Brand Spotlight: Upside Edibles Chocolate Covered Fruit, Toffee and Topicals

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Looking for low-dosed, healthier edibles? Watch Nugg reviewer Matt dissect Upside Edibles’ chocolate-covered fruit bites. Then read below for a more in-depth look at the brand, additional products, and more helpful info. You won’t be disappointed.



About Upside Edibles


Upside Edibles saw a hole in the cannabis market, bored (and frightened) by the overly sweetened brownie bites, cookies, gummies and crispy treats lining dispensary shelves. With so many cannabis consumers looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, why weren’t there more organic, non-GMO edibles available?


Since then Upside has been making the world feel better bite by delicious bite as the brand is “laser-focused on bringing the greatest relief to our customers with the greatest culinary experience.” Now we can get behind that.


How Upside Edibles Are Made


Every Upside product is made with three pillars in mind: effectiveness, consistency, and deliciousness. Expect only grade-A cannabis, organic ingredients and real fruit; no GMOs, trans fats, sulfites, additives or preservatives.  


All Upside products start with whole plant cannabis extract derived from California grown flower. All their edibles are hand dipped in infused Belgian chocolate and made in a licensed kitchen with wholesome ingredients then lab tested for potency and consistency.


This company really does go above and beyond to make sure their chocolate covered fruits and toffee are healthy and safe for their customers.




Fruit Bites

Upside Edibles makes three fruit bites: blood orange, cherry (both dipped in dark chocolate), and strawberry (dipped in milk chocolate). With a combo of real fruit and a distinct choco taste, it’s no surprise these bite-size treats are a fan favorite and one of the healthier edible options out there.


Every morsel, about the size of a nickel, has an irregular shape and texture so you know it’s been hand dipped, not mass produced by a machine.


And because each bite only has 5mg THC, they’re excellent if you’re new to edibles and looking to discover your perfect dosage. Though if you’re an edibles veteran you won’t be afraid to eat the whole bag.


Each 100mg THC bag ($10-$15) comes with 20 pieces containing 5mg each.



upside edibles apricots

Looking for a bigger and softer infused chocolate fruit? Try these imported, hand-picked Turkish apricots available in both dark and milk chocolate. They’re gluten-free, vegan, and contain no preservatives; only fresh, soft and healthy fruit with an infused chocolate shell. 


A 100mg THC pack ($14-$16) has 10 pieces at 10mg each.



upside edibles toffee

The toffee recipe that makes the base for these firmer sweets isn’t only award-winning, but has been featured in Oscars swag bags for the biggest names in Hollywood. Now with Upside’s touch it’s crunchy, salty, buttery, chocolatey and infused–a complex, delectable and effective flavor combo.


All packs contain 70mg THC ($14-$16) with seven 10mg pieces in each.


Peace + Relief Cream

upside edibles peace relief cream

Upside Edibles isn’t just about cannabis chocolate; the company also makes a 10:1 THC:CBD topical cream. Made with whole plant extracts, this non-psychoactive topical relieves pain, muscle soreness, inflammation, bites, bruises and more. 


While some topicals can be sticky, oily, look and smell too much like cannabis, this cream has a soothing menthol scent and a light, non-greasy texture for everyday wear.


Find these topicals in 600mg:60mg ($40-$50) 4 oz. or 150mg:50mg ($15-$25) 1 oz. jars.


Where to Buy Upside Edibles


Upside has an interactive map on their website to help find dispensaries stocked with their products. But if you don’t want to do the digging, get cannabis products delivered straight to your door! Nugg has hundreds of dispensaries available on their online cannabis delivery platform that can deliver Upside edibles and topicals right to you.


Nugg Score: How We Rate Their Strawberry, Cherry and Blood Orange Fruit Bites


Packaging: 4/5

The quality is synonymous with high-end chocolates you’d find on the shelves of Whole foods, Bristol Farms or Trader Joe’s. The bag is also resealable, so you can enjoy these bites  product’s freshness multiple times. Just make sure to leave them in a cool, dark place so they don’t melt together.


Labeling: 4/5

It clearly lists all the ingredients, THC content, dosage breakdown, nutrition facts, best by and manufacture dates. Sufficient information, though it would be nice if they’d included a full cannabinoid profile, where there cannabis was sourced, and strain info.


Easy to Dose: 4/5

Accurate dosing is wonderfully simple! Because each bite is equally dosed at 5mg of THC, you can eat as many or as few as you want without having to break out a knife. It’d be better if there rated at a 5 if there was a “+” marking on each bite so a more sensitive user can easily cut each bite into quarters for dosing in 1.25 mg increments.


Discretion: 5/5

They’re perfectly portable and every piece comes low dosed, allowing for discreet public and communal use. You could eat them throughout the day (office, dinner, outing), control your dose, and nobody would notice unless he/she really read the label.


Taste: 5/5

These chocolatey fruit bites taste exactly as described. All three flavors have a unique flavor combo and mouth feel to please even the most sophisticated palate. I only wish the brand made all three of these fruit bites available in both milk and dark chocolate. You can’t even taste the cannabis, allowing the fruit flavor and quality Belgian chocolate to really shine. You’d be happy to eat these even if they weren’t cannabis infused!


Texture: 5/5

They’re wonderfully soft all the way through. First, the chocolate shell gives just enough bite, then you’re immediately hit with the fruity, gummy center. Naturally they’re a little chewy, but the middle won’t work your jaw too hard.


Effectiveness: 5/5

Like any edibles, these take time to set in. Expect to wait 30 minutes to two hours before feeling their relaxing indica-like effects. Properly dosed, these are extremely effective every time.


Versatility: 4/5

Even though it’s hard to resist, eating them right out of the bag isn’t your only option! Get creative and add these low-dose bites to cookie, muffin, and cupcake recipes, or top them on ice cream and yogurt (don’t be afraid to chop them up). Now your friends can have their personal dosage options in the same baking tin since they’re easy to control!


Consistency: 5/5

Upside Edibles keeps it very professional. The company uses certified kitchens and these fruit bites undergo batched lab testing to ensure uniform potency. Expect the same taste, texture and effects every time you consume their products. After all, the upside is what’s inside.


Price: 5/5

Amazing pleasure, taste and relief for such a moderate cost. While Kiva’s equally dosed chocolate covered blueberry Terra Bites sell for $18-$30, Upside only charges $10-$15 for their organic, all-natural fruit bites–a fantastic bang for your buck!


Overall Rating: 4.6/5

This selection of fruit bites are an awesome alternative to typical edibles, not to mention a great entry point if you’re looking for a more familiar and controllable product. With such a decent price point, options, effectiveness, and AMAZING taste, these and the rest of their line is worth trying. If one of their edibles doesn’t suit you, try another one. Once you try them you’ll come back for more.


Customer Testimonials


“I have never been an edible user as I have heard it’s too hard to control. I tried Upside Edibles because a friend told me how delicious they are…WOW they really work for sleep aid, headaches, and back pain. The toffee is the most incredible you’ve ever tasted. The fruit bites are a sophisticated answer to ‘gummy bears’…AND no weed flavor!  The best!” Carol, Beverly Hills, CA


“I am now a huge fan of Upside Edibles and recommend them to everyone I meet. All the products are high quality, delicious, and the dosing is superb! I can’t say enough good things about this product and encourage everyone to give them a try.” Laura, San Mateo, CA


It was a really relaxed, indica type high. I found myself fully appreciating the nature and architecture around me. It did a great job at reducing my anxiety and made my body feel warm and fuzzy, resulting in a wonderful sense of overall comfort.” — Matt, West Hollywood, CA


Upside Edibles Official Links


Learn about new edible and topical additions to the line on their home site and Instagram (look out for Twitter coming soon).


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