Brand Spotlight: Dulze’s Select Latin-Inspired, Low-Dosed Edibles

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Although there are several mom-and-pop edible companies today, few really reflect their creators’ personalities, ethos, and culture so accurately. Dulze is dedicated to changing the cannabis world with their Latin-inspired flavors, modern art, and unique swag. So far, they’re off to a great start.  


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About Dulze


Founded in 2015 by native Texans/best friends Mike, the chef (recent SoCal High Times Top Cannabis Chef), and Johnny, the artist, Dulze is a San Diego-based edibles company. Their mission is to educate the masses about medicating with consistent, low doses to feed the mind, body, and spirit. Family owned and operated, the team emphasizes teamwork, loyalty, and giving back to the community. 


Dulze also seeks to change cannabis’ negative stigma while showcasing pride for their Latino heritage. It’s prevalent in every facet of their business, from the homemade Mexican flavors to the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) inspired sugar skull logo. The company’s name is a take on the Spanish word “dulce,” meaning “sweet.” Plus, they’re abuelita approved (give her some, they’ll help)!


How Dulze Edibles Are Made


Dulze combines traditional Mexican candy recipes with a modern cannabis-infused twist. They infuse organic coconut oil with high-quality NorCal cannabis as the base for their edibles. All products are lab tested to ensure quality and consistency in each batch. Every edible comes with resealable packaging and easy-to-read labeling. However, the packaging will change in 2018 to accommodate new cannabis laws, so look for Johnny to design something interesting. 




Currently the company makes four Mexican-inspired edibles: chili watermelon calacas, piña colada calacas, mello bites, and orange polvos. They’re available in three strengths: 25mg, 50mg and 100mg THC, perfect for microdosing.  


Chili Watermelon Calacas


These infused gummies are the ideal fruity mix of spicy and sweet, unlike any other you’ll see on the market. They start with a spicy house blend of natural salts and dry chili powder, move into the sweet and juicy watermelon flavor then end with a perfect mellow, low-dose high.


The entire pack has a total of 25mg of THC divided between  about 16 gummy squares, with each individual piece containing about 1.5 mg. These won’t do much for patients with a high tolerance, though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them. Just grab a few packs; each will cost around $6.


Piña Colada Calacas


These tropical morsels are some of the best tasting MMJ edibles available. The pineapple-coconut flavor highlights the infused organic coconut oil that makes these yellow gummies so effective. While there isn’t any rum in thesms, 3-5 will give new patients a slight buzz. Each piece has an average of 1.5 mg of THC with the entire package carrying around 16 gummies totaling 25mg. Usually find a pack for $6.


Mello Bites


These cylindrical, brightly colored bite-size treats are the perfect party favors. Mello Bites’ fruity cereal flavor isn’t too sweet or sugary like some cereal-based edibles; they’re soft, chewy, and quickly dissolve your mouth. Try them in a bowl of milk and revert to your childhood.  


Mello Bites promote energy, so whether it’s for a night of pain-free dancing or just enjoying the company of friends, they’re a great option to keep you invigorated into the wee hours. Each pack contains 50mg THC in around six pieces with 8-10mg of THC in each. Find these for around $8 a pack


Orange Polvos


These are Dulze’s most potent option. Every delicate cookie has 25mg of THC with the entire package of four totaling 100mg. Inspired by traditional Mexican tea cookies, these shortbread galletas are an homage to Dulze’s roots.


They’re sugary but not too sweet with a slight cannabis taste and also easily dissolve in your mouth. Enjoy them with a hot cup of coffee or abuelita hot chocolate. Ideal for medical marijuana patients with higher tolerances and in more pain. One four-pack sells for about $12.


Where to Buy Dulze


Find Dulze edibles throughout several California MMJ dispensaries. You could track them down yourself, or just let Nugg’s medical marijuana delivery service find the dispensaries that carry and deliver them to your home.


Not a medical cannabis patient? Don’t worry, NuggMD makes it easier than ever by having licensed cannabis doctors available online. After becoming a cannabis patient by live video conference, you’ll get your medical recommendation for only $49.


Customer Testimonials


“These things are so small yet so powerful. I keep choosing Dulze for the taste and high quality ingredients! They help me for action sports, creativity, art and my depression/anxiety. I could talk about the brand for hours but I’ll just end with…these guys know what they are doing!” —Anonymous


“I love the chili watermelon bites. They’re delicious and super low dosed so I don’t have to worry about overdoing it. They remind me of these chili watermelon lollipops I used to get for a quarter after middle school…takes me back.” —Alejandro B.


“Overall, [the piña colada calacas] are chewy but not overwhelmingly hard to work on your mouth and the cannabis taste is not even there. The cannabis infused coconut oil that Mike uses is very good at hiding the taste but still packing a nice potency and punch.Ian R.


Official Links


Dulze’s official website will be up soon, so until then follow them on social media:

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