrestricted program.

    Oklahoma’s State Question 788, the initiative that legalized medical cannabis, says “There are no qualifying conditions. A medical marijuana license must be recommended according to the accepted standards a reasonable and prudent physician would follow when recommending or approving any medication. No physician may be unduly stigmatized or harassed for signing a medical marijuana license application.”

    While there are no qualifying conditions in Oklahoma, you must still be able to show that you will benefit from the use of cannabis. When visiting the doctor, be sure to have documents to demonstrate your medical needs. Documents include:

    • Patient records and charts in detail
    • Records of any physical therapy
    • Current prescriptions being taken
    • All hospital visits made by the applicant
    • Medical test results

    Once approved by their physician, applicants will need to apply through the state’s online system. Applications and payment are collected via To login, applicants must use a valid email address which will be used to receive notices.

    Submit Your Application at the OMMA Website

    Applications are only being accepted at

    The following unexpired, valid documents can be used when submitting proof of residency online:

    1) Proof of state residency – Digital, color copies of any of the following can be used:

    • Oklahoma driver’s license (front and back is required)
    • Oklahoma identification card (front and back is required)
    • Voter I.D. license
    • Certain utility bills. The calendar month must precede the date of the application. This excludes cellular telephone and internet bills
    • A deed to any residential property in Oklahoma
    • A current in-state rental agreement for residential property

    2) Proof of identity – Digital, color copy of any of the following will suffice:

    • Oklahoma driver’s license (front and back)
    • Oklahoma state I.D. (front and back)
    • U.S. passport or other U.S. government issued I.D.
    • Tribal I.D. cards, which must be approved for identification purposes by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.
    • U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs identification card

    3) A digital photograph of your full face

    4) An Adult Patient Physician Recommendation Form that is dated 30 days or sooner than the application’s submission. NuggMD will provide users with the form.

    5) SoonerCare (Medicaid) or Medicare I.D. card or enrollment documentation if you’re applying for the discounted registration rate of $20.

    The NuggMD Process

    When applying with NuggMD, applicants take the following steps:

    1) Create a NuggMD account at

    2) Choose the state in which you wish to apply.

    3) Enter your required information, including age, name and address.

    4) Fill out your medical history. Provide as much detail as you can to ensure your doctor will have all the information they need to evaluate your condition.

    5) Input your payment info while waiting in the NuggMD virtual waiting room.

    6) Once available, the physician will begin the medical evaluation using NuggMD’s telemedicine platform. The session can be as long or short as needed. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your prognosis, how cannabis will fit into your treatment plan or anything else related to your visit.

    A few of the more common questions asked during consultations include:

    • Should I take CBD as well?
    • What’s the best method of ingestion for me?
    • Should I use more than one method of ingestion?
    • What dosage should I use?
    • How often should I consume?
    • Will any other medications or herbs I’m using affect my cannabis treatment?
    • Are there any health risks I should be concerned about?

    Give your doctor a complete understanding of your health. Tell them about every medicine, supplement and vitamin you are taking. Doing so will allow them to warn you of any possible adverse drug interactions to be aware of.

    NuggMD patients only pay $99. This is in addition to the cost of the online application.

    Those who are approved receive instructions on how to complete the state registration. The instructions will arrive via email.

    Don’t worry if you get confused during the process. Our expert customer service team is here to help you through the process.

    What Cannabis Consumption Methods Are Available in Oklahoma?

    All methods of consumption are available. This includes:

    • Smoked or Vaporized Cannabis: The effects typically take moments to minutes and can last two to three hours at a time.
    • Concentrates: These oils are versatile in usage. They can be added to smoking flower, used in edibles or even done in a dab. Keep in mind that extracted cannabis oil is much more potent than dried flower. When smoked, the effects should appear in a few minutes.
    • Edibles: Often taking a half hour to two hours to kick in, edibles are longer-lasting options. They are incredibly potent, but due to their delayed onset effects, many overconsume. Be sure to start on a low dose and go slow from there.
    • Topicals: Cannabis can penetrate the muscle but not into the blood with creams and balms. Taking near immediate effect, topicals are a popular choice among many users with body pains.

    What Does Cannabis Feel Like?

    If you’ve heard that cannabis will make you giggly, happier and relaxed, then you have a broad understanding of how marijuana feels. Depending on the strain, these effects and others can be more or less prominent in the experience. Other common effects of cannabis include:

    • Changed perception of time
    • Decreased energy, colloquially called “the couch lock”
    • Giggles
    • Happiness
    • Increased energy
    • Loss of concentration
    • Relaxation
    • Temporary memory loss

    There’s also the occasional horror story depending on tolerance and/or dose. If you’ve had a little too much, you may feel somewhat disconnected from reality or experience some paranoia, possibly even hallucinate on a rare occasion. You may find yourself becoming more introspective and less outgoing. This may be coupled with a burst of creative energy.

    In truth, both positive and negative effects vary from person to person. Until you know how you’ll react to cannabis, plan pleasant activities. Be around people you are comfortable with when you consume. Consider being in a place that makes you feel happy and comfortable as well.

    And do NOT drink alcohol. It’ll most likely create an unpleasant effect of being way too intoxicated, resulting in a headache, room-spinning and even vomiting. Some may know it as being crossfaded.

    What to Do if I Consume More Than I Should?

    One of the most common and unpleasant side effects of marijuana overconsumption is anxiety. Individual levels vary by person, with stronger tolerances playing a factor. Remember, just because one friend can consume 25mg or more doesn’t mean you need to in order to feel the same effect. If you consume more cannabis than your tolerance allows, you’re very, very likely to become anxious.

    Do your best to remain calm if you find yourself in this situation, and don’t be embarrassed. You aren’t alone. Many cannabis patients can tell you exactly what it feels like to have a panic attack after consuming a heavy dose.

    Once you’re back to your normal self, call your doctor and have your dosage adjusted. Believe it or not, some people get extremely high from doses as small as 2.5mg THC. Each person metabolizes cannabinoids at varied rates. At the same time, consider having some CBD oil on hand. For some, it can help offset the effects of THC during these rare occasions.

    Be sure to use the old cannabis adage “start low and go slow”! We can’t say this enough. You can always consume more, but you can never consume less. So, don’t rush it. Be patient. Listen to your physician’s instructions for ideal results.

    Let’s Discuss Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

    It’s true that no one has died of an overdose from cannabis. However, you run a chance of developing Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome. If you experience symptoms such as severe vomiting, be sure to seek medical attention. Excess vomiting can cause dangerous dehydration and metabolic imbalances, so this really is a medical emergency.

    And not to state the obvious, but if you’re under the influence of cannabis, get a ride to seek medical attention. Never attempt to drive yourself.

    Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome is on the rise as more consumers take more significant doses of THC. The cause of the condition is unknown. It’s believed by some that CHS is the result of the over-stimulation of the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors brought on by large doses of THC.

    Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome seems to happen in three stages:

    • The Prodromal stage is most mild nausea and pain in the stomach. In some cases, this can lead to a brutal cycle where patients consume more cannabis thinking it will relieve the condition. This is a process that can last for months, even years.
    • The Hyperemesis stage is where the patient begins vomiting in larger amounts. They may suffer from dehydration and malnourishment due to an inability to hold anything down. A hot shower is often considered the only temporary source of relief from the nausea. See a doctor right away if this occurs.
    • The Recovery stage begins after cannabis use ceases. Relief tends to come in days once the person stops consuming. That said, it can take months to fully recover. If cannabis use is reintroduced, the symptoms run a high probability of returning.

    It is not certain why some consumers develop the condition and others do not. Meanwhile, some continue to dispute its validity.

    That said, this is the state of cannabis today. It is a biphasic drug that offers varying effects at different dosages, and that threshold varies from person to person. This is  why it is vital to consume cannabis cautiously and responsibly.

    Scientists can’t yet pinpoint who is likely to develop cannabis hyperemesis, as it can be a months-long process to develop. So, again, be sure to start low and go slow, listen to your body, and contact the doctor as soon as possible if you start to notice nausea or stomach discomfort.

    Following the Law in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma has the highest prison population per capita. Not just in the U.S., but the world. So, it’s best to remain on the right side of the law.

    The state’s medical marijuana laws say that if you don’t have a patient license, but can show that you have a medical condition, then possession of up to 1.5 ounces without a valid card is a misdemeanor offense with fines not exceeding $400. Possession of any more can result in possible jail time. That said, drug paraphernalia remains illegal for non-card holders, who could face jail time. Card holders are exempt from the law.

    Counties are allowed to determine how they prioritize non-violent cannabis offenses, which means people can still end up in jail for marijuana. In some cases, DAs have reportedly refused parolees the right to use medical cannabis, even if they have a card. Reports have also claimed that some DAs are instead steering offenders towards opiate-based options.

    According to H.B. 1441, those driving under the influence of a Schedule 1 substance will be jailed for anywhere from 10 days to over a year, with their license possibly suspended for up to three years. This prohibition against driving under the influence applies to medical cannabis users as well. So your card won’t save you if you’re driving while high. Oklahoma also allows for property and vehicles to be seized in cannabis cases.

    Additionally, while employers can’t discriminate against patients, consumption at work can still be restricted by the employer. The same goes for consumption in public places, just like tobacco and alcohol.

    You cannot buy your cannabis anywhere but from an OMMA licensed medical marijuana dispensary, and you can’t sell your cannabis to anyone unless you’re a state-licensed dispensary. You also can’t give away your cannabis, not even for free to another patient, as unfair as that seems. And don’t even consider taking it out of state, whether or not that state allows cannabis use. It’s a federal crime to transport medical marijuana across state lines, and the penalties are very severe.

    Need Help? Nugg’s Here for You

    Nugg’s eager customer service team answers hundreds of questions each and every day via live chat and email. They think outside the box to help solve your cannabis problems. If there is a solution, they’ll find it to the very best of their abilities.

    On the rare chance that Nugg is unable to help, the list below has information and links to Oklahoma legislators, regulators and some of the more active cannabis advocacy organizations. If you know of any other organizations we could add to this list, we’d love to hear from you.

    Also, consider using this list to become more active in medical marijuana legislation. We’ve made great strides with legalization, but the battle for freedom of choice still rages on. It’s not time to rest on our laurels at this point. Please consider joining the marijuana community as we endeavor to end the War on Drugs once and for all.

    Additional Resources

    Medical Marijuana Registry

    Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

    PO Box 262266

    Oklahoma City, OK 73125-2600


    State Legislature contacts

    State Senate members

    Governor Kevin Stitt

    Activist Organizations

    Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Cannabis in Oklahoma

    Where can I read the law for myself? 

    Visit here for the full text:

    How long does my patient’s license last?

    Your license can last for up to two years before it needs to be renewed, unless your doctor establishes a shorter timeline for use.

    Can I use my medical marijuana card from another state?

    Out of state patients can obtain a temporary license for up to a month. The out of state license will cost $100, regardless of participation in public health programs or financial need. Do not make the mistake of using cannabis in Oklahoma without this license. The penalties for unlicensed possession can include jail time. It may seem unreasonable to pay the state $100 for the right to legally use cannabis for a short trip, but this expense is nothing compared to legal costs of defending yourself against illegal possession charges. To apply for your temporary card, go to the state’s website here and follow the instructions:

    How do I find a medical cannabis doctor?

    You can find a list of approved physicians on this list provided by the OMMA, or simply head over to NuggMD to complete the entire process online:

    Is home growing allowed?

    Yes, all licensed patients are able to cultivate at home. For specifics on amounts, check the question below.

    How much cannabis am I allowed to possess for medical purposes?

    Under Oklahoma laws, qualified patients or caregivers can legally possess up to three (3) ounces of medical cannabis. Approved patients are allowed to own six (6) mature plants as well as one (1) ounce of cannabis concentrates. They can also possess up to 72 ounces of edibles in addition to having up to eight (8) ounces of cannabis at their house.

    What are the requirements for a minor to obtain a license?

    Minors can obtain their medical marijuana license to possess, use and grow cannabis in Oklahoma. The minor must have signed recommendations from two different physicians as well as the signature of their parent or guardian. To learn more, visit

    Will my information be kept private? 

    Yes, personal medical information will remain private, as will your application. The OMMA’s registry is protected by HIPPA, and all records are confidential.

    Will every dispensary sell the same products?

    No, unlike other stores, dispensary supplies will vary. If you’re looking for a specific product, consider calling ahead to make sure the dispensary has the product you need.

  • New York Misses Deadline to Legalize, Decriminalizes Instead

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    There were a lot of disappointed New Yorkers this week. Governor Cuomo’s promise to legalize cannabis in the state has been an up and down battle for the past few months. A bill to fully legalize cannabis made enormous progress through the state legislature, but was finally shut down due to inability to agree on social justice and regulatory issues.

    Image courtesy of Raihan Rana

    Instead, the legislature did the next best thing–they further decriminalized cannabis possession, and promised to begin expunging cannabis criminal records. The bill was passed in the last legislative hours by both the State Assembly and Senate, and is now headed to the governor’s desk, where he is expected to sign it.

    You can read the bill here.

    In short, the bill says:

    • Possession of under two ounces will no longer be a criminal offense, and fines will be reduced.
    • A person is guilty of unlawful possession of marijuana in the second degree when they knowingly and unlawfully possesses marijuana. The fine will be $50.
    • A person is guilty of unlawful possession of marijuana in the first degree when they knowingly and unlawfully possess one or more preparations, compounds, mixtures or substances containing  marijuana and the preparations, compounds, mixtures or substances are of an aggregate weight of more than one ounce. The fine will be $200.
    • Procedures will be established to automatically expunge criminal records for possession.
    • Smoking marijuana has been added to the official definition of “smoking” under Public Health Law so that cannabis smoking can be prohibited wherever tobacco smoking is prohibited.

    It’s not legalization, but it’s a start!

    Meanwhile, remember that these fines only apply to unlawful possession of cannabis. If you’re considering using cannabis medicinally and have a qualifying condition for medical cannabis use, you can become a registered patient to use cannabis products legally. To find out if you qualify, contact NuggMD for an appointment today.

  • Oasis, Las Vegas Has a New Look!

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    You don’t have to travel far from The Strip to find one of the most customer-centric cannabis dispensaries in the nation. Oasis is Las Vegas’s one-of-a-kind experience in cannabis curation, and now they’re taking their already stellar service up a notch.

    Whether you’re a patient seeking an exotic product, or recreational customer looking for the perfect bud to pair with your night on the town, Oasis has transformed their dispensary to meet your needs like never before.

    New Design, Same Great Service

    One thing Oasis’ facelift won’t be affecting, however, is their great personality. “While we have upgraded their shopping experience, the one thing that’s NOT changing is our mission,” says Matthew Janz, Vice President of Marketing and Operations.

    “That mission is to provide our customers with the best service possible, the widest product selection, and the most knowledgeable patient consultants. This is an upgrade, but it does not change who we are at the core. The foundation of Oasis is constant, and our commitment to the community remains our top priority–and it always will.”

    What Cannabis Buying Should Be

    Gone are the days when cannabis consumers were forced to buy dime bags of schwag behind the local convenience store. But have you noticed that some dispensaries still seem to have that seedy atmosphere? Not at Oasis! This is a place where you can really feel comfortable while exploring new cannabis possibilities.

    They’ve always had a warm and welcoming environment, but now they’ve added features that make their store seem like the Bloomingdale’s of weed.

    • They’ve opened up their floor, which is no longer blocked off by the two large cases, and added an additional 12 feet of retail space.
    • They’ve replaced the green walls with calming whites and blues so customers don’t feel rushed.
    • Wall-to-wall product cases are categorized for easy browsing.
    • Duplicate displays have been added for the more popular items to give customers more elbow room and increase the relaxed feel.
    • All products are prominently labeled in the LED-lit cases so you can easily see their selections.


    Best of all, two self-service bud bars let customers get up close and personal with each strain’s specs, including terpenes, THC levels and cannabinoids, without a budtender waiting impatiently to put the product back. Feel free to sniff and examine every strain till you find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Individual Curation

    One of their most striking qualities has been a part of the business model from day one. Oasis specializes in helping clients discover the perfect product for their needs. Now that recreational is part of this equation, they’ve redoubled their personal approach.

    “We don’t want people to come in and feel like they’re just another customer. It’s very important that they feel like part of the Oasis family, so they’re given one-on-one consultation. This allows us to see what they’re looking for and guide them toward the right products,” says Janz.

    Leading in Budtender Education

    To provide the best customer experience, they fully educate their customer consultants to understand and be able to relate the effects of different cannabinoids, terpenes and the entourage effect. And whether you’re a medical or recreational customer, you’ll receive the same great individual service.

    “Both medical and recreational customers are coming here to find relief,” says Janz. “They’re often looking for something to end their night after work, or for mood elevation and relaxation. These are things that cannabis provides whether it’s used medically or recreationally. So for us, every person that comes in deserves to be educated and empowered to have the best experience possible. For us, that involves the personal approach.”

    The New-and-Improved Community Oasis is Returning Soon!

    In addition to their other great features, Oasis’s Community Oasis room serves as a community hub for artists, healing services, support groups and education-based programs.

    The Community Oasis is currently under redesign as well, so it won’t open till Summer. When it does, be prepared for the same incredible programs and a lot of new ones too! They provide most of their programs free of charge, and the rest are offered at a very low cost.

    So, whether you’re looking to find a new product, seeking to connect with your fellow cannabis community or just want to check out their new digs, there’s never been a better time to stop by and check out Las Vegas’s cannabis leader, Oasis Cannabis Dispensary.


  • How to Choose the Nugg Club Strain That’s Right for You

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    Choosing the right strain for you is a decision that only you can make. While there are tons of tips, no uniform choice exists. There is no perfect solution for a daytime strain for people that need to remain productive. The same goes for evening strains, and any other time of the day, really.


    Cannabis flower is sure to deliver some level of consistency but it does tend to change even when in the hands of master cultivators. When considering the person consuming it, these varying effects grow that much more. Each person reacts to cannabis differently.


    That’s why, when choosing which type of flower to consume, there are a certain set of criteria that helps you make your decision. Going beyond the physical focus, let’s dive into key questions you should ask before choosing which strain is best for you.


  • Factors to consider when purchasing edibles:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]



    Where it Was Grown


    If you can, find out where the product was grown. With that understanding, a consumer can better track the product’s path to the sales shelves. Anthony Franciosi, founder and head grower of Honest Marijuana Company, says that asking where the flower came from should be the first question asked.


    “I always lean towards growers that try to use organic methods and are conscientious about their footprint before I consider what kind of strain I want. In my experience, organically grown cannabis has a more unique flavor and better overall effect, so I like to start there,” he said.


    Touch and Smell


    If making a purchase in-store, be sure to get a feel for the flower. If it is dry or lacking in moisture, you may be better off with another choice.


    If your Sherbet smells like ChemDawg, you may have an issue on your hands. Your flower should have a strong-to-pungent odor that resembles its strain profile. Some flower will smell more like fruit or sweet hints, while others can smell more like the earth or fuel. Understand what a strain smells like and compare to what you are considering buying.


    Desired Effects


    The effects of a cannabis strain varies for a number of reasons. Each are points worth considering when mulling over which type of flower to buy.


    Sativas are more for keeping you going through the day. Meanwhile, indicas tend to produce effects that make it for night time. In other cases, hybrids can make a strain take on the effects of both. In the case of hybrid strains, understand the percentages in the flower. Some can be 50:50 while others are 80:20.


    Terpenes are another factor to consider. These compounds found in the crystals of flower, and numerous other sources, make up the aromatic and flavor profile of a strain. They also provide some of its effects. Each strain is composed of a variety of terpenes and will affect how a person feels.


    The same can be said for a cannabinoid profile. A strain with 2:1 THC to CBD is common for consumers. Meanwhile, medical patients may opt for a 25:1 CBD to THC strain so they can feel relief without a high.


    Beyond CBD and THC, over one hundred other cannabinoids can come into effect. THCA and CBDA are common and abundant cannabinoid acids with an array of others. While these cannabinoids will almost assuredly not get you high, they can alter the effects of a high.


    Dylan Smith, Head of Product at SmokeSmith Gear relies on reviews and budtenders to understand the experience a strain provides. “If they have had a good experience recently, then that’s a good sign,” explained Smith. “I am also a huge advocate of reading reviews.”


    In fact, the Nugg Team is always trying new products and reviewing them in detail. Our team reviews everything from flower and edibles to vapes and topicals.


    Budtender knowledge is also important. “Asking the budtender if he or she has personal experience is key,” Smith added. Buying online? No sweat. Nugg Club has a live chat team available to help you determine which strain might best suit your needs.




    Marijuana buds in jar with cannabis in rolling paper


    A flower’s strength can be included under desired effects but is also enough of a topic to stand on its own. Just a few decades ago, it was bewildering to find any flower that was beyond 10% potent. Today, the average flower ranges between 12% and 14% usually. Plus, many strains far exceed the average and can be as strong as in the high 20s or low 30s.


    Be sure to understand how strong a strain is before consuming. Though appealing, save off on trying the heavy hitters until you are more comfortable and familiar with your tolerance.


    Buyer Tip: It Varies By Region


    Smith also reminds buyers that a strain will vary by region. Unlike buying regulated products, cannabis strains can provide different experiences depending on where it is grown and purchased.


    “Cannabis has not gotten so standardized, so a strain can differ from region to region,” he said. “Thus, there is more impetus on the customer to know what they want, and to know what that strain looks and smells like before he or she walks into a dispensary.”


    If you don’t have the answers, consult with Nugg’s Cannabis Concierge.


    Popular Strains to Consider


    We agree that reviews are vital to the purchasing experience. It helps to know what your desired strain will do to you and how it will make you feel. To give you an idea, here are some of the most popular Nugg Club strains and their standout traits:


    • Blue Dream (Eighth Brother): A sativa-dominant hybrid that offers full body relaxation with a sweet blueberry aroma
    • OG Kush (Eighth Brother): A favorite strain since the 90s, OG Kush is a hybrid with a varied terpene profile which helps deliver hints of fuel, skunk and spice to the flower.
    • ChemDawg  (Eighth Brother): Known for its pungent diesel aroma, ChemDawg is not discreet and tends to pack a potent punch that is well above the average hybrid.
    • Sherbet (Henry’s Original): A slightly indica-dominant strain that calls GSC its parent, Sherbet is a full-bodied flower that offers up an array of sweet, fruity smells.
    • Purple Punch (Erba): An indica that smells sweet and delivers a potent punch that tastes great going down.
    • Miss USA (Lowell Herb Co): Offering up a strawberry-banana aroma, Miss USA is an indica-dominant flower that has tongues wagging for me of its deliciousness.
    • Grape Head (THC Designs): An indica-dominant hybrid, Grape Head’s flavor lives up to its name that offers up euphoric head highs to most consumers.
    • Forbidden Fruit (THC Designs): Forbidden Fruit is an indica that comes from two favorites, Cherry Pie and Tangie; guaranteeing a flavorful experience that is sure to leave consumers feeling the effects.
    • Sour Diesel (CaliGold): An icon in cannabis, this sativa-dominant flower is pungent and smells just like what its name implies. Going beyond aroma, this is a strain that provides effects well after consumption.
    • Do Si Do (Bloom Flower): One of the strongest flowers around, this pungent indica is likely to lock consumers to the couch after taking in its sweet, earthy flavors.
    • Green Crack (Dookie Bros): A sativa through and through, Green Crack is known for providing the energy rush of its other drug namesake without all the terrible effects. Though, consumers may be compelled for another taste of Green Crack’s tangy, fruity flavors.
    • Headband (Humboldt): Living up to its name, Headband is a hybrid that provides a comfortable yet noticeable head high that is sure to last a good while.


    Be sure to evaluate a strain for all of the above points and others. Remember that each strain can vary, depending on an array of factors. Do your due diligence and make an informed decision. In doing so, you’ll ensure that you have the most ideal experience while consuming.


    If you live in L.A. you may qualify for delivery from Nugg Club! Get these strains and more delivered to your doorstep – click here and enter your address.  


  • Bloom Farms Jah Goo PAX Era Pod (2019 Review)

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    Bloom Farms is a socially-conscious company, which is a nice change of pace in the midst of the Green Rush. So many companies run by an all-white leadership board seem overly concerned with the bottom line, while people of color are still serving lengthy or life sentences for trumped up drug-related charges. We are in dire need of a marijuana revolution that echoes outside of the marketplace.


    Bloom Farms works ethically on numerous levels. It operates with a one-for-one business model, so for every sale, it donates a meal to a local food bank. Last February, Bloom Farms reached its 1 millionth donated meal. The company recently expanded into Nevada and, as founder and CEO Michael Ray pledges, “every product sold in Nevada will generate one meal to a Nevada based food bank.” I’m impressed.


    The cannabis company also teams up with small farms in California’s renowned Emerald Triangle, specifically Sun Roots Farms, for the sun-grown, single-origin, whole cannabis plant raw materials. The result is thoughtfully produced strains that are resilient, resinous, and effective at relieving pain, high stress and insomnia.


    This Jah Goo, a cross between Purple Jasmine, a floral 70/30 indica-dominant strain, and Goo strains, is cultivated by Sun Root Farms and helps users deal with complex trauma, injuries and other mood issues.


    As a socially conscious smoker, I want to put my hard-earned bucks towards companies doing it right. Let’s dive into the specifics of this Jah Goo vape.


  • In this Bloom Farms Jah Goo PAX Pod review, you'll learn about this product's:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]


    Packaging, Labeling & Product Design


    This Jah Goo .5g vape cartridge from Bloom Farms comes packaged in a paper box that’s sturdy, recyclable and environmentally friendly. It’s appropriately tamper-sealed with a label that describes the product. The individual pod comes in a unique screw-top container. Due to California’s new regulations, it’s not the easiest product to open, you’re going to need some patience! The packaging is eye-catching with Bloom Farm’s award-winning design. I particularly love the branding of their stylish cannabis flower.


    The product and carton itself are clearly labeled without being redundant. There’s plenty of information, all of which is now required, but it’s also good to know. I see THC & CBD content (355 mgs or 71% THC, 2.0 mgs or 0.4% CBD), dosage, net weight, batch and testing information available as well. The proper government warnings for both Prop 64/65 are also included. Bloom Farms also mentions, in loud lettering, that this pod is only compatible with the Pax Era pen.


    Again, the pod itself is very sleek and modern. It’s compact and fits perfectly inside the PAX Era. The cartridge specifies Bloom Farms as the maker and Jah Goo as the strain. Few other companies include their name and strain on the actual cartridge or pod. This helps me quickly identify what cartridge I’m using, rather than playing roulette based on effects, smell, etc.


    The mouthpiece is a nice size, not too large or small. The cartridge can get hot if you use it frequently for more than seconds each time, but other than that, it’s fine.


    Quality, Ease of Use


    The Pax Era cartridges always have the same look, and feel – it’s tricky to tell them apart without the packaging. However, most of them work without fail.


    While others might find it bothersome that you need a PAX Era to enjoy these pods (as well as others from different companies), I feel the tradeoff of being able to control your temperature down to the degree truly sets this product apart. The Jah Goo cartridge easily slips in the device and you can start using immediately; no battery clicks or voltage settings to adjust. It even comes with an app for your phone to control the colors and temperatures with the touch of a finger.


    This product’s temperature control feature allows you to draw more flavor or more vapor. The lower the temperature, the more terpenes, and flavors you can taste, such as musky piney limonene, terpinolene, humulene. When you go higher, you can still experience yummy flavors, and the pod produces more vapor without it tasting “burnt.” Jah Goo offers earthy notes with a sweet exhale the lower you set the temperature. At a higher setting, you start losing those sweeter notes and begin tasting the piney and gas notes from this indica.


    A few puffs between 515ºF and 540ºF produced the perfect combination of vapor and flavor that was pleasant to smoke. I loved how Sun Roots Farm’s oil in the chamber is a rich golden color, clear and thick. However, it’s not overly thick which would make it hard to vaporize, nor is it too runny – an attribute that would make me suspect a manufacturer “cut” the oil with common additives like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).


    Potency, Effectiveness, Affordability


    After a couple puffs of the Jah Goo, my mind was at ease, my body was becoming more relaxed and boy, was I hungry – pass the Doritos! It didn’t take more than three or four puffs to get the desired relaxing and indica typical effects that come from a strain like Jah Goo. It’s perfect for evening use.


    At around $50 to $60 for a half gram, for the potency and flavor profile that you get from this pod, I would say that it’s definitely worth the money. The packaging, information, and product quality definitely show with its price tag.


    Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product


    Packaging: 4.5/5

    • Secure and attractive packaging.
    • Tough to open due to new CA regulations.
    • Sleek, eye-catching branding and prominent logos.


    Labeling: 4/5

    • Most of the required information.
    • Includes THC and CBD content, dosage, net weight, batch and testing info.
    • Bloom Farms would have gotten a five had they gone extra mile with a more refined cannabinoid profile.


    Cartridge Quality: 4/5

    • Pod is sleek, modern and compact.
    • Bloom Farms labels the actual pod, so you can distinguish between strains.
    • Mouthpiece is a perfect size; can get hot from frequent use.


    Taste: 5/5

    • At a slightly lower temp setting, pungent and sweet flavors storm the gates.
    • Piney and gas notes at higher temperatures; never tastes burnt.


    Vapor Quality: 4/5

    • With some settings fiddling, you can set the temperature of the Pax Era to suit your vapor vs. flavor needs.
    • Higher temps make it possible to blow some sick rings with this pod.


    Oil Quality: 5/5

    • What you want to see: liquid gold and runs easily when you rotate the pen, but not so thin that you suspect cutting agents.


    Effectiveness: 5/5

    • Subtle cerebral high coupled with a total body relaxation.
    • For Harry Potter fans, the effects are kind of like a happy-giggly Petrificus Totalus.


    Ease of Use: 3/5

    • Easy breezy if you have a Pax Era battery (if you don’t, you’ll need to buy one).
    • No battery clicks or voltage settings to adjust.
    • Phone app lets you control the colors and temperatures with the touch of a finger.


    Consistency: 4/5

    • My ABCs for Pax Era cartridges are Automatic, Battery-Specific, and Customizable.
    • Cartridges have the same look and feel.


    Price: 4/5

    • At $50 to $60 per half-gram, the price is justified for this high-quality product.
    • Great for people who consume moderately but who still want something heavy-hitting.
    • If you’re a heavy consumer, you may want to look elsewhere for more bang for your buck.


    Overall Rating: 4.25


    With the convenience of a Pax Era pod, the potency of Sun Roots Farms single-origin strains, and the efficacy of a specialized indica-leaning hybrid, you really can’t lose. This Jah Goo .5g vape cartridge offers an enjoyable cerebral “headiness” and made my entire body relax. Even with a $50-60 price tag, you can trust that you’re buying the best from the best.


    If you live in L.A. and are ready to be wowed by Bloom Farms’ Jah Goo PAX Era Pod, click here to see if Nugg Club delivers to your address! 


  • Top 10 Medical-Only Cannabis Dispensaries in the Bay Area

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    Back in the day, going back to 1996, California was nothing but medical marijuana. Over time, cannabis laws changed, and recently, recreational cannabis use came into existence. With expanded access, scores of dispensaries pivoted to serving the adult use market entirely, or at least in part. As of spring 2019, less than 100 legal medical-only dispensaries exist in California.


    It is important to note that some cities in the Golden State have outright prohibited recreational cannabis, leaving Californians with access only to medical dispensaries. If you live in an area that has nixed recreational cannabis, then medical dispensaries are a closer jaunt. You’ll save money too, providing you have a medical recommendation like the one you can easily obtain from NuggMD.



    Why Visit a Medical-Only Cannabis Dispensary?


    While many dispensaries today offer educational programs, knowledgeable budtenders and product demo days, there’s something unique about medical-only: the degree of patient care. At a medical-only dispensary, the budtenders often have more medically-oriented training and can tell you how cannabis is used to treat certain conditions, from anxiety to irritable bowel disease (IBD).


    Medical-only dispensaries are also more likely to have programs in place to help low-income patients – a carryover from Prop 215 when registered caregivers were required to offer additional programs such as food giveaways, counseling, etc. Many of today’s medical-only dispensaries offer educational material geared more towards cannabis patients and maintain an activist-oriented mindset.


    How Do I Find Medical-Only Dispensaries?


    If you’re looking for a medical-specific shop in the Bay Area, you may need to travel a bit. And by that, we mean you’ll be leaving the Bay entirely.


    While some are feasible drives in the area, others may send you exploring the other majestic wonders that California has to offer. Meaning, you’re gonna go on a bit of a road trip.


    Let’s explore some of the best medical-only dispensaries in the Bay and the surrounding area.


    Kanna – Oakland


    Oakland’s Kanna is known for its passion for community service. This includes sharing the medical benefits of cannabis with patients, families and neighbors. With a grand opening slated for April 2019, the dispensary aims to provide service programs to patients and neighbors in addition to on-site workshops, seminars and other events.


    2ONE2 California St. – San Francisco


    Patients love 2ONE2’s small and cozy location. The employees are often regarded as some of the more knowledgeable and friendly in the area. One patient noted how the team made them feel at ease and offered samples. This excellent service has been known to convert loyal customers of other shops into 2ONE2 fans.


    Blüm – San Leandro


    Blüm has a number of locations, including one in Oakland. However, San Leandro allows only medical patients at this time. As such, the sleek and professional adult use experience that Blüm offers at numerous California and Nevada locations is the same in San Leandro, except only medical patients can partake.


    Garden of Eden – Hayward


    A half-hour drive south from the Bay leads to Hayward and Garden of Eden, an upscale, modern, tech-friendly location. The place is often packed, but customers report that lines tend to move quickly enough. With tax included in the prices and a wealth of quality strains to choose from, many don’t mind waiting in line a bit.


    M.E.D’s Dispensary – El Sobrante


    About 40 minutes north of the Bay is a shop with over ten years of experience. Founder Buzz Fowler runs the mom and pop style shop that advocates for giving patients the medicine they need. Customers often regard the staff as friendly, helpful and recommend the shop for others in the area.


    Harvest of Napa – Napa


    Many flock to Napa for the wineries, art, music and the incredible sights. It’s also home to one of the most recent additions to the medical-only dispensary community. Harvest of Napa is the first medical dispensary to do business in Napa County, and hopefully sparks a new trend in the area. Click here to read the in-depth piece on Napa’s first medical cannabis dispensary.


    River City Phoenix – Sacramento


    RCP gets heaps of praise from its customers. Much of the love goes out to the staff who are regarded for consistently providing friendly and informed service. The team is joined by top quality product to give the patients the complete customer experience they require.


    Pure Life Collective – Diamond Springs


    Pure Life gets high marks for its mix of quality flower and top-notch staff. The friendly, knowledgeable staff seem to hook people in and make them regulars rather often. Some have said that your expectations may even be exceeded at Pure Life.


    Heads up, you’ll need to head two hours east into the state to visit Pure Life.


    Blue Mountain Collective – San Andreas


    Keep driving a bit more east, and you could wind up in San Andreas and another top medical dispensary. Blue Mountain checks all the necessary marks with a professional and friendly staff with a quality product. It also receives praise for its same-day delivery as well as its location.


    Zen Garden Wellness – Stockton


    Another two-hour drive east brings us to Stockton. There, Zen Garden Wellness customers report loving the straightforward experience that includes tax included in the sales price. A friendly staff is the norm at Zen Garden, as it is online where the owner is likely to respond to customer reviews regardless of the sentiment.


    Recap: Finding a Medical-Only Dispensary in California


    Today, finding a medical-only dispensary in California can be difficult. With adult use being legal, a patient is much more likely to find a recreational dispensary or a mixed-use shop.


    In Northern California, finding a medicinal-only facility can be that much more difficult. Aside from a few options in the Bay, patients need to travel a sizable distance to get the medicine they need.


    The value of a medical-only facility remains, and patients certainly understand their importance. With regulations and other drawbacks making adult use dispensaries less than ideal, patients still need their medical-only dispensaries in the Bay Area and beyond.



  • District Edibles Sour Apple 100mg Hybrid Gummies (2019 Review)

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    When I’m in a go-go-go place in life, I look to edibles to help me grounded during the evenings. And for me, 10 milligrams can feel like a lot or a little, depending on the potency of the edible itself. Generally, I’d say that is a great baseline and I can always dial it up by eating more. District Edibles is a brand known for its consistency, so I trust them to give me a “true” 10 mg product. I reach for them whenever I needed to chill out but still be functional.


    Shaped a bit like stars and surrounded by a charming rocket launch motif, I felt prepared to get spacey with these little green gummies. They look like something you’d find in a Kevin the Minion’s fanny pack on his way to Coachella – but in a good way.


  • In this District Edibles Sour Apple Hybrid Gummy review, you'll learn about this product's:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]


    Packaging, Labeling & Product Design


    However, I’m not sure Kevin would actually be able to crack into this packaging, as these gummies are some of the most well-protected edibles I’ve seen.


    Your 10 pack of gummies comes in a hard plastic container with a clear tamper-proof, child-resistant design. I love that it’s fully recyclable and that doubles as a joint holder with space for joints rolled in classic 1 ¼ sized rolling papers. To me, this tells me District knows I like my weed in multiple formats and helps me live my best life even after I’ve finished their product. It’s slender and pocket-ready, and houses your gummies in a plastic and foil blister pack, kind of like a pack of gum. While the inner graphics are in keeping with a fun and light-hearted space theme, the graphics on the outside are more refined and “adult” looking with a gold, white, and green color scheme on a black background.


    While there’s a lot of extra information on their website, the labels on the package itself seem like they’re pretty much the bare necessities for Adult Use compliance. On the front is the brand name, opening instructions, a HYBRID classification, flavor, net weight, amount of pieces in the box, amount of THC (100mg per box) and CBD (0 mg per box) and per gummy. On the back are government warnings, a list of ingredients, usage instructions, batch number, manufactured by, manufactured on date, and best by date. There are also nutrition facts on the bottom of the package as well as web addresses and a graphic that shows you can recycle the package.


    I do like that in the ingredients they listed “cannabis oil (purified using CO2 and/or ethanol),” but I’d like to know more about the oil. When they say “purified using…” does that mean the same thing as “extracted using…?” What strains were used? I would have also liked to have seen a QR code or some sort of way to verify lab results. A full profile of all of the cannabinoids detected would also be helpful.


    Quality & Ease of Use


    Because these are made in 10 individual 10mg doses, they’ll be easy to dose if you’re comfortable with dosing in those increments. If you’re sensitive to small doses of THC, you might struggle to accurately cut these down further. If you don’t need it to be too precise, the “+” shape of these gummies makes it easy to bite off just a knob and look at it as roughly 2.5mg THC.


    Because the package is so small and dark, it’s easy to keep hidden when dosing throughout the day. If you take the blister pack out of the external package, there is nothing cannabis related printed on it, which means you can easily eat these out in the open without any judgmental eyes looking at you.


    As soon as I broke the seal and opened the box, I could immediately smell the familiar sour green apple fragrance. I would have assumed these would taste as deliciously sweet and fruity as they smelled, but I know the smell has ultimately set me up for disappointment in taste with the other District gummy flavors I’ve tried in the past.


    And honestly, I wrinkled my nose upon laying one of these on my tongue. This Sour Apple variety was probably the worst tasting of all of the District gummies flavors I’ve tried. You get a slight hint of that classic sour apple taste (you might compare to a green apple jolly rancher) which quickly gets sunk by an overpowering, spicy, weedy taste. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t continue eating them, but they certainly weren’t great. They did start tasting a little better as I continued to eat through the pack, after my taste buds acclimated. It did, however, leave a bit of a weedy aftertaste in my mouth. On the upside, when I can taste the cannabis like this, I can safely assume they used more of a full spectrum extract, which I know has more of a medicinal benefit for me (as opposed to a distillate). Heck, medicine isn’t necessarily supposed to be tasty!


    Though the package was a bit oily, these are a great texture for a gummy. Not chewy, per se, but more like Jell-O with a bit more density. It was wiggly and smooth and broke down easily in my mouth.  I like District’s commitment to the clean and easy chew factor.


    Potency, Effectiveness and Affordability


    I started feeling the effects kick in about an hour after consuming them and lasted for about 4½ more hours. It was an enjoyable high that eased my body and uplifted my mind. It wasn’t at all flighty, which is my biggest fear with hybrid edibles (I’m usually an indica guy for that reason). It made me feel good and medicated while still keeping me bright and functional – no couch-lock! District Edibles is always precise in their formulations, making this an edible that will give you a consistent experience every time you buy it.


    I spent my time with the medicated focus baking my grandma’s famous Cherry Tart for my cousin’s going away dinner. I must’ve been really in-tune with the flavors, ratios, and baking times, because my cousin and brother both agreed that I must’ve “channeled grandma” because it was the best tart I’d make since grandma passed and I’ve made it many times before this one. Did these hybrid gummies really help me to channel my grandma? I like to think so. I’ll definitely be consuming these gummies the next time I’m baking from grandma’s cookbook!


    The gummies are definitely more limited in terms of their versatility. I can’t think of anything to do with these besides eating them right out of the package. Maybe you can garnish a frilly drink with them or suspend them in Jell-O.


    For around $18, it’s a decent price for a gummy that provides potent, enjoyable, consistent results and is easy to eat and dose. The taste could be a little better, but I understand that medicine doesn’t always taste great. Overall the potency is worth the price, though it would be a better value of it was a few dollars cheaper. I’ll be buying them again next time I do some baking, for sure.


    Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product


    Packaging: 5/5

    • Top-notch reusable packaging is slim and pocket-ready.
    • Eye-grabbing aesthetics don’t sacrifice the product’s security.

    Labeling: 3.5/5

    • Just enough info for Adult-Use compliance, but not much more.
    • Includes brand name, hybrid classification, flavor, milligrams of THC (100), ingredients, batch number, manufacture date, best by date, etc.
    • Would like to have seen a QR Code to verify lab results and a more specific description of their extraction process.


    Easy to Dose? 4.5/5

    • Extremely easy to dose if you’re looking for 5-10 mgs.
    • Trickier if you’re sensitive to THC and want less than 5 mgs (try nibbling off a “knob”).


    Discretion: 5/5

    • Between the clever packaging design and the small size of the gummy itself, these are a breeze to eat on the go.


    Taste: 2.5/5

    • Spicy, weedy taste with hints of sour apple, but not nearly enough.
    • Overpowering cannabis taste as I consume and afterwards as well.
    • On the upside, I know District uses full extract cannabis oil, which increases its overall potency!


    Texture: 4.5/5

    • Package was slightly oily, but edible was an excellent “chewy” texture, with nothing left in your teeth.
    • Jell-O consistency with a bit more density.


    Effectiveness: 5/5

    • Perfect blend of uplifting for my mind and relaxing for my body.
    • Not too racy for those of you worried about trying a hybrid.
    • Gummy would be ideal before a workout or utilized during a day out-and-about on an excursion, like walking around a new city or a museum visit.


    Versatility: 1.5/5

    • Not a whole lot to do with these unless you’re thinking of garnishing a cocktail or making an ice cream sundae.


    Consistency: 5/5

    • Experience was consistent as could be.
    • Each gummy is a true 10 milligrams and that makes it a good buy in my book.


    Price: 4/5

    • A fair price: 10 gummies for $18, not including tax.


    Overall Rating: 4.05


    With District gummies, there’s a lot to like here if your top priority is potency but you want an edible that won’t take you under. I only wish they tasted better! I’d recommend buying a sidekick pack of gummies that you can wash the taste of these down with. But other than that, really good texture and thoughtful, consumer-friendly packaging.

    If you live in L.A. you may qualify for delivery from Nugg Club! Click here and enter your address to have these gummies and more delivered to your doorstep. 


  • Plus Products 100mg Watermelon Sativa Gummies (2019 Review)

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    Focus. Concentrate. Create. Are these goals for you, too? I find that cannabis, in general, helps me feel my body but the trick is finding the right ally for each of my activities. As an advanced user and an athlete, I find that a stellar cannabis product and proper dosing comes in clutch to help me achieve and have fun while doing it. Whether I’m carving into some fresh powder or looking to get a PR at the gym, a well-formulated sativa-leaning hybrid can give me the just-right combination of confidence and energy to get it done. Even more, I find that I “grind” less and enjoy myself more. Even if I’m sore, I’m happy and I know the cannabis is doing its thing to reduce inflammation so I can get back to it.


    I decided to put Plus Edibles Watermelon Sativa Gummies did to the test, as they seem on the surface to be an athlete’s homie. With a low-glycemic, gluten-free recipe (and Kosher to boot!), I felt these were the perfect treat to slip into my backpack as I hit the snowy slopes with my board. Here’s the breakdown of how these Sativa Gummies performed.


  • In this Plus Uplift Watermelon Gummies review, you'll learn about this product's:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]


    Packaging, Labeling & Product Design


    When I first received the product, it was in good condition with no harm to the edibles inside. This is in part because the actual gummies are hidden in a metal screw-top container (tin) which is enclosed in a child/almost adult proof plastic bag. The idea of placing the product in a tin is quite cool (to me); I feel like its more sophisticated than simply “bagging” them, but also not the most elegant packaging either. The packaging itself wasn’t “extraordinary” or very eye appealing, but rather simple and effective; there were different colors based on effects and a clear section to actually see the metal tin. It was also recyclable which is a nice touch as not many companies are using recyclable or environmentally friendly packaging due to new compliances and regulations.


    When looking at the packaging, there is a good yet modest amount of information; with new regulations and laws, companies are now “over-labeling” things on the packages that can sometimes confuse consumers. Plus does a good job of giving the consumer everything they would want to know minus 1-2 things such as farm (sourcing) information, and strains used for the edibles. They give you lab test results, batch information, company/brand information, and dosage instructions for new users.


    These bite-size gummies are perfectly cut up and divided for easy use. Knowing that each square is ~5mg with 20 squares in the package, it is easy for someone new to start with 1-2 pieces and wait for the effects while an advanced user might need to consume ¼ to ½ of the container to get any effects.


    Quality & Ease of Use


    Plus gummies are portable, small and convenient for almost any situation. The discreet packaging allows for resealing to ensure freshness and portability.


    These little squares are perfect for any occasion due to how much they look like normal candy/gummies. Rather than having your usual brownie or cookie, these small artisanal candies could be consumed anywhere: the beach, the movies, at work, at home, kids’ soccer games… virtually anywhere.


    When you first open the container and smell the gummies, it reminded me of those watermelon belts that I would eat as a kid: sweet and pungent and yummy! Upon actually trying them, I was delightfully surprised to taste a briefly sour then deliciously sweet watermelon taste, similar to biting into a nice rind on a summer day. Unlike your firecrackers and brownies of days past, the cannabis taste is completely hidden and masked by the taste of other great ingredients. Even without being infused with cannabis, I would honestly buy them as they are an exemplary gummy on their own.


    When you first pick up and touch the gummies, you feel a grainy/coated candy that is soft and chewy. Depending on which Plus flavor you try, the coating is either more sugary or sour and more coarse – nothing that is gross or undesirable, just the nature of the candy. Some of the Uplift Watermelon gummies did have more chewiness to them which was weird at first, but after trying the rest I was reassured that it was just 2-3 in the container. Overall, they were easy to eat and what I look for in a gummy edible.


    Potency, Effectiveness and Affordability


    When trying cannabis edibles or any products, the results are going to very for everyone; while one may try an uplifting gummy and feel more calm/sedated, someone else might feel energetic and creative. I decided to give these Uplift gummies a try before a rigorous day of snowboarding – boy did they come through. Rather than giving my body a numbing feeling and making the day a struggle, I was able to charge down the mountain and ride all day with energy flowing through my body. Being a more advanced cannabis user, I decided to try 5 of these gummies for a total of ~25mg. This was a good testing dose as I felt the energy and “trick creativity” I needed while snowboarding without the anxiety that could have crippled my riding.


    When consuming edibles, the biggest factor for me is consistency in the dosages. Everyone has that horror story of the time their friend gave them a brownie with and said its 50mg and it turned out to be 1000mg…it wasnt pleasant. Now with the requirement of lab testing, the error of inconsistency has been reduced but can still be an issue. When trying these Plus watermelon edibles, I was happily surprised that the effects were as listed and the dosages felt right: 25mg felt about right and when I tried 50-70mg later on, there was definitely different effects. There was maybe one or two gummies that I ate for fun that felt underdosed or my tolerance was too high, but in general, Plus shows consistency in bringing you the same quality dosage every time.


    Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product


    Packaging: 3/5

    • Two-fold packaging: a stylish bag which contains a tin that houses 20 gummies.
    • We recommend being sober(ish) when you attempt to open these, as they are definitely tamperproof and child-resistant (nearly adult resistant, too).


    Labeling: 4/5

    • Plus includes all the important stuff without overloading you with info. A confident display.


    Easy to Dose: 5/5

    • Each gummy has ~5 milligrams of THC
    • Edibles are easy to scale up or down, depending on your experience.
    • New to cannabis? Start with one and see how you feel.
    • Seasoned user? Start with four or even five, and go from there.


    Discretion: 5/5

    • Tin slips readily into your pocket for whatever adventure you’re cooking up.
    • Gummies resemble other gummies out there and don’t reek of reefer, so they’re friendly for consumption in any environment.


    Taste: 5/5

    • Anyone who loved Fruit by the Foot as a kid or sour watermelon belts is going to flip for this flavor of gummies.
    • Delicious watermelon flavor with no trace of cannabis.


    Texture: 4/5

    • Coated with sugar and not overly chewy.
    • Might be a few pieces that you have to chomp down, but overall a mouthwatering sweet and sour candy.


    Effectiveness: 4/5

    • With edibles, there’s always some variability depending on mood and body chemistry that day.
    • These gave me the creative, energetic boost I was after.


    Versatility: 3/5

    • Other than incorporating into another dessert concoction or possibly a beverage, you’ve pretty much just got a classic gummy here.


    Consistency: 4/5

    • Aside from one or two “underwhelmers,” Plus’ Uplift gummies delivered their intended effect when I consumed in consistent doses.


    Price: 5/5

    • At around $17 for 20 gummies, you’re getting a really good deal.


    Overall Rating: 4.2


    Having tried numerous edibles and gummies over my years as a medical marijuana patient, I must say that Plus has a great thing going here. With different flavors and effects for different situations, it would be hard not to find one you like. Uplift is true to its name and definitely got me feeling good and ready to tackle the technical aspects of the mountain. With amazing pleasure, taste and potency, Plus Edibles Uplift Watermelon Sativa Gummies is a fine bargain.


    If you live in the Los Angeles area and are ready to try these mouthwatering watermelon sativa gummies from Plus Products, click here to see if Nugg Club delivers to your address!