Stay High on the Sly: Tips for Cannabis Discretion This Holiday

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‘Tis the season to be around people…whether you like it or not. Regardless of where you stand on interacting with humanity, it’s gonna happen. That is, unless you’ve mastered the shut-in thing. (If so, kudos.)


But for those of us not about that hermit life, we’re going to eat, drink, and be merry (and usually embarrass ourselves) with friends and family at several holiday parties and other festive gatherings.


In some cases, it’ll be the first of many parties that integrates children into the evening. With numerous people and kids who could be impacted by our cannabis consumption, it’s wise to exercise discretion this time of year.


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Laying Low While Getting High


Discreetly getting high used to be difficult. At home, it often involved going out into the backyard or garage for total privacy or making a filter from a toilet paper roll and a dryer sheet, which might not always work. Parties involved sneaking off somewhere uncertain–a random room, alley, parked car–to get your hits in.


Today that has dramatically changed thanks to vape pens and increasingly inconspicuous edibles.


Cannabis vape pens are often confused for e-cigarettes to the laymen, making them rather simple to skate by at any event. Because it’s vapor, not smoke, the smell stays minimal and the cloud dissolves quickly.


The only way you can tip off the room is, possibly, going into a coughing fit. Maintain your jolly demeanor and stay incognito by taking modest hits. If it’s a modest mood boost you’re looking for, try a 1:1 THC:CBD cartridge. With this balanced cart you can enjoy a joyful pick-me-up, without nodding off as you watch A Christmas Story for the 46th time (more on CBD-rich vapes below).  


Edibles provide a delayed, discreet high that continues to diversify. However, they can do a number on the body depending on the dosage and amount consumed. Start small (think 5mg and 10mg doses) with products like Venice Cookie Company’s Savory Pretzels and Flav’s Cocoa Nibs.


The last thing anyone wants is a house full of kids, grandparents and straight-edged cousins getting unintentionally high thanks to snacks of the cannabis variety. That’s terrible news for everyone in attendance, even if getting high with granny is on your bucket list.


Bottom line: use common sense. Even modest consumers understand the basic best practices for public consumption and being high in public. Stick to less-dank methods like vaping and edibles and carefully watch your dosage. If you’re smoking flower, don’t do it indoors or near the festivities. The same goes for vaping in most situations.


Because most holiday events involve alcohol, smart decision making might not be as strong. If you find yourself in this situation, remember the Dwight Schrute mantra: “Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, ‘Would an idiot do that?’ And if they would, I do not do that thing.” Consume responsibly!


Must-Haves to Stay Discreet This Holiday Season


There are several ways to tip off a room. From the buzz on our faces to smelling up the place, it’s easy to blow your cover. To avoid such an outcome it’s best to use a mix of classic and new reliable products.


At this point, Visine is as linked with pot consumption as one can be. This red-eye reliever has saved plenty of consumers throughout the years–it really is a Christmas miracle.


The development of Visine Advanced is keeping pace with the increased potency of cannabis. The same goes for other crowd favorites like Opcon-A and Rohto. Tip: add your drops before vaping or consuming edibles to ensure clear eyes and less questions/paranoia. 


Smell-proof packaging ensures that dank aromas stay in their containers. In legal states, this is included in most, if not all, packaging. However, there’s a need to change packaging if state laws allow it. In these cases, many consumers reach for a name like Stashlogix, makers of stash bags that offer a range of styles from purses to pencil cases.


While the size makes it infeasible for many occasions, a smoke filter helps reduce odor and keeps smoke relatively contained. Though small and lightweight, having one of these on hand could be rather noticeable in your pocket or hand.


If you’re planning to use one, keep it stored in your coat pocket and retrieve it when the time is right. Otherwise, prepare to have a plausible fake use for it when Uncle Terry or your friend’s wife ask questions.


There are more compact solutions to eliminating cannabis odor. Instead of reaching for that bulky can of Febreeze, carry a small container of air sanitizer like Ozium. It’s used in a myriad of professions and by marijuana and tobacco smokers alike. The spray almost instantly neutralizes harsh aromas with a variety of pleasant scents.


It’s one of the best, if not the best, fresheners on the market. In fact, Ozium is so popular that its website looks like it was made in 2000 and nobody seems to mind.


Pro Tip: Bring CBD with You


Always have CBD on-hand. This amazing cannabinoid that binds to our body’s (but not head) receptors has improved the lives of veterans, children and others in need. With such substantially positive effects, some of its other claims to fame tend to go overlooked. One of these may even help you this holiday season.


If you take one or ten hits too many or your edible becomes excessively potent, reach for CBD. Consuming it helps lessen certain effects of THC when the two interact. This is why opting for an equal 1:1 CBD:THC vape cart is a wise choice for any holiday occasion.


Other CBD options like edibles are also viable; just remember it’ll take about an hour to start remedying your discomfort.


Instead, keep a faster-acting CBD tincture bottle like one of Papa & Barkley’s CBD-rich tinctures, which discreetly fits into most pockets and purses.


Have a happy and healthy holiday season! From the office party to catching up with cousins to meeting your friend’s newborn boy, know your surroundings. Consume in moderation and respect the room. Stick to discreet options and have some aides nearby to lay low. It’s never been easy to go undetected so be sure to do so.


If you want the ultimate discretion when purchasing cannabis products and you live in California, check out Nugg’s Marketplace and see if delivery is available in your area. Our Cannabis Concierge is also available via live chat to help you find the product(s) best for you! 

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