Beat Holiday Anxiety With these Mood-Boosting Cannabis Products

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Oh, the holidays. Insert heavy sigh.


Even if you love a good jingle, the holidays represent so much work. And if you feel more aligned with the Grinch, then yes, the next few weeks might take some special sauce to get through. For many Americans, ‘tis the season…for a meltdown!


The holidays bring up a true mixed-bag of feelings. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, “financial strain, loneliness, or unrealistic expectations” can contribute to the holidays being a real drag.


And while there are plenty of opportunities to gather and make merry, not everyone feels joy and good tidings. In fact, the holidays often exacerbate depression and anxiety.


A whopping 15 million Americans suffer from SAD, otherwise known as Social Anxiety Disorder, which isn’t great if you have mandatory holiday work parties or expected appearances at family gatherings.


Whether you’re on the naughty or nice list, you can still take the edge off any Xmas mood-related issue with Santa’s little helper (how else does the North Pole function so smoothly?).


Since 2018 has been a year of broadening cannabis access, why not celebrate the plethora of opportunities to experience a more elevated lifestyle?


What you'll learn in this post:

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Take the edge off social anxiety and other mood-related issues with a low-dose edible, discreet vaporizer or your favorite indica flower, like Flav’s Asian OG. If you’re new to cannabis and the idea of suddenly being impossibly high next to your dad wigs you out, don’t fret.


Microdosing, the act of going “low and slow” with edibles or tinctures, is a great way to start small. For more, see Nugg’s handy guide to micro-dosing with CBD.

Many cannabis companies make it easy to take a single dose through intentional product design. For instance, Kiva’s Petra Mints (2.5 mg THC) and their best-selling Terra-Bites (5mg THC) offer smooth and seamless experiences.


If you’re curious about edibles but haven’t had much experience with them, remember to wait 60 to 180 minutes before consuming more. Because they’re metabolized rather than inhaled, edibles have a delayed effect – and you don’t want to find yourself barricaded in Grandma’s bathroom decorated with elf figurines. At that point there’s not enough eggnog in the world to save you.


Without further ado, here’s a list of mouth-watering cannabis concoctions that can help you “get through” the holidays but possibly even enjoy them!



Made for the holidays, edibles often take the form of baked goods. Crumbly cookies, frosted cupcakes, classic brownies, decadent dark chocolate bars: there’s an edible for every palate.


You could even construct a potent adults-only gingerbread house – just warn anyone who goes to pick a gummy off the roof that they’ll be feeling extra jolly!


However, there are also some savory options out there if you’ve had it with the sweets or deal with health-related conditions that make sugar somewhat intolerable.

Budget-Conscious: Pop-Up Potcorn

Make way for a savory cannabis-infused treat that gives the sweet tooth a run for its money! With just four ingredients, palm oil, sea salt, organic popcorn and cannabis extract, Pop-Up Potcorn is a terrific option for people seeking an alternative to sugary and additive-laden edibles. It’s also popcorn, the perfect companion for the family-friendly holiday movie you’ve seen 287 times.


At $8 per bag, what’s not to love? You can choose your preferred strength in 10mg THC, 10mg CBD, or a balanced 1:1 ratio (5mg THC:5mg CBD) so it’s particularly good for those new to cannabis or who just want to go “low and slow.”


Top-Shelf: KIVA Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar

If I’m going to recommend an edible for your holiday season blues, it’s KIVA’s Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar. These luscious flavors melt in your mouth and offer reliable, consistent effects. Because of its easy-to-break squares, this infused choco bar is easy to dose for any occasion.


Take 25mg for a functional high, and more if you have a higher tolerance or are looking for sweet sugarplum dreams. Kiva’s high-quality extract and chocolate justify the $22.




Budget-Conscious: Alpine Vapor and Guild

Alpine’s Live Resin Granddaddy Purple .5g cartridge (about $25) will have you so relaxed you may fall fast asleep after five puffs. This heavy, indica-leaning cart offers sedative, calming effects and is ideal if you have trouble sleeping or suffer from incessant pain. Just be prepared to stay put once you consume this strain.


Meanwhile, Guild’s Lemon Larry is a rip-roarin’ good ol’ strain to have in your back pocket. It’s great for an in-the-moment S.O.S. like when Uncle Lance starts going off about politics, something the family vowed wouldn’t be discussed until after dinner.


When the dam of restraint breaks, don’t be shy in reaching for this affordably priced $30 0.5g pen. You’ll have an “oh my, that’s tasty!” smile on your face in two puffs. It is indica-forward, so if you’re new to cannabis, go easy on this pen at first.


Top-Shelf: Level Blends and TreeBase Klear

Level is another good brand if you’re seeking one or two solid companions to keep close by this holiday season. The brand has a range of cartridge options that produce different effects such as Dissolve to maximize chill, Elevate, a hybrid balance of head and heart, and Spark, a sativa for socializing.


Level takes the time to provide a full breakdown of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, important details that are good to know for targeting specific conditions. If all the rich holiday food is bugging your belly, try Level’s Remedy 3:1 CBD 510-threaded cart to ease tummy trouble.


For a bit more dough get one of their Pax Era pods; it’s fun to use, discreet, and has customizable heat settings. The only catch is these pods only work with a Pax Era battery so don’t forget to ask Santa for both.


TreeBase Klear is another brand known for its “ace in the hole” quality offerings. The Agent Orange half-grammer is a true gift to yourself, which will boost your mood and explode your palate with a delightful sweet and sour combination that pleasantly lingers.


It’s an ideal “wake-and-bake” vape for just-right elevation that feels consistent and even. At $40 per cartridge, I felt this option was top-shelf quality at a price point that’s a bit more but won’t break the bank. Maybe get one for you, and one for grandma!



For many, flower is the only way to go. While it’s highly individual, some consumers find that they get more of the “full body” effects smoking flower due to the full spectrum of natural cannabinoids and their interaction with the endocannabinoid system. I personally love smoking flower because:


  1. Clouds from flower =  timeless satisfaction
  2. Rolling a joint is a tactile ritual I just can’t do without
  3. The terpy flavors are more pronounced


But that’s just me! Here are my top two flower recommendations that’ll soothe your anxiety and offer a great pick-me-up just in the (saint) nick of time.


Budget-Conscious: Jungle Boys’ Strawnana

Jungle Boys does a wonderful job developing potent and delicious strains. Strawnana was no exception. It tastes like a strawberry-banana milkshake; sweet on the nose followed by a creamy-with-fruity-overtones mouthfeel. Yum!


For around $35 per eighth, this is a great deal. The only thing to watch out for is that Jungle Boys doesn’t use exceptionally strong packaging for optimal protection of its buds, so you’ll want to make sure to pick out a bag that hasn’t been squashed.


Top Shelf: Utopia Chiquita Banana Sativa-Leaning Hybrid

For those looking for “Gold Label” flower, you needn’t look any further than Utopia’s Chiquita Banana strain with its unrivaled taste, clean-burning ash, and buds dripping in trichomes.


For around $55 per eighth, this top-shelf flower is so worth it. You’ll want to return to this strain over and over again for its well-balanced, elevating effects.


Chiquita Banana is uplifting for the spirit and relaxing for the body and the mind. Limonene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene are the predominant terpenes, which lend this strain its sweet and musky orange flavors. Every detail on the packaging speaks to the seriousness Utopia takes in its pristine flowers.


So, there you have it, folks! A list of marijuana options to make the holiday season smooth sailing. Whether you’re consuming cannabis solo or sharing with friends and family, Nugg is here for you. We’ve got your back and wish you a very happy holidaze!


Check out Nugg’s Marketplace to see what products are available for delivery from your local dispensary – and enjoy a relaxing and joyful holiday.  

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