Why You Should Still Buy Cannabis Flower

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The cannabis industry has seen an influx of new consumption methods in recent years. New categories of products like vape cartridges sprung up to become major sellers in legal and illegal markets.


At the same time, edibles have become more reliable and evenly dosed. All the while, the potency of products continue to climb to the point that some exceed 99%.


Despite the enhancements and advancements in cannabis in recent years, flower still remains a present entity in the hearts and bloodstreams of users. In today’s landscape, the reasons can vary from history to business trends. Regardless, the question of why still buy flower abounds with quality reasons.


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The Natural, Full Effect of Flower


The major selling points of flower tend to center on its natural and often highly potent effects. Cannabis flower proponents often cite the full spectrum, natural benefits of going with the green, or purple, or any other stunning shades it may come in.


While the Entourage Effect continues to be debated, it’s clear that cannabis flower is the optimal source for all its effects. The plant itself is a guaranteed source of terpenes, cannabinoids and a range of secondary compounds that round out the effects of a particular strain.


On another note, with the natural movement sweeping into cannabis like most other markets, the market demands solvent-free products. Save for a few exceptions, few products on the market can claim to be solvent-free at this time. The trend is well underway and will likely shift in time, but many chemically extracted products can turn off some consumers.


Instead, with cannabis, cultivators continue to produce chemical-free crops. When buying flower, the consumer just needs to ensure that their grower used a chemical-free process. If you’re in the market for a quality source, seek out chemical-free sun grows for the most natural flowers.


Additionally, despite product potency becoming a critical buying factor for many, there are benefits in the lesser strength flower products. For one, those seeking a short-term high will likely benefit from sticking to smoking flower rather than opting for an edible or concentrate. And let’s not scoff at flower’s potency. While it may not come close to 99%, some of the top yields can easily reach or exceed 30%. And even in states where cannabis isn’t legal, it’s possible to buy high THCa hemp flower strains that can reach nearly 25% total THC (take a look at the best strains here).


The History Behind the Plant


Evolution is great and bound to happen. That said, we shouldn’t let our history fade away. As Taylor Blake, Co-Producer of The Emerald Cup, told Nugg how cannabis flower connects us to our past.


“The practice of using specifically the cannabis flower itself can be traced throughout our greater history around the world.” Blake added that “When you consume the flower itself, all of your senses are invoked and it’s something that cannot be described as anything less than inspiring.”


This is a sentiment often shared by those attending the Emerald Cup, which is regarded as the largest, most respected, organic, outdoor, medicinal cannabis competition in the world.


There’s certainly room at the table for all consumption methods to be welcome. Yet, no others rival the legacy of cannabis flower. While hitting a vape pen, doing dabs or eating more sophisticated edibles are all well and good, they lack the history and spirit.


Cannabis flower has been considered an essential herb to ancient healers and swept across the globe. Without flower, we would not be where we are today. The connection it carries to the earliest eras of humanity is not lost on plenty of modern consumers. Even with incredible innovations arising, the plant itself will always be held in rarefied air.


Cannabis Flower Sales Declining


According to the Cannabis Intelligence Briefing from BDS Analytics and The Arcview Group, the need for flower will grow 26.5% by 2022. Currently, 2.1 million pounds of dried flower is needed to meet market demands. By 2022, it will take 6.9 million.


Calling it “The Foundation of the Cannabis Industry,” the report notes that buying trends have shifted. Now, cultivators are growing product for other consumption means. U.S flower demand is dropping to a low 68.6% in 2017.


However, the report notes that it won’t drop off the list of entirely.


“Burgeoning international markets and emerging adult and medical markets in North America are expected to help temper the decline in flower cultivation demand, but the days of flower dominance are behind the cannabis industry.”


Jessica Billingsley, CEO & Co-Founder of MJ Freeway, the company which invented seed-to-sale technology, explained to Nugg that data shows it is still viable.


“Although flower’s percentage share of the pie is less than when adult use markets first opened, demand for flower in established states like Colorado, continues to increase in volume year over year.”


Billingsley added that MJ Freeway consultants recommend OG Kush and Blue Dream as top strains which are easy to cultivate and produce good yields.


A World of Flower Awaits


The best part of cannabis flower may have to be its innovation. Keeping up with strain advancements is rather taxing. Cultivators create incredible hybrids at such a rapid rate these days. Classics and new favorites intermix on sales shelves across legal markets. In turn, they often provide the inspiration to push other products to new heights in the process.


Each cannabis consumer has different taste. Some like sweet while others prefer fuel. One may love smelling like a citrus grove and another the forests of Northern California. Thankfully, cannabis flower offers a favorite for each consumer.


With an array to choose from, consumers can get lost in a slew of indicas, sativas and hybrids. Hybrid fans, especially those leaning towards indicas, may find themselves loving Korova Mendo Breath. Meanwhile, sativa lovers may go gaga over THC Designs’ Grape Head. The best way to find out which suits a consumer best is to sample as many as possible.


While flower gets lapped in potency and consumer demand, let’s not put it to rest any time soon. Demand will always exist, even if it cedes dominance to concentrates and edibles. Nothing can top the original, and we wouldn’t be here today without its continued progress.


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