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  1. Bloom Farms Jah Goo PAX Era Pod (2019 Review)

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    Bloom Farms is a socially-conscious company, which is a nice change of pace in the midst of the Green Rush. So many companies run by an all-white leadership board seem overly concerned with the bottom line, while people of color are still serving lengthy or life sentences for trumped up drug-related charges. We are in dire need of a marijuana revolution that echoes outside of the marketplace.


    Bloom Farms works ethically on numerous levels. It operates with a one-for-one business model, so for every sale, it donates a meal to a local food bank. Last February, Bloom Farms reached its 1 millionth donated meal. The company recently expanded into Nevada and, as founder and CEO Michael Ray pledges, “every product sold in Nevada will generate one meal to a Nevada based food bank.” I’m impressed.


    The cannabis company also teams up with small farms in California’s renowned Emerald Triangle, specifically Sun Roots Farms, for the sun-grown, single-origin, whole cannabis plant raw materials. The result is thoughtfully produced strains that are resilient, resinous, and effective at relieving pain, high stress and insomnia.


    This Jah Goo, a cross between Purple Jasmine, a floral 70/30 indica-dominant strain, and Goo strains, is cultivated by Sun Root Farms and helps users deal with complex trauma, injuries and other mood issues.


    As a socially conscious smoker, I want to put my hard-earned bucks towards companies doing it right. Let’s dive into the specifics of this Jah Goo vape.


    In this Bloom Farms Jah Goo PAX Pod review, you'll learn about this product's:

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    Packaging, Labeling & Product Design


    This Jah Goo .5g vape cartridge from Bloom Farms comes packaged in a paper box that’s sturdy, recyclable and environmentally friendly. It’s appropriately tamper-sealed with a label that describes the product. The individual pod comes in a unique screw-top container. Due to California’s new regulations, it’s not the easiest product to open, you’re going to need some patience! The packaging is eye-catching with Bloom Farm’s award-winning design. I particularly love the branding of their stylish cannabis flower.


    The product and carton itself are clearly labeled without being redundant. There’s plenty of information, all of which is now required, but it’s also good to know. I see THC & CBD content (355 mgs or 71% THC, 2.0 mgs or 0.4% CBD), dosage, net weight, batch and testing information available as well. The proper government warnings for both Prop 64/65 are also included. Bloom Farms also mentions, in loud lettering, that this pod is only compatible with the Pax Era pen.


    Again, the pod itself is very sleek and modern. It’s compact and fits perfectly inside the PAX Era. The cartridge specifies Bloom Farms as the maker and Jah Goo as the strain. Few other companies include their name and strain on the actual cartridge or pod. This helps me quickly identify what cartridge I’m using, rather than playing roulette based on effects, smell, etc.


    The mouthpiece is a nice size, not too large or small. The cartridge can get hot if you use it frequently for more than seconds each time, but other than that, it’s fine.


    Quality, Ease of Use


    The Pax Era cartridges always have the same look, and feel – it’s tricky to tell them apart without the packaging. However, most of them work without fail.


    While others might find it bothersome that you need a PAX Era to enjoy these pods (as well as others from different companies), I feel the tradeoff of being able to control your temperature down to the degree truly sets this product apart. The Jah Goo cartridge easily slips in the device and you can start using immediately; no battery clicks or voltage settings to adjust. It even comes with an app for your phone to control the colors and temperatures with the touch of a finger.


    This product’s temperature control feature allows you to draw more flavor or more vapor. The lower the temperature, the more terpenes, and flavors you can taste, such as musky piney limonene, terpinolene, humulene. When you go higher, you can still experience yummy flavors, and the pod produces more vapor without it tasting “burnt.” Jah Goo offers earthy notes with a sweet exhale the lower you set the temperature. At a higher setting, you start losing those sweeter notes and begin tasting the piney and gas notes from this indica.


    A few puffs between 515ºF and 540ºF produced the perfect combination of vapor and flavor that was pleasant to smoke. I loved how Sun Roots Farm’s oil in the chamber is a rich golden color, clear and thick. However, it’s not overly thick which would make it hard to vaporize, nor is it too runny – an attribute that would make me suspect a manufacturer “cut” the oil with common additives like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).


    Potency, Effectiveness, Affordability


    After a couple puffs of the Jah Goo, my mind was at ease, my body was becoming more relaxed and boy, was I hungry – pass the Doritos! It didn’t take more than three or four puffs to get the desired relaxing and indica typical effects that come from a strain like Jah Goo. It’s perfect for evening use.


    At around $50 to $60 for a half gram, for the potency and flavor profile that you get from this pod, I would say that it’s definitely worth the money. The packaging, information, and product quality definitely show with its price tag.


    Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product


    Packaging: 4.5/5

    • Secure and attractive packaging.
    • Tough to open due to new CA regulations.
    • Sleek, eye-catching branding and prominent logos.


    Labeling: 4/5

    • Most of the required information.
    • Includes THC and CBD content, dosage, net weight, batch and testing info.
    • Bloom Farms would have gotten a five had they gone extra mile with a more refined cannabinoid profile.


    Cartridge Quality: 4/5

    • Pod is sleek, modern and compact.
    • Bloom Farms labels the actual pod, so you can distinguish between strains.
    • Mouthpiece is a perfect size; can get hot from frequent use.


    Taste: 5/5

    • At a slightly lower temp setting, pungent and sweet flavors storm the gates.
    • Piney and gas notes at higher temperatures; never tastes burnt.


    Vapor Quality: 4/5

    • With some settings fiddling, you can set the temperature of the Pax Era to suit your vapor vs. flavor needs.
    • Higher temps make it possible to blow some sick rings with this pod.


    Oil Quality: 5/5

    • What you want to see: liquid gold and runs easily when you rotate the pen, but not so thin that you suspect cutting agents.


    Effectiveness: 5/5

    • Subtle cerebral high coupled with a total body relaxation.
    • For Harry Potter fans, the effects are kind of like a happy-giggly Petrificus Totalus.


    Ease of Use: 3/5

    • Easy breezy if you have a Pax Era battery (if you don’t, you’ll need to buy one).
    • No battery clicks or voltage settings to adjust.
    • Phone app lets you control the colors and temperatures with the touch of a finger.


    Consistency: 4/5

    • My ABCs for Pax Era cartridges are Automatic, Battery-Specific, and Customizable.
    • Cartridges have the same look and feel.


    Price: 4/5

    • At $50 to $60 per half-gram, the price is justified for this high-quality product.
    • Great for people who consume moderately but who still want something heavy-hitting.
    • If you’re a heavy consumer, you may want to look elsewhere for more bang for your buck.


    Overall Rating: 4.25


    With the convenience of a Pax Era pod, the potency of Sun Roots Farms single-origin strains, and the efficacy of a specialized indica-leaning hybrid, you really can’t lose. This Jah Goo .5g vape cartridge offers an enjoyable cerebral “headiness” and made my entire body relax. Even with a $50-60 price tag, you can trust that you’re buying the best from the best.


    If you live in L.A. and are ready to be wowed by Bloom Farms’ Jah Goo PAX Era Pod, click here to see if Nugg Club delivers to your address! 


  2. Replace Your Morning Coffee With These Energizing Vapes

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    Close your eyes and picture yourself stumbling out of bed, turning the gears of your manual grinder, listening for the sounds of percolating water and the unmistakable aroma that wafts through your home. Were you picturing coffee being prepared, or a morning bong rip?


    Whether it’s a relaxing day off or a productive day running errands, some cannabis consumers like to start the morning out by enjoying cannabis with their coffee. In fact, some people choose cannabis instead of coffee – and it’s not hard to understand why. Too much coffee can leave you feeling sick and jittery. By contrast, cannabis use in the morning can help manage chronic pain, tackle stomach and GI issues, improve your mood, and for some people, cannabis also has a motivating “get up and go” effect. In fact, smoking cannabis can actually increase your heart rate by 20 to 50 beats per minute, making it easy to feel like you just downed a few cups of coffee.


    The practice of morning smoking is fairly common among regular cannabis consumers in the US. Nearly one in five pot smokers have (or have had) morning smoke sessions. Vaping is an even better option than smoking since it allows you to take a single puff at a time, making it much easier to dial in the exact dose you’re looking for.


    If you’re new to the “wake and bake,” don’t worry – we’ve got the perfect guide to sativa cannabis vapes that will help you medicate in the morning and still have a productive, meaningful day, all while reducing pain and stress!


    Here are four energizing vapes that Nugg recommends:

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    1. Select – Maui Wowie


    From the first fruity taste to the subtle pineapple essence on the exhale, Maui Wowie is a strain that most cannabis connoisseurs encounter sooner or later. This delicious sativa strain hails from – where else? – Hawaii. But its delicious smell and taste, as well as its cherished effects, have made it a household name around the world. Maui Wowie is known for its cerebral stimulation and bursts of motivation, making it a perfect morning strain to get your day started.


    Select’s Maui Wowie vape cartridge comes in a PAX Era-compatible Pod that’s small and discreet but packs a big punch. With a THC content that can reach as high as 75% in some batches, this cartridge is sure to give you just as much of a jolt as that cup of java you’re used to brewing (but without any risk of getting a stomach ache!). Select grows their cannabis crop using organic soil, state-of-the-art extraction technology, and extensive quality control testing, so you always know you’re getting a high-quality product for a high caliber morning.


    2. Rove – Tangie


    Nothing screams “sativa” like a zesty citrus aroma and tart flavor first thing in the morning. Tangie is chock full of citrus flavor, and this sativa strain delivers an unparalleled euphoric head high. The Tangie strain originated in Amsterdam but it’s believed to have been sourced from a California Orange hybrid. Many consumers report an energetic but focused high, making this an ideal strain to jumpstart your day.


    Rove’s vape cartridges deliver single source, whole-plant extracted cannabis concentrates, so you can take comfort knowing that the Rove Tangie vape tastes exactly like the original flower. Rove also labels each cartridge’s packaging so you know which farm grew the cannabis flower before it was put through the CO2 extraction process. Expect a flavorful palate and a rush of euphoria to make your morning vape session a memorable experience.


    3. Dosist – Arouse 50


    If you’re new to morning wake and bake sessions, this may be the perfect pen to dip your toes in the water. Dosist delivers precise, controlled vape released without any buttons. There’s no separate battery needed, either, as the pen is an all-in-one product. Simply put the discreet, minimalistic vape pen to your lips and inhale until the pen vibrates. Once this happens, the pen will shut off automatically. It delivers 2.25 mg per dose, making it easy to microdose with this stimulating cannabis product.


    Dosist doesn’t produce strain-specific cannabis oils. Rather, each Dosist product is expertly blended to deliver a range of cannabinoids and terpenes tailored to meet any need. The Arouse formula offers a 10-to-1 THC:CBD ratio and includes terpenes like B-Caryophyllene, Farnesene, and Linalool. Their cannabis concentrates are tested three times during the extraction process, with follow-up tests being performed on the final product to ensure a clean, pure, and consistent vape experience. Dosist’s Arouse vape pen has been scientifically developed to meet your vape needs and it comes in 50 dose or 200 dose sizes.


    4. Bloom Farms – Durban Poison PAX Pod


    If sativa strains are comparable to a cup of coffee, this strain might be more of an espresso shot! Durban Poison is a landrace sativa strain, meaning it’s about as close to a “pure” sativa as you’ll find. This robust strain is believed to have originated in South Africa. Many consumers report that this strain delivers an energetic high with uplifting euphoria – an ideal strain for starting your day off with a puff.


    Bloom Farms has partnered with PAX Era to produce a Pod cartridge for the PAX vape battery. This cartridge has a THC concentration as high as 82% and reportedly offers a fast-acting burst of creative energy and productivity. Bloom Farms advocates for a healthy lifestyle that includes cannabis use for creativity, relaxation, relief, and just plain, old fun.


    Are you ready to try these Nugg Club vapes? If you live in the Los Angeles area, see if your address is available for delivery by clicking here today!


  3. Pre-Rolled Joints: A Connoisseur’s Guide

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    Among the many ways an individual can ingest cannabis – edibles, vapes, capsules, tinctures – the joint has traditionally been the most accessible and most recognizable means of weed consumption.


    Symbolically, nothing conveys marijuana culture better than the image of a perfectly rolled joint. It’s easily the most practical option for consumption since it’s cheap, requires no hardware or tools, and can be carried discreetly.


    Though cannabis consumption via bongs, topical treatments, oils and edibles haven’t fallen far behind, sparking up a joint usually marks the beginning of cannabis use for most first-time users. As the acceptance of marijuana use continues to evolve due to recent cultural and legislative shifts, convenient pre-rolled joints are rising in popularity.



    What’s a Pre-Rolled Joint?


    Joints are easy and quick to prepare for most smokers, but many these days are opting for the convenience of pre-rolled joints.


    Pre-rolls (or pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes) are a burgeoning product within the cannabis industry, with more and more dispensaries pre-packaging joints for sale.


    Brands entirely devoted to the creation of pre-rolls have even begun to spring up, with their main value proposition to consumers being ease and convenience, since rolling joints yourself requires time, skill, and all the right materials (which are often sold separately).


    How Pre-Rolls Are Made


    Pre rolled cones


    Pre-rolls are typically prepared using theshake” or leftovers from cannabis nugs that budtenders work with, ensuring that dispensaries maximize every bit of their inventory.


    This shake is often collected from the bottom of jars and/or any other areas where small flakes or crumbs can be gathered and loaded into pre-rolled papers or cones.


    Once gathered, the shake is funneled into several rolling papers or cones, then rolled by hand or by a pre-roll machine to be sold individually or in packets.


    Pre-rolled joints can be a very convenient and time-saving option, since users don’t have to grind their weed, buy their own papers and roll their own joints. Packages of 6 to 20 joints make them easy to share with fellow smokers.


    Where Did the Joint Originate? 


    Pack of joints

    While cannabis has been used globally for thousands of years, using weed in joint form can be traced back to the Americas in the late 1800s.


    Back then, joints allowed recreational users to mix marijuana with tobacco, better known here in the U.S. as a spliff, while also allowing medical practitioners at the time to combine marijuana with other known drugs to treat certain conditions.


    Due in part to the joint’s popularity amongst the conquered peoples of the Americas and the Caribbean, propaganda quickly began to spread in the early 1900s, which led to the federal government outlawing of the possession and sale of cannabis in 1937.


    The “reefer madness” stigma remained for decades, but as baby boomers came of age in the ‘60s and ‘70s the culture began to shift and experimental drug use rose, resulting in a major surge in cannabis use.


    The joint remains intimately connected with counterculture, as the process of passing a joint came to represent sharing, community, freedom, peace, love, and mind expansion.


    Cones vs. Rolling Papers



    Pre-rolled cones are a great way to roll a nice, smooth joint. Cones may be a bit more expensive than papers, but they can save lots of time and frustration for those who aren’t comfortable hand-rolling their own joints.


    A cone is rolled by evenly packing the bud into the mouth of the cone, then twisting its wide ends to seal it up. Cones are usually made from hemp, organic materials or flax paper. Cone filling machines are also available for commercial or personal use to simplify the process.


    Popular pre-rolled cones brands including RAW, Cyclones, and Cones.



    Rolling papers are small, thin sheets that allow individuals to roll their own joints. Most rolling papers come in lengths of 70mm to 110mm with varying widths.


    For some, using rolling papers is time consuming and can also be subject to poor roll quality (rolling too tight or too loose), which can interfere with the consistency of the joint. For others, rolling can be preferable due to control over the amount of cannabis they’d like to use.


    Popular rolling paper brands are: Zig Zag, Bambu, and Juicy Jay.


    Pre-Rolled Joint vs. Pre-Rolled Blunt


    Buy pre-rolled joints online


    A pre-rolled joint contains a thin, light rolling paper that’s been loaded with cannabis and sealed, while blunts are rolled by filling thicker, heavier cigar paper or wraps (usually cigarillos) with cannabis and are often larger than the average joint.


    Popular blunt wraps include: Dutch Masters, Phillies, and Swisher Sweets.


    What’s the Difference?

    While both options will give you a smooth psychoactive experience, keep in mind that pre-rolled blunts are wrapped in cigar paper and contain a bit of nicotine that’ll add to the calming effects of the tobacco leaf it’s wrapped in.


    So those looking for a marijuana high only should stick with pre-rolled joints. However, if a bit of nicotine isn’t an issue, a blunt can last much longer than joint (especially when passing it around at a social gathering).


    Are Some Pre-Rolls Better Than Others?


    While the prospect of more pre-rolled joints on the market can be exciting, not all pre-rolls are made equally.


    In fact, many cannabis users take issue with the low quality  shake used in pre-rolls offered at dispensaries, especially those who are  accustomed to grinding their own nugs and  can’t always be sure  whether stems, seeds or other debris might be present in a pre-roll.


    Are you a cannabis patient in California? Click here to order cannabis delivery (including a huge selection of pre-rolls) from dispensaries in your area, and get doorstep delivery in about an hour!


    This unease has led many to doubt the quality of pre-rolls, which has opened up the market for boutique companies  to capitalize on the pre-rolled joint market by offering select, high-quality strains and artisanal packaging for more discerning smokers.


    Pre-Rolls & Cone Brands


    If you’d like to experience the convenience of pre-rolled joint packs without having to worry about quality, these brands offer some of the purest proprietary cannabis strains in pre-rolled form:


    Bloom Farms

    Bloom Farms Pre-roll

    On a mission to help eradicate the stigma of cannabis use, Bloom Farms works with local California farmers to cultivate the finest cannabis in order to promote a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.


    • Locally grown cannabis? Yes.
    • Type of cannabis? 100% full flower containing at least 3/4 grams of high-end cannabis.
    • Hand or machine rolled? Each pre-roll comes in hand-rolled cones.
    • Additional products? Bloom Farms also sells cannabis oil and portable vape pens.


    Chong’s Choice

    Chong's Choice pre-roll

    Actor, cannabis advocate and all around hero, Tommy Chong offers a list of hand-selected, quality cannabis products including pre-rolled joints.

    • Locally grown cannabis? Yes.
    • Type of cannabis? .75g of cannabis flower per pre-roll in either indica or sativa.
    • Hand or machine rolled? Machine rolled into all natural rolling papers.
    • Additional products? THC strips, cannabis oil.


    Triple J’s Mini-joints

    Triple Js Mini Joints

    Rolling a small joint is no longer tedious, as Triple J offers five local cannabis blends ranging from hybrid to sativa in pre-rolled form since 2009. 12 joints come in stylish yet handy tins for safekeeping.


    • Locally grown? Yes.
    • Type of cannabis? 4 grams of high-grade cannabis flower per 12 mini js.
    • Hand or machine rolled? Machine rolled.
    • Additional products? No.


    Buy Pre-Rolls Online? 


    If you’re searching for a pack of joints in your area, you may come across many foreign or out-of-state retailers who are dubiously selling pre-rolls online.


    Be wary of any company that doesn’t require a doctor’s recommendation or a medical marijuana card to purchase pre-rolled joints or blunts.


    Though it may seem like a convenient deal from the onset, most of these operations are either outright scams or tend to deliver subpar products.


    Where Can I Find Pre-Rolls in My Area? 


    If you’re looking for marijuana joints for sale, the best way to find who’s got quality pre-rolls in your area is to visit Nugg, which provides a comprehensive database of licensed storefront and delivery-only dispensaries to choose from within California.


    In addition to its extensive dispensary listings, NuggMD provides Californians with 420 doctor’s recommendations and state-issued medical marijuana cards legally and affordably via their easy-to-use website.


    Whether you need your MMJ card or would like to order pre-rolls online and arrange a quick pickup or delivery, NuggMD and Nugg are convenient, centralized hubs for 420 doctor evaluations and shopping for a range of cannabis products (note rolling papers, cigarillos and cones must still be purchased from smoke shops and convenience stores in-person or online).


    How Much Do Pre-Rolled Joints Cost?


    Keep in mind that the cost of pre-rolled joints will vary depending on the dispensary, so note you’ll get what you pay for. Cheaper pre-rolls usually contain weaker, lower-grade cannabis while more expensive rolls will have stronger, higher-end strains and might also be coated with wax and/or dusted with kief.



    With Nugg’s Marketplace, you can easily compare prices as well as search for special offers and deals on pre-rolls. Find out if delivery is available in your area – enter your address and have your favorite cannabis products delivered to your door!