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  1. Thought the Elections Were Over? Not if You Live in Los Angeles!

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    On March 7, 2017, Los Angeles City voters will be choosing new candidates to run their city and voting on several ballot measures. Two of these measures would allow the city to regulate cannabis businesses in response to the recent passage of Prop 64, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana in California.


    These two are Measure M and Measure N.



    Measure N: the Initiative That Sparked Measure M



    Measure N is a citizen’s initiative that was created and qualified by several of the cannabis business owners operating under L.A.’s current limited immunity rules.


    Measure N would establish specific rules for the commercial regulation and taxation of marijuana in L.A. and would prevent the council from making any additional changes to the regulations without specific approval from the voters. In short, Measure N would:


    • Give priority licensing to the current established medical marijuana dispensaries that are complying with existing law.
    • Maintain 135 dispensaries and allow the City Council to increase the number of dispensaries but not decrease them.
    • Allow the city to issue Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA) related permits including manufacturing, cultivation, and sale.
    • Limit enforcement options against permit holders who violate the operational standards and guidelines.
    • Allow sales of recreational marijuana by permit holders at an 8% tax rate.


    Because Measure N also takes power away from the city to make certain changes to these laws, a voter initiative would be required if changes became necessary.


    A Two-Tiered Enforcement System?



    Measure N also creates a two-tiered enforcement system for violators of the city’s regulations. This system would establish criminal penalties for those who don’t hold licenses, but only allow for a misdemeanor to be levied against permit holders who violate these same regulations after a series of other penalties are levied:

    • 1st violation: a correction letter
    • 2nd violation: a two year period of infraction
    • 3rd violation: a two year period of permit suspension
    • 4th violation: misdemeanor


    Therefore, the initiative would allow for criminal penalties to be levied against non-permit holders only. It’s possible this type of enforcement system would face legal review.


    The proponents of Measure N have now abandoned their support of the initiative in favor of the city’s counter-initiative—Measure M.


    Measure M: the Council’s Counter-Initiative



    Measure M was created by the City Council in response to the qualification of Measure N. Since the City Council’s countermeasure seems to strike a compromise that the proponents of Measure N found acceptable, they have abandoned Measure N and thrown their full support behind the City Council’s Measure M.


    Measure M will give the City Council the power to tax and regulate Los Angeles’s marijuana industry under the rules of Prop 64, which is now law.


    Unlike Measure N, with Measure M the City Council will retain the authority to amend existing regulations and adopt new ones. But there’s a catch—they must conduct public hearings with the citizens first.


    These public hearings will focus on commercialization of recreational and medical cannabis, and how license applications for current compliant businesses will be processed, among other topics.


    Measure M will also authorize:

    • New criminal penalties for violations.
    • New nuisance abatement rules.
    • Increase in fines for use of power and water with non-compliant cannabis activity.
    • Disconnection of power and water for non-compliant cannabis activity.
    • New business taxes which include:
      -A 10% tax on gross recreational sales.
      -A 5% tax on gross medical sales (this is a 1% reduction from the current level).
      -A 1% tax on transportation, testing or research sales.
      -A 2% tax on manufacturing, cultivation and other commercial activity.


    Why Are These Measures Necessary? Isn’t It Already Legal?


    With the passage of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act by the state legislature and Prop 64 by the people, Los Angeles’s current rules under Proposition D are no longer compliant with state law.


    Measure D was a simple limited immunity measure. Basically it provides prosecution immunity to a select group of people who were legally operating cannabis dispensaries before a certain date—IF they followed a specific set of rules.


    Since the state now requires dispensary applicants to show proof of city licensing or other positive approval of operations, an agreement not to prosecute does not qualify L.A.’s current operators to apply for a state license. Additionally, specific licenses are necessary for cultivation, transport, testing, manufacturing and other activities.


    Los Angeles must pave the way for new business licensing if cannabis businesses are to survive in the city under the new state regulations.


    Why Didn’t L.A. Offer Business Licenses in the First Place?



    Los Angeles, like many other California cities and counties, was reticent to issue business licenses to dispensaries because marijuana is still considered illegal on a federal level. These attitudes are changing now as medical marijuana is legal in more than half the states in the U.S., and is fully legal in seven states and Washington D.C.


    Council president Herb Wesson spearheaded the effort to put the countermeasure on the ballot, which is now endorsed by Police Chief Beck and Police Union head, Craig Lally.


    With the passage of Prop 64, many local municipalities are jumping to ensure they have taken full control of their licensing authority before the state begins handing out official business licenses in 2018.


    Others are working just as hard to ensure that marijuana businesses will not be allowed at all in their communities. Long story short—Los Angeles wisely opted for regulation.


    So, What Can You Do?



    That’s easy, VOTE! Make sure that you’re registered to vote, that you know where your nearest voting location is, and that you vote YES on Measure M.

  2. Litt California Medical Marijuana Cultivator and Delivery Service

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    We spoke with Litt California, one of SoCal’s cannabis collectives. Read on below to find out if their products and service is right for you.



    When & Why Did You Start the Litt California Cannabis Brand? 


    In 2015, Litt™ California began providing Californians with local, 100% natural medicine because we wanted to offer accessible, healthy cannabis solutions to patients who need it in a fast and professional manner.  We believe in getting the most out of life, and to be able to live life on our terms, and help others – it’s the California dream.


    What Makes Litt California Stand Out from Other Collectives? 


    Our cultivation process and medicine is what makes us stand apart from other collectives. Today, people are uber-concerned with what goes into anything they consume/ingest, and are looking for transparency in the growing and manufacturing process.


    We cultivate high-quality cannabis using sophisticated hydroponics techniques, giving us meticulous control throughout the grow process. We use 100% food-grade nutrients and the result is a wonderful fragrance that really tastes good and is kinder to the respiratory system. Our cultivation process is focused on two factors that distinguish the brand as a healthy choice — reducing heavy metals and providing pesticide-free buds, which are the baseline to all Litt™ products. The result is a smoother, longer-lasting, and better tasting flower. All of our cannabis is tracked and tested from seed to sale. 


    When you Get Litt™, you know you’re getting the best California has to offer.


    What Are Some of Your Staff’s & Patients’ Favorite Products?


    That’s a tough question because it depends on desired effect and taste; we have a wide range of products to suit every need. If you are looking for pain relief, our organic strain of Headband (an Indica dominant hybrid) is fantastic. For stress relief, help with depression, or chronic pain, OG Kush is a solid choice. Our 100% organic CO2 extracted Litt™ Oil is very popular, and people love the ease of using a vape. Currently, we are cultivating some CBD strains like Charlotte’s Web and old school classic strains such as Chocolate Thai and Northern Lights.


    Litt California OG Kush Strain


    Litt is truly committed to the health-conscious cannabis consumer. Our flowers are grown through a biologically cultivated process, our edibles are made with 100% organic extraction, and our concentrates contain zero Petroleum Based Solvents or Polyethylene glycol. In fact, our concentrates are made with a 100% organic medicine and a safe, clean, CO2 closed-loop system that vacuums at low temperature to preserve the integrity of the oil and terpenes.


    See Litt California's Menu


    Do You Offer Any Patient Deals?


    There’s a first time patient discount that may be applied the first time someone orders on littcalifornia.com, or one can get $20 off their first order when they use Nugg. All they have to do is signup with the code “FIRST20”. We also have a loyalty program — become a brand Ambassador and receive a code that when another patient uses it, the Ambassador receives 10% residual of the total purchased.


    Hint: Patient’s can also become a brand ambassador for Nugg & earn $10 cash for each person they refer that signs up and places an order.


    Where Does Litt California Deliver?


    Litt™ offers free delivery, 7 days a week to Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Culver City and the San Fernando Valley. 


    Hours of Operation?


    Our hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm; Sunday 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm.


    Can We Find You at Upcoming Events & Any Final Thoughts?


    You can find us regularly participating in events like Elevate, which is focused on proper regulation and access of cannabis in the Los Angeles area. We also belong to California Norml and the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), to name a few. We are committed to changing the existing stigmas that surrounds cannabis use. Our products are all-natural, organic and designed to bring health, happiness and peace of mind to our patients.


    Find our exclusive products at select dispensaries, online at littcalifornia.com, or order delivery through Litt California’s menu on Nugg.


    Order Online from Litt California

  3. South Dakota Tribe to Open Nation’s 1st Marijuana Resort

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    The Santee Sioux tribe has already proven its business acumen, running a successful casino, a 120-room hotel and a 240-head buffalo ranch on the plains of South Dakota.


    But those enterprises have not been immune to competition and the lingering effects of the Great Recession, so the small tribe of 400 is undertaking a new venture — opening the nation’s first marijuana resort on its reservation. The experiment could offer a new moneymaking model for tribes nationwide seeking economic opportunities beyond casinos.


    Santee Sioux leaders plan to grow pot and sell it in a smoking lounge that includes a nightclub, arcade games, bar and food service and, eventually, slot machines and an outdoor music venue.


    “We want it to be an adult playground,” tribal President Anthony Reider said. “There’s nowhere else in America that has something like this.”


    The project, according to the tribe, could generate up to $2 million a month in profit, and work is underway on the growing facility. The first joints are expected to go on sale Dec. 31 at a New Year’s Eve party.


    The legalization of marijuana on the Santee Sioux land came in June, months after the Justice Department outlined a new policy that allows Indian tribes to grow and sell marijuana under the same conditions as some states.


    Many tribes are hesitant to jump into the pot business. And not everyone in Flandreau, about 45 miles north of Sioux Falls, believes in the project. But the profit potential has attracted the interest of many other tribes, just as the debut of slot machines and table games did almost 27 years ago.


    “The vast majority of tribes have little to no economic opportunity,” said Blake Trueblood, business development director at the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development. For those tribes, “this is something that you might look at and say, ‘We’ve got to do something.’ “


    Flandreau’s indoor marijuana farm is set against a backdrop of soybean fields. If not for a security booth outside, the building could pass as an industrial warehouse.


    Inside, men are working to grow more than 30 strains of the finicky plant, including those with names like “Gorilla Glue,” ”Shot Glass” and “Big Blue Cheese.”


    Pot is prone to mildew and mold, picky about temperature and pH level and intolerant to tap water. So the Santee Sioux have hired Denver-based consulting firm Monarch America to teach them the basics.


    Tribal leaders from across the country and South Dakota legislators will tour the Flandreau facility in mid-October.


    “This is not a fly-by-night operation,” said Jonathan Hunt, Monarch’s vice president and chief grower. Tribal leaders “want to show the state how clean, how efficient, how proficient, safe and secure this is as an operation. We are not looking to do anything shady.”


    Elsewhere, crews have begun transforming a bowling alley into the resort.


    A marijuana resort open to the public has never been tried in the U.S. Even in states such as Colorado and Washington, where pot is fully legal, consumption in public places is generally forbidden, although pro-pot activists are seeking to loosen those restrictions. Colorado tolerates a handful of private marijuana clubs.


    Unlike the vast reservations in western South Dakota, where poverty is widespread, the little-known Flandreau Santee Sioux Reservation is on 5,000 acres of gently rolling land along the Big Sioux River. Trailer homes are scarce and houses have well-trimmed lawns.


    The Santee Sioux hope to use pot in the same way that many tribes rely on casinos — to make money for community services and to provide a monthly income to tribal members. The existing enterprises support family homes, a senior living community, a clinic and a community center offering after-school programs.


    Reider hopes marijuana profits can fund more housing, an addiction treatment center and an overhaul of the clinic. Some members want a 24/7 day care center for casino workers.


    The prosperity that marijuana could bring to Indian Country comes with huge caveats. The drug remains illegal under federal law, and only Congress can change its status. The administration that moves into the White House in 2017 could overturn the Justice Department’s decision that made marijuana cultivation possible on tribal lands.


    Meanwhile, tribes must follow strict security measures or risk the entire operation.


    The marijuana cannot leave the reservation, and every plant in Flandreau’s growing facility will have a bar code. After being harvested and processed, it will be sold in sealed 1-gram packages for $12.50 to $15 — about the same price as the illegal market in Sioux Falls, according to law enforcement. Consumers will be allowed to buy only 1 gram — enough for two to four joints — at a time.


    Want another gram? The bar-coded package of the first gram must be returned at the counter.


    Since the Santee Sioux announced their plans, the Passamaquoddy Tribe in Maine signed a letter of intent with Monarch to build a cultivation facility for industrial hemp. The Suquamish Tribe and Washington state officials signed a 10-year agreement that will govern the production, processing and sale of pot on the tribe’s land.


    In the long run, Reider is certain that the benefits will outweigh the risks of tribal marijuana enterprises.


    The tribe, he said, must “look at these opportunities because in order to preserve the past we do have to advance in the present.”


    Tribune wire reports     Contact Reporter

     Associated Press

    Copyright © 2015, Chicago Tribune

  4. 12 Must Try On-Demand Services in Los Angeles This Summer

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    Remember the days when you could get a ride from a stranger with the tap of a button? Have aged-scotch delivered straight to your doorstep? Or open the door to a thickly-mustached man ready to cut your hair.


    Of course you don’t. Because 1) you’ve probably never considered inviting a razor-wielding, hearty-bearded man into your home and 2) these epic-sauce conveniences have bestowed their graces upon us only recently.


    Indeed, we live in a world (well mostly just America, we’re cool like that) where your Uber driver is also your Lyft driver is also your GrubHub driver is also your thick-mustached-barber-man is also your Postmates driver is also your mom’s hair stylist.


    Yep, today, we live life on-demand. And sure, Nugg lets you get medical marijuana delivered in L.A. easier than ever, but there’s so many other instant-service apps like ours to take advantage of.


    Here’s our head-to-toe list of on-demand services in L.A. you must try this summer. If you don’t, well then you’re just not living life…(on-demand)


    What you'll learn in this post:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]



    Mind. Blown. By. Postmates


    Get anything from anywhere delivered to you in under an hour. Need I say more? Well actually, yes, I will say more, as there’s many things to be said about getting anything delivered from anywhere. That’s because Postmates has partnered with 7-Eleven to let you order the bare necessities (snacks, toiletries, soda) right to your door.


    In case fog-horns aren’t blasting off between your ear drums, let’s break down this situation in delicious, high-fructose fashion.


    Postmates + 7-Eleven = SLURPEES delivered to your door in under an hour. I’d take a slurpee at my door anytime but it’s summer, so I’ll take five.



    Kobe Bryant Surprised


    High-quality, well-priced, butt-huging new underwear delicately placed on your front porch every month. Not exactly on-demand, but ya, butt-hugging and well-deserving of the #2 spot in this comprehensive list of awesomeness. Because getting undies on your front porch is like Christmas morning. Heck, now you can get undies shipped to your doorstep on Christmas morning. Plus you get $20 off your first order just for signing up. That’s undielicious.




    Need to get somewhere? Request a ride on-demand from your phone and be picked up by a friendly neighborhood driver in minutes. The code SUNNYDAY saves you $20 on your first ride and DO NOT forget to fist-bump the driver when you sliiidddeeee into the passenger seat. Drivers used to be required to fist-pound but now they’re not and honestly it was the coolest thing about Lyft, so do your part to #BringBackTheBump, especially if you’re a first-time rider.


    At first I was skeptical of this whole “your friend with a car” thing, until I witnessed all the rad things Lyft drivers do for their passengers. Not only do they have bottled water and chewing gum on deck, but they’ll let you make out with your significant other in the back seat. Creepy? Definitely. Convenient? Most definitely. And if you’re lucky you’ll be picked up in one of these pimped out Lyfts.



    Kid gets


    Knock, knock. Who’s there? The liquor store, with a six-pack of Dos Equis, tequila, salt and a bag of limes. Yea, this knock knock scene is no joke. With the Drizly app, the party comes to you. Choose from beer, wine, or liquor, press a few buttons, maybe throw in a small delivery fee, and sit back as your liquid courage arrives elegantly at your door. Just don’t think you’ll be able to trick these guys if you’re underage, their proprietary ID verification technology allows drivers to scan ID’s for more than just the barcode. What exactly? We have no idea.


    Girl gets
    As far as I know, Drizly will NOT do this to you when you answer the door. Even so, always be cautious.


    In case you were wondering, here’s How to Turn a Watermelon into a Keg.



    Dirty laundry needs to be washed


    Does this scene look familiar? No? Congrats, I’m surprised you made it to #4 with your type A personality, now let us lazy consumers revel in the wonder that is on-demand dry cleaning and laundry. Yes, you heard it hear first folks. Someone is being PAID to pick up your dirty laundry at a moment’s notice and return it clean and folded.


    Just download the app, enter your credit card information, and either schedule a pickup for a future time or have someone come get your clothes right now. PRO TIP: Washio returns your clothes in one of their branded bags. If you open the bag REALLY slowly, you can smell your prayers being answered.


    Sumo Jerky

    Pigs do fly

    Has anyone ever had the audacity to reject you with the term “when pigs fly?” Well then, prepare to enforce your bets and collect your debts because today, PIGS DO FLY, and it’s time you rub it in.  With just a few clicks, have premium beef jerky — crafted by artisan chefs from around the world — shipped to your door every month. I know this one isn’t exactly on-demand, so sue me. Jerky is awesome, and Sumo Jerky lets me stick to my paleo diet, duhhh.



    How to park like a boss


    We’ve all been there. You arrive at your dinner, conference, holiday party, sporting event, whatever it is, and there’s no parking to be found. No sweat right? Just cruise around some side-streets till you find a spot. Next thing you know you’re four or five blocks away, your destination is fading away in your rear-view. You could park, it’s not like you mind the walk (hell you could totally use those extra steps) but that puts you a solid ten minutes out from your destination…


    You spend another couple minutes freaking out in your car, not knowing whether to turn back and valet or park a mile away and sprint. You know what you need?


    A button that when pushed, hails a person in a nice yellow t-shirt to meet you at your location, take your car, park it neatly in a nearby garage, and return it to your location when you push the button again. Luckily, that’s exactly what Zirx does. They’ll even service your car or refill your gas for you. Having their app is basically like having a valet service & auto-mechanic in your pocket. Plus they leave a nice cold box of water in your cupholder. Ya I said cold box of water, it’s a thing.



    School sucks


    Are you a student? This on-demand tutoring service makes learning a little less sucky, by connecting you with other students who have taken and A’ced the same classes you’re enrolled in. If you or a loved one knows a frat bro in need, please call 1-800-TUTORS for more information and to get him help immediately.



    Minion servant for days.


    Basically your personal errand-boy (or girl). This on-demand service wants to help you work smarter by connecting you with local people in your neighborhood. Let them fix your broken sprinkler, walk your dog, take out your trash cans, buy your girlfriend that perfect anniversary gift, and all it’s gonna cost you is $41 an hour (gas, parking, other expenses not included). Seriously, having a temporary servant ain’t cheap, but it sure is convenient. And convenience commands a hefty premium. Unless you have a nifty promo code like this one. Use the TaskRabbit coupon code HURRY40 for $40 big ones off your first task.



    This dog loves her blowout


    This one’s for the ladiesssss. Get blowouts and makeup delivered on-demand, at your house or place of work! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in touch with my sensitive side, but I’ll be perfectly honest in saying I have no idea what a “blowout” is. My current understanding of a “blowout”  is when one sports team takes a beating by another.


    In any case, here’s what I do know about Stylebee. It’s not TOTALLY on-demand, but it’s pretty darn close. You can book appointments up to two hours in advance and have a stylist show up either in-home or at your work space. Just like other on-demand services, stylists are licensed (typically with years of experience) and background-checked for your safety and peace of mind. Use coupon code TRICYCLE for $25 off your first booking.



    It's magic.


    This one’s going to seem a little abstract, a little tough to wrap your head around perhaps. It’s not an app. It’s not a website. It IS a contact stored in your phonebook. In fact, to access Magic, all you have to do is text “HELLO” to the number 83489 to get started. Get started with what exactly, you ask?


    Anything. Magic let’s you make any on-demand request via text 24/7, then their trained operators route your request to the most appropriate service nearby. So if you order food delivery, they might route that request through Postmates, GrubHub, or maybe even just call the restaurant directly. It’s not magic, but it sure seems like it.


    Farsi On-Demand 

    You just got Rick-Rolled


    This is one I personally haven’t been able to live without. Whether I’m ordering coffee at Starbucks, making sales calls over the phone, or approaching strangers with awkward questions at the Santa Monica Promenade, it’s always better said in Farsi. With over 50 trained Farsi-language specialists, Farsi On-Demand goes the extra mile in providing all your English>Farsi translational needs at a moment’s notice. Use code FARSE for your first translated sentence absolutely free (up to 16 words) 😉


    Well there you have it. An all-inclusive list to the best on-demand services in Southern California. Think we missed any? Have a hilarious, awkward, or gut-wrenching experience with any of these services? Join the discussion on our Facebook page.

  5. Where You NEED to Eat on 4/20 in L.A.

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    What goes together like Cheech & Chong? Batman & Robin? Corned beef & cabbage? The answer my friends, is Cannabis & Pizza.


    Throughout 4-20 history (it’s a long one, dating back to the Egyptians… look it up if you don’t believe me), marijuana enthusiasts from all walks of life have recognized that a day such as April 20th is meant, nay… is designed, to indulge thyself with heavenly treats that satisfy even your most stubborn of taste buds.


    For those of us in Los Angeles, may I suggest several delightful cannabis-munchie pairings to accompany today’s adventures (or any other day’s for that matter). For those of you not in Los Angeles – well there’s your problem, isn’t it. Time to mark your calendar.


    Here are the best L.A. places IMHO, mildly-baked opinion for where to eat on 4/20.


    Places to eat you'll learn about:

    [Click any of the section titles below to jump there]





    POT: a pro-cannabis restaurant in L.A. Eat on 4/20


    With an entrance that resembles that of a medical marijuana dispensary, this is one of L.A’s most well kept secrets. I’d say its one of the best bakeries in town (led by head chef Roy Choi), and the breakfast pizza is to die for. Cannabis, and pizza.


    The Black Sheep 


    Carne Asada Tots, OMG

    Carne Asada Tots, ‘nough said.


    Okay, so they don’t serve pizza here, sue me. I have three words for you: Carne. Asada. Tots. Do not leave this place without having tasted these tots, trust me (but don’t make a habit of it). They’re crunchy on the outside, perfectly soft on the inside, layered in sour cream, cheese, salsa, and mouthwatering carne asada.


    Fat Sal’s Deli


    Fat Sals insanely huge burger-sandwich thing

    You literally can’t bite the whole thing, literally.


    What can only be described as “a heart attack waiting to happen,” this place packs powerful flavor into fresh, crisped to perfection “extra WIDE hero bread.” And let’s face it, if you don’t have fresh bread, you’re gonna have a bad time. By flavor, I mean the likes of cheeseburgers, chili, bacon, onion rings, fried eggs, French fries, garlic aioli, and ketchup all on a soft hero. Ya… you’ve been warned.





    The Boner Burger with “420 Sauce” – need I say more?


    Alright so here’s the deal, I’ve kinda gotten off our original topic of cannabis and pizza, but I’ll tie it all together (albeit loosely) in a moment. For now you need to read about this SECRET burger, dubbed the “Boner Burger” (not joking, seriously ask for it), that is mind-numbingly tasty and packed with short-rib, house-ground chuck (no idea what that is, but I like it), bone marrow, caramelized onions, “420 Sauce”… 420 SAUCE. Game-changer for sure.





    Free pizza w/ every order on 4/20. Get delivery from the best dispensaries in your area, or order ahead with Nugg.


    No link to this one, none needed. Pairing pizza and cannabis is a no-brainer, and just got even easier. Nugg is throwing in a free pizza with every order, so you can smoke & eat on 4/20 with half-the-hassle. That means you can get medical marijuana and pizza delivered to your door at the same time, with one order (in parts of L.A. & O.C.). But don’t forget you need a valid doctor’s recommendation for cannabis to order. If you don’t have a doctor’s recommendation, Nugg helps you schedule an evaluation to see if cannabis may be beneficial to your health and well-being.


    Final Note 


    Especially on days like 4/20, Nugg offers a convenient and safe way to get your medication, with no driving necessary. Operating any heavy machinery while impaired is never a good idea.


    And if getting pizza & marijuana delivered together isn’t really your thing, there’s a bunch of super-fancy mobile apps to help you order food from anywhere in L.A. These include GrubHub (Nugg is GrubHub for cannabis) Postmates, TaskRabbit and even Magic — a service that lets you just text the number 83489 with your request, and they’ll just use those other apps to direct food to you. It’s basically a 4/20 miracle in my book.


    Well, it’s about that time folks. Spark up and be well, Happy 4-20 from the Nugg Team.


    P.S. What are the best 420 munchies/places to eat/killer-food-combinations you’ve explored so far? Maybe we’ll deliver it to you, you never know 😉

  6. More Than 500 Dispensaries Closed in L.A.

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    At a press conference this morning, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer claims his office has closed more than 500 illegal medical marijuana dispensaries.


    It’s been said that Los Angeles was once home to over 1,100 such dispensaries.


    Feuer’s insists that medicinal cannabis should be available, but companies that are not complying with Proposition D should be shut down.


    Proposition D, a measure passed by voters in 2013, restricts operating hours and locations of dispensaries. It also increased taxation on marijuana revenue.


    According to ABC 7 News, there are currently about 120 pot shops that meet the city’s guidelines, but we know the number to be more around 135.