LA Kush Bertberry Cheesecake Disposable Vape Pen (2019 Review)

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I like disposable vapes. Who doesn’t like the convenience of immediate use without needing to buy and attach the proper battery?


While they’re becoming more available, all aren’t the same. LA Kush, the well-known cannabis brand and dispensary chain, is an unapologetically original: indoor grown and consistent products.


They’ve won over 84 awards, including 3rd Place at the High Times’ 2017 World Cannabis Cup for Best Vape Pen CartridgeNaturally, these accolades have set the bar high.


Does is this truly Angeleno brand’s Bertberry Cheesecake .5g (500mg) disposable vape pen worth your cash and lung capacity? Time to find out.


In this LA Kush Bertberry Cheesecake disposable vape pen review, you'll learn about its:

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Packaging, Labeling & Product Design


la kush bertberry cheesecake disposable vape pen review


The royal blue box and white and silver text immediately remind me of the Dodgers. You can see the pen’s oil through a cardboard cutout, which isn’t very sturdy. While the design emits L.A. pride, my biggest gripe is the box’s minimal info.


There’s only a “Bertberry Cheesecake” strain sticker on the box along with brand name, pen size and social media links. Nothing else. It appears LA Kush has recently renamed this strain “Kushberry Cheesecake,” as “Bertberry Cheesecake” isn’t listed on their website yet has the same genetics and graphics.


Aside from the Kushberry Cheesecake lab tests (assuming there’s not much difference between the disposable and 510 cart), the THC:CBD levels, terpenes, batch number and manufacturing date aren’t listed, so I vaguely know what to expect. (I do know it’s a sativa-dom mix of Alien Moonshine and UK Cheese.)


An experience? Definitely. An intense head high? Possibly.


Within the box, this LA Kush disposable looks beach-ready housed in a clear plastic tube with a royal blue rubber stopper. This seems to be a safe place to store it when not in use. The tube also has limited info: brand name, strain name, LA Kush website and the same royal blue, silver and white color scheme. 


Quality, Ease of Use


The Bertberry disposable is simple to use right out of the package: just inhale from the round, glass mouthpiece and watch for the blue light so you know it’s working. No need for waiting and charging. Plus it’s sturdy, slim and lightweight.


The oil itself has a light, clear yellow color and it isn’t too thin or thick.


And, unlike a disposable/recyclable dosist pen that always produces the exact same puff, you have total control of your vaping experience. 


Despite this simplicity, there have been complaints that these disposables die before the oil’s halfway used. Nonetheless, LA Kush has a new generation of disposable vapes hitting the market.


Potency, Effectiveness & Affordability


la kush bertberry cheesecake disposable vape pen review


On my first puff I thought, “this ‘flavor’ isn’t so bad.” It tastes as advertised, like some sort of berry cheesecake without an overpowering sweetness like some other “flavored” disposables. But there’s really no cannabis taste, which makes me assume some or all of these unknown terpenes aren’t cannabis-derived. The taste is tolerable, but not my preference.  


For effects, I found this disposable vape quickly yielded an uplifting, happy, giggly high that can get a little racy if you vape too much (at least, for someone prone to anxiety, such as myself). I wouldn’t recommend this pen if you get anxious easily, as powerful sativas can sometimes cause “raciness,” and this potent formula is no exception.


As soon as you take a solid hit, you’ll feel your eyelids start to droop. And if you’re not careful, you might feel a little too easy breezy to get anything done. Regardless, this disposable is great for staving off a case of the miserable Mondays and stimulating the appetite.


Considering it packs a punch, it’s not obnoxiously sweet (like many sweet flavored vapes on the market), and convenient, $35 is a reasonable price for the sizable doses that come with each puff. I wish there was more detail on their labeling so I wouldn’t have to vape “blindly.”


Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product


Packaging: 3/5

  • Eye-catching and branded to the hilt.
  • Disposable pen comes housed in a clear plastic tube with rubber stopper; a little on the flimsy side.


Labeling: 1/5

  • Extremely limited info.
  • Strain name, branding or social media info.
  • Not sure what to expect from the labeling.


Cartridge Quality: 4.5/5

  • Cartridge is glass and metal construction with a round, glass mouthpiece.
  • Sturdy, slim, and lightweight.
  • No strain name or distinguishing colors printed on it to be able to tell it apart from other LAK disposables.


Taste: 2.5/5

  • Tastes as advertised (like a berry cheesecake) without being obnoxiously sweet.
  • No cannabis taste.
  • Tolerable but far from delightful.


Vapor Quality: 3/5

  • Pen allows you to take pretty big hits (if you do, you may find yourself coughing like me).
  • Taking smaller puffs leads to a smoother experience.


Oil Quality: 4/5

  • Light yellow, crystal clear oil.
  • Oil is neither too thin nor too thick.


Ease of Use: 5/5

  • Comes ready to use right out of the package; no need to own a battery.
  • Buttonless; just put the mouthpiece to your lips and inhale.
  • Light that shines to let you know it’s working.


Effectiveness: 5/5

  • An effective sativa; I immediately felt it in the head and face.
  • Eyelids became droopy, I got hungry, and found myself happy and giggly.
  • After an initial burst of creativity, I found the effects faded quickly.


Consistency: 3.5/5

  • These work out well and always taste the same.
  • After buying several of these disposable cartridges, you might end up with a battery that dies before you’ve fully used up your oil.


Price: 3.5/5

  • For $35 bucks, the price is just okay.
  • If it were $10 less, I’d say go for it, as it’s a fun and sexy-looking party favor.


Overall Rating: 3.5


It doesn’t get simpler than this sturdy, slim disposable LA Kush Bertberry vape. It comes ready to use right out of the package with a flashing blue light that lets you know it’s working.


If you like an uplifting, giggly sativa that really hits and sweet flavors that don’t taste like they came from cannabis, this isn’t a bad option for the lower price – if you can get over the fact that there’s no specific info about what you’re vaping.


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