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  1. How to Choose the Nugg Club Strain That’s Right for You

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    Choosing the right strain for you is a decision that only you can make. While there are tons of tips, no uniform choice exists. There is no perfect solution for a daytime strain for people that need to remain productive. The same goes for evening strains, and any other time of the day, really.


    Cannabis flower is sure to deliver some level of consistency but it does tend to change even when in the hands of master cultivators. When considering the person consuming it, these varying effects grow that much more. Each person reacts to cannabis differently.


    That’s why, when choosing which type of flower to consume, there are a certain set of criteria that helps you make your decision. Going beyond the physical focus, let’s dive into key questions you should ask before choosing which strain is best for you.


    Factors to consider when purchasing edibles:

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    Where it Was Grown


    If you can, find out where the product was grown. With that understanding, a consumer can better track the product’s path to the sales shelves. Because when you know that a cultivator is licensed and has it’s product lab-tested, you can trust you’re getting higher quality, better flavor, and reliable potency and effects. Anthony Franciosi, founder and head grower of Honest Marijuana Company, says that asking where the flower came from should be the first question asked.


    “I always lean towards growers that try to use organic methods and are conscientious about their footprint before I consider what kind of strain I want. In my experience, organically grown cannabis has a more unique flavor and better overall effect, so I like to start there,” he said.


    Touch and Smell


    If making a purchase in-store, be sure to get a feel for the flower. If it is dry or lacking in moisture, you may be better off with another choice.


    If your Sherbet smells like ChemDawg, you may have an issue on your hands. Your flower should have a strong-to-pungent odor that resembles its strain profile. Some flower will smell more like fruit or sweet hints, while others can smell more like the earth or fuel. Understand what a strain smells like and compare to what you are considering buying.


    Desired Effects


    The effects of a cannabis strain varies for a number of reasons. Each are points worth considering when mulling over which type of flower to buy.


    So what’s the difference between indica vs sativa?


    Sativas are more for keeping you going through the day. Meanwhile, indicas tend to produce effects that make it for night time. In other cases, hybrids can make a strain take on the effects of both. In the case of hybrid strains, understand the percentages in the flower. Some can be 50:50 while others are 80:20.


    Terpenes are another factor to consider. These compounds found in the crystals of flower, and numerous other sources, make up the aromatic and flavor profile of a strain. They also provide some of its effects. Each strain is composed of a variety of terpenes and will affect how a person feels.


    The same can be said for a cannabinoid profile. A strain with 2:1 THC to CBD is common for consumers. Meanwhile, medical patients may opt for a 25:1 CBD to THC strain so they can feel relief without a high.


    Beyond CBD and THC, over one hundred other cannabinoids can come into effect. THCA and CBDA are common and abundant cannabinoid acids with an array of others. While these cannabinoids will almost assuredly not get you high, they can alter the effects of a high.


    Dylan Smith, Head of Product at SmokeSmith Gear relies on reviews and budtenders to understand the experience a strain provides. “If they have had a good experience recently, then that’s a good sign,” explained Smith. “I am also a huge advocate of reading reviews.”


    In fact, the Nugg Team is always trying new products and reviewing them in detail. Our team reviews everything from flower and edibles to vapes and topicals.


    Budtender knowledge is also important. “Asking the budtender if he or she has personal experience is key,” Smith added. Buying online? No sweat. Nugg Club has a live chat team available to help you determine which strain might best suit your needs.




    Marijuana buds in jar with cannabis in rolling paper


    A flower’s strength can be included under desired effects but is also enough of a topic to stand on its own. Just a few decades ago, it was bewildering to find any flower that was beyond 10% potent. Today, the average flower ranges between 12% and 14% usually. Plus, many strains far exceed the average and can be as strong as in the high 20s or low 30s.


    Be sure to understand how strong a strain is before consuming. Though appealing, save off on trying the heavy hitters until you are more comfortable and familiar with your tolerance.


    Buyer Tip: It Varies By Region


    Smith also reminds buyers that a strain will vary by region. Unlike buying regulated products, cannabis strains can provide different experiences depending on where it is grown and purchased.


    “Cannabis has not gotten so standardized, so a strain can differ from region to region,” he said. “Thus, there is more impetus on the customer to know what they want, and to know what that strain looks and smells like before he or she walks into a dispensary.”


    If you don’t have the answers, consult with Nugg’s Cannabis Concierge.


    Popular Strains to Consider


    We agree that reviews are vital to the purchasing experience. It helps to know what your desired strain will do to you and how it will make you feel. To give you an idea, here are some of the most popular Nugg Club strains and their standout traits:


    • Blue Dream (Eighth Brother): A sativa-dominant hybrid that offers full body relaxation with a sweet blueberry aroma
    • OG Kush (Eighth Brother): A favorite strain since the 90s, OG Kush is a hybrid with a varied terpene profile which helps deliver hints of fuel, skunk and spice to the flower.
    • ChemDawg  (Eighth Brother): Known for its pungent diesel aroma, ChemDawg is not discreet and tends to pack a potent punch that is well above the average hybrid.
    • Sherbet (Henry’s Original): A slightly indica-dominant strain that calls GSC its parent, Sherbet is a full-bodied flower that offers up an array of sweet, fruity smells.
    • Purple Punch (Erba): An indica that smells sweet and delivers a potent punch that tastes great going down.
    • Miss USA (Lowell Herb Co): Offering up a strawberry-banana aroma, Miss USA is an indica-dominant flower that has tongues wagging for me of its deliciousness.
    • Grape Head (THC Designs): An indica-dominant hybrid, Grape Head’s flavor lives up to its name that offers up euphoric head highs to most consumers.
    • Forbidden Fruit (THC Designs): Forbidden Fruit is an indica that comes from two favorites, Cherry Pie and Tangie; guaranteeing a flavorful experience that is sure to leave consumers feeling the effects.
    • Sour Diesel (CaliGold): An icon in cannabis, this sativa-dominant flower is pungent and smells just like what its name implies. Going beyond aroma, this is a strain that provides effects well after consumption.
    • Do Si Do (Bloom Flower): One of the strongest flowers around, this pungent indica is likely to lock consumers to the couch after taking in its sweet, earthy flavors.
    • Green Crack (Dookie Bros): A sativa through and through, Green Crack is known for providing the energy rush of its other drug namesake without all the terrible effects. Though, consumers may be compelled for another taste of Green Crack’s tangy, fruity flavors.
    • Headband (Humboldt): Living up to its name, Headband is a hybrid that provides a comfortable yet noticeable head high that is sure to last a good while.


    Be sure to evaluate a strain for all of the above points and others. Remember that each strain can vary, depending on an array of factors. Do your due diligence and make an informed decision. In doing so, you’ll ensure that you have the most ideal experience while consuming.


    If you live in L.A. you may qualify for delivery from Nugg Club! Get these strains and more delivered to your doorstep – click here and enter your address.  


  2. Everything You Need to Know About Kush

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    Whether you’re a veteran smoker or you’re completely new to cannabis, you’ve probably heard of the world-famous strain OG Kush. It’s a strain that’s been featured in films, songs, and if you live on the West Coast, probably in your local dispensary as well. But what is OG Kush? Is it related to other Kush strains? And what’s with the name?


    Like many strains in the world of cannabis, the origins of OG Kush are somewhat murky. In the era before legalization, growers needed to keep their cultivation practices a closely guarded secret. But when a strain of cannabis becomes as legendary as OG Kush, there are bound to be multiple parties laying claim to that strain’s origins. Here’s what we do know: it’s a powerful strain, a legend in its own right, and it’s been used to cultivate some of the most popular cannabis strains on the West Coast and beyond.


    No one knows for sure how OG Kush came to be, but many cannabis enthusiasts believe it was originally a cross between Hindu Kush and an unknown California strain (some speculate Chemdog).


    Learn all about Kush:

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    The History of Kush


    OG Kush is believed to have been first cultivated in Florida in the early 90s, but it was brought to Los Angeles in 1996 – which is when the strain’s popularity really began to take off. Some disagree with this narrative, claiming that OG Kush originated from a single seed found in a bag of exceptional herb at a Grateful Dead show in the 1990s.


    The origins of OG Kush are far from settled, but there’s even been debate over what the “OG” name stands for. Some insist that it’s short for “Original Gangster,” while others claim that this West Coast favorite’s initials stand for “Ocean Grown.” In one apocryphal story, someone complimented the original grower by saying that the buds tasted mountain grown, to which they replied: “this was Ocean Grown.”


    Effects of Kush Strains


    Hindu Kush - Cannabis Indica


    No matter what the name means, OG Kush has been carefully bred by cannabis enthusiasts for its balanced physical/mental effects. Some Kush varieties lean strongly indica (like Bubba Kush, for example). Other Kush phenotypes produce more sativa-dominant effects, including a rush of euphoria. Still, other phenotypes of OG Kush deliver more balanced effects typical of a hybrid. Some people believe that the same strain can even produce different effects among various users.


    As it goes with many origin stories, we may never know the true history or genetics of OG Kush. But we do know that we love this strain for its piney smell, its hashy taste, and its powerful effects. Some consumers choose OG Kush varieties to tackle stress, anxiety, and pain. Certain Kush varieties that lean heavy on the indica side may also lead to drowsiness, making indica-dominant Kush varieties a great choice for anyone struggling with insomnia.


    7 Kush Strains Delivered to Your Door


    Want to try OG Kush but don’t know where to begin? Here are some of the top Kush strains, available for delivery in the LA area from Nugg Club! These Kush phenotypes are sure to meet your needs, no matter what effects you’re seeking:


    1. OG Kush (Eighth Brother) – OG Kush is the classic Kush strain here in California. Some consumers swear that OG Kush complements any activity or mood, whether you want to be social with friends, go for a hike, recover from pain/discomfort, or ease into a good night’s sleep.

    2. Royal Kush (Eighth Brother) – Royal Kush is distinct from the genetics of OG Kush; this strain is actually the product of an Afghani indica and the hybrid Skunk #1 (not Chemdawg). However, much like the classic OG Kush, consumers can expect an onset of euphoria followed by a powerful, relaxing body high.

    3. Source OG – Classic OG Kush and SFV OG are the proud parents of this strain, Source OG. Expect notes of citrus mixed in with the traditional OG pine smell and slightly more indica-dominant effects from Source OG.

    4. OG Kush (CaliGold) – Expect the familiar taste and effects that you love from this classic California OG Kush. OG Kush offers physical relaxation without putting you to sleep, making this strain perfect for any endeavor.

    5. Sunset OG (Old Pal Flower) – Not much is known about this strain’s origins. Based on the name, some believe it to be a cross of Sunset Sherbet and an undisclosed OG strain. Expect indica-dominant effects that will knock out stress, anxiety, and physical pain.

    6. OG Kush (Humboldt) – Another classic OG Kush, this version hails from Humboldt County in Northern California, one of the cannabis capitals of the world. This OG offers spicy, piney smells and balanced indica-dominant effects. Perfect for just about any activity, any time of day!

    7. Doc’s OG (Erba) – This Kush strain is the child of the indica-dominant hybrid Face Off OG and the powerful indica Rare Dankness #1. Overall, Doc’s OG leans towards the indica end of the spectrum. Fans of Doc’s OG turn to this strain for its ability to relax the mind and the body. Doc’s OG delivers a muscle-relaxing physical high that’s great for treating pain, muscle spasms, and physical discomfort, all while crushing any stress you might be feeling. This strain is best saved for a pre-bedtime treat as it may put you to sleep shortly after consumption.


    Still not sure where to start? Chat live with a Nugg Club cannabis concierge who can answer your questions and help you pick the strain that’s right for you.


    Have your favorite Kush strain delivered to your door with Nugg Club – click here and enter your address to see if delivery is available in your area.



  3. Top Selling Flower, Available Now from Nugg Club

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    There’s nothing quite like the aroma of opening a jar of perfectly cured cannabis flower. Bursting with fragrant terpenes and a gorgeous array of stunning colors, from emerald to nearly neon greens, from deep purples to vibrant orange hairs – cannabis flower is like a rainbow of healing goodness.


    Full-spectrum cannabis has a number of benefits thanks to its mix of cannabinoids and secondary compounds found in an array of strains today.


    If you want to enjoy the healing benefits and the joyful rituals of smoking cannabis flower, we’ve put together a list of the top-selling flower strains in the month of February, available for delivery from Nugg Club.


    Here Are the Top-Selling Nugg Club Flowers:

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    Eighth Brothers OG Kush (Indica)

    A mysterious strain with countless award-winning varieties originating from it, OG Kush is a California classic with potent trance-like effects. The OG stands for Ocean Grown, a tribute to its sunny coastal roots, while Kush is a subspecies of the indica phenotype originating out of the Hindu Kush mountains. The earthy and subtle pine aromas are recognizable to OG lovers worldwide, with a floral and spicy flavor complementing its resinous bulky green buds.


    While its genetics remain unknown, there’s no mystery when it comes to the powerful effects that made this crowd favorite so popular. A mind-numbing euphoria hits quickly with plenty of laughter and stimulating conversation that eventually fades into a stress-crushing relaxation. This strain is especially popular for easing pain and nausea, indulging in this strain may leave you glued to the couch.


    Eighth Brothers is a group of fully licensed and certified organic flower cultivators out of Mendocino County. Run by second 2nd generation farmers obsessed with quality, the company uses only the sun and clean mountain air to grow their superior products with zero pesticides. Every batch is lab-tested for purity and potency with results available on their packaging.


    Lowell Herb Co Miss USA (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)

    Born out of the hands of experienced cannabis breeders at DNA Genetics, Miss USA is a potent indica-dominant hybrid for the experienced cannabis connoisseur. This gorgeous strain has lime green buds dressed in a coat of fiery orange hairs and crystals with a floral, fruity aroma. A quick kick of euphoria will lift your spirits but this strain is best savored after the sun has sailed as it will soon fade into a deep body warmth and relaxation helpful in relieving pain and stress.


    Lowell brings you their carefully curated prerolls in a single serving so you can give them a try, or pop it in your pocket and take it to go. This Miss USA Preroll is made with 100% flower, no shake or trim in these top-notch twisted delights. The cardboard tube allows safekeeping and travel and the raw paper and crutch make for a smoother smoking experience.


    Lowell brings you their carefully curated prerolls in their sleek and durable cardboard box for easy transportation and impressing your friends. Each beautifully crafted package contains either 3.5 grams of their carefully curated all organic cannabis in 7 half gram prerolls with potency and strains listed on the box. Never using shake or trim, each blend is made up of 100% flower testing between 22%-25% THC.


    Lowell is a different kind of cannabis company, not only caring about the integrity of their products but the people who grew it as well. Paying their farmers a proper living wage is as important to them as their all-natural farming techniques, utilizing rich organic fertilizer and never spraying synthetic pesticides. Their old school brand style is indicative of the rough and tough era William Lowell began his cannabis farms, and over 100 years later you can still see the deep love and respect they have for the plant in every product.


    Old Pal Blue Dream (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid)

    Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that balances a dreamy cerebral psychoactivity with full-body relaxation. This strain is a favorite amongst novice and connoisseurs alike, enjoying its uplifting and gentle euphoria perfect for a long hike or getting things done around the house. Bursting with sweet floral and berry aromas, enjoy a boost in mood and creativity without the heavy sedation. Its revitalizing yet calm effects make it a popular daytime medicine for patients seeking relief from stress, pain, depression, nausea, and fatigue.


    Old Pal products come in three varieties: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. They’ve found that the market of super-specific strains with new, quirky names is leading people away from the simple enjoyment of cannabis. Old Pal simply focuses on the three varieties while ensuring a quality product every time.


    Henry’s Sherbert (Hybrid)

    The perfect strain to cap off a busy day, Sherbet possesses similar genetics to its parent Girl Scout Cookies, and puts out equally gorgeous and potent flower. With dark purple buds that glisten in a sticky coat of trichomes, this powerful and picturesque flower will impress even the snobbiest of cannabis connoisseurs. A sour citrus, almost skunky aroma tends to escape even tightly closed containers, but the effects make up for what it lacks in discretion! An initial cerebral energy kicks off the effects with psychoactivity and euphoria, but soon a deep physical relaxation takes over with a pleasant numbness and warmth. Best reserved for evening shenanigans, Sherbet won’t put you right to sleep, but it may have you struggling to get off the couch. Many seek out Sherbet for its ability to induce appetite and alleviate pain and stress.


    Handcrafted in small batches, Henry’s Original provides clean green certified cannabis grown out of sunny Mendocino county. Their 100% Heirloom flower is grown with the utmost care by expert cultivators using all-organic soil and every batch is lab tested at ISO certified laboratories to ensure consistency and quality through every stage of the process. Henry’s Original believes our families, friends, and neighbors should have access to organically-grown cannabis straight from the farm.


    Ocean Purple Punch (Indica)

    A delicious heavy hitting indica, Purple Punch has all the limb numbing relaxation of its pacifying parents Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. With a crystal coat of trichomes blanketing each bud, this strain looks as good as it smells, emanating a fruity grape and berry aroma. Purple Punch starts with a cerebral buzz that quickly moves to the body, ending in total sedation that will leave you with heavy limbs and eyelids. Usually reserved for an evening luxury, this strain is great for alleviating chronic pain and stress as well as insomnia, with most sessions ending in a quiet dreamy slumber.


    Ocean Cannabis Company has a mission to develop the cleanest and highest quality cannabis and concentrates around. Their premium cannabis and natural flavor profiles are unrivaled in purity, quality, and potency, creating a truly one of a kind experience. A local Los Angeles Cannabis company, the owners started Ocean Cannabis Company to meet the need for premium, natural cannabis with a commitment to quality that only a small family business can provide.


    If you live in the Los Angeles area, check to see if your address is available for Nugg Club delivery, and have one of these top-selling strains to your door! 


  4. Why You Should Still Buy Cannabis Flower

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    The cannabis industry has seen an influx of new consumption methods in recent years. New categories of products like vape cartridges sprung up to become major sellers in legal and illegal markets.


    At the same time, edibles have become more reliable and evenly dosed. All the while, the potency of products continue to climb to the point that some exceed 99%.


    Despite the enhancements and advancements in cannabis in recent years, flower still remains a present entity in the hearts and bloodstreams of users. In today’s landscape, the reasons can vary from history to business trends. Regardless, the question of why still buy flower abounds with quality reasons.


    In this post, you'll learn about:

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    The Natural, Full Effect of Flower


    The major selling points of flower tend to center on its natural and often highly potent effects. Cannabis flower proponents often cite the full spectrum, natural benefits of going with the green, or purple, or any other stunning shades it may come in.


    While the Entourage Effect continues to be debated, it’s clear that cannabis flower is the optimal source for all its effects. The plant itself is a guaranteed source of terpenes, cannabinoids and a range of secondary compounds that round out the effects of a particular strain.


    On another note, with the natural movement sweeping into cannabis like most other markets, the market demands solvent-free products. Save for a few exceptions, few products on the market can claim to be solvent-free at this time. The trend is well underway and will likely shift in time, but many chemically extracted products can turn off some consumers.


    Instead, with cannabis, cultivators continue to produce chemical-free crops. When buying flower, the consumer just needs to ensure that their grower used a chemical-free process. If you’re in the market for a quality source, seek out chemical-free sun grows for the most natural flowers.


    Additionally, despite product potency becoming a critical buying factor for many, there are benefits in the lesser strength flower products. For one, those seeking a short-term high will likely benefit from sticking to smoking flower rather than opting for an edible or concentrate. And let’s not scoff at flower’s potency. While it may not come close to 99%, some of the top yields can easily reach or exceed 30%. And even in states where cannabis isn’t legal, it’s possible to buy high THCa hemp flower strains that can reach nearly 25% total THC (take a look at the best strains here).


    The History Behind the Plant


    Evolution is great and bound to happen. That said, we shouldn’t let our history fade away. As Taylor Blake, Co-Producer of The Emerald Cup, told Nugg how cannabis flower connects us to our past.


    “The practice of using specifically the cannabis flower itself can be traced throughout our greater history around the world.” Blake added that “When you consume the flower itself, all of your senses are invoked and it’s something that cannot be described as anything less than inspiring.”


    This is a sentiment often shared by those attending the Emerald Cup, which is regarded as the largest, most respected, organic, outdoor, medicinal cannabis competition in the world.


    There’s certainly room at the table for all consumption methods to be welcome. Yet, no others rival the legacy of cannabis flower. While hitting a vape pen, doing dabs or eating more sophisticated edibles are all well and good, they lack the history and spirit.


    Cannabis flower has been considered an essential herb to ancient healers and swept across the globe. Without flower, we would not be where we are today. The connection it carries to the earliest eras of humanity is not lost on plenty of modern consumers. Even with incredible innovations arising, the plant itself will always be held in rarefied air.


    Cannabis Flower Sales Declining


    According to the Cannabis Intelligence Briefing from BDS Analytics and The Arcview Group, the need for flower will grow 26.5% by 2022. Currently, 2.1 million pounds of dried flower is needed to meet market demands. By 2022, it will take 6.9 million.


    Calling it “The Foundation of the Cannabis Industry,” the report notes that buying trends have shifted. Now, cultivators are growing product for other consumption means. U.S flower demand is dropping to a low 68.6% in 2017.


    However, the report notes that it won’t drop off the list of entirely.


    “Burgeoning international markets and emerging adult and medical markets in North America are expected to help temper the decline in flower cultivation demand, but the days of flower dominance are behind the cannabis industry.”


    Jessica Billingsley, CEO & Co-Founder of MJ Freeway, the company which invented seed-to-sale technology, explained to Nugg that data shows it is still viable.


    “Although flower’s percentage share of the pie is less than when adult use markets first opened, demand for flower in established states like Colorado, continues to increase in volume year over year.”


    Billingsley added that MJ Freeway consultants recommend OG Kush and Blue Dream as top strains which are easy to cultivate and produce good yields.


    A World of Flower Awaits


    The best part of cannabis flower may have to be its innovation. Keeping up with strain advancements is rather taxing. Cultivators create incredible hybrids at such a rapid rate these days. Classics and new favorites intermix on sales shelves across legal markets. In turn, they often provide the inspiration to push other products to new heights in the process.


    Each cannabis consumer has different taste. Some like sweet while others prefer fuel. One may love smelling like a citrus grove and another the forests of Northern California. Thankfully, cannabis flower offers a favorite for each consumer.


    With an array to choose from, consumers can get lost in a slew of indicas, sativas and hybrids. Hybrid fans, especially those leaning towards indicas, may find themselves loving Korova Mendo Breath. Meanwhile, sativa lovers may go gaga over THC Designs’ Grape Head. The best way to find out which suits a consumer best is to sample as many as possible.


    While flower gets lapped in potency and consumer demand, let’s not put it to rest any time soon. Demand will always exist, even if it cedes dominance to concentrates and edibles. Nothing can top the original, and we wouldn’t be here today without its continued progress.


    Nugg has countless cannabis flower options available for delivery. Visit GetNugg.com and see if your favorite dispensary delivers to your door. If you have questions, our Cannabis Concierge is here to help you find the strain you’re looking for. Chat live with our experts today!