Top 10 Medical Marijuana Blogs Nugg Recommends

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The world of medical marijuana is only going to continue growing. From novices to experts alike, finding websites and blogs for reliable cannabis information can be difficult.


With such a saturation on the market, not every outlet provides the information the community needs to know.


Whether a daily publication or a sporadic contributor, these medical cannabis blogs provide readers with useful information that is sure to inform its readers. Here are the top 10 Nugg recommends.



Leafly News & Culture


Leafly is one of, if not the top, name in cannabis information today. For years, the site has excelled at crafting written and video content that caters to a range of cannabis consumers.


Newcomers and novices are sure to benefit from Cannabis 101 articles like How to Buy Cannabis in a Legal Recreational State as well as CBD vs. THC: What’s the Difference?


Meanwhile, experts can learn about emerging cannabinoids and extraction tech.


With years of content, Leafly newbies can easily get lost down a rabbit hole of useful cannabis facts. That includes information on dispensaries, strains, current events and so much more.


The Weed Blog 


The Weed Blog calls itself “the #1 source of important marijuana-related information.” Visitors to the site tend to agree. TWB, as it is often called, provides information on current events, science, advocacy and much more.


The site also promotes learning beyond reading the articles. TWB believes in open-minded discussions among its readers and encourages constructive ideas to be shared.


Articles are updated on a near daily basis and feature insightful analysis that readers are sure to appreciate. Be sure to read their profiles on people in the cannabis space. They’re chock full of inspiration and information.  


Cannabis Culture 


Cannabis Culture is an excellent source for all things cannabis in Canada and the United States. The company has a long history of running up against Canadian lawmakers, including having its three of its dispensaries in Vancouver shut down. 


The potential controversies aside, Cannabis Culture is a vital resource for not only cannabis current events but also for its original content. A recent article delved into who actually uses pot and hot today’s climate is changing the “pothead” image.


NORML BLog on Medical Marijuana 


National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has been one of the most prominent names in American cannabis reform for decades. Its blog delves into federal and state legislation and advocacy efforts. This includes coverage of adult use and medical cannabis news.


In addition to its blog, the site is packed with information on cannabis laws by state, federal legal news and how you can get involved in the cannabis reform movement.


Medical Marijuana, Inc. 


Those seeking only medical marijuana news need to consider Medical Marijuana, Inc. News. The blog does an excellent job of keeping up to date with the latest on the medical side. That includes near daily and multiple posts a day. Readers can drop in to get the latest on legislation, studies and health-related news to cannabis consumption.


In addition to the blog, the site also offers in-depth information on CBD and MMJ for newcomers.


Honest Marijuana


Honest Marijuana does what not many product blogs do — provide quality information on a somewhat consistent basis. About once a week, readers can get a new piece of insight from the brand that emphasizes organic cannabis grown from sustainable sources.


While not ideal for daily news, Honest Marijuana’s blog does provide quality tidbits you won’t find at every publication. Instead, they delve into topics that appeal to intermediate or experts in the field.


However, the blog keeps novices’ attention with the easy-to-read approach the writers take.


Cannabis Training University 


Unlike the others on the list, Cannabis Training University’s blog content is not the most enticing content it offers. Their blog is an excellent source for learning about how to be a caregiver in addition to interesting historical dives like examining the history of cannabis in Islamic countries.


However, most of its content is behind a paywall. The good news is, it isn’t some scam paywall like some outlets have you buy into. Instead, CTU offers over 100 ebooks on cannabis courses including the medical industry, laws, business and numerous other facets of the market.


Have a Heart


Have a Heart is a multi-state cannabis retail brand. Find their dispensaries in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Iowa, Illinois and Ohio.


While not a reliable everyday source of information, the company blog does serve as a bookmark-worthy publication for occasional reading.


Updated about once a week, Have a Heart’s blog balances informative with light-hearted reading. Readers can take deep dives into subjects such as cooking with cannabis while also getting Netflix suggestions for when the edibles kick in.


Green Relief 


Green Relief is a Canadian cannabis brand that knows how to do a blog right. Eye-catching visuals pair nicely with the site’s in-depth information.


Its articles are sure to provide insights into a range of familiar and not so familiar cannabis topics. One topic will explore dry herb vaporizers while the next article introduces readers to the world of cannabinoids far beyond THC and CBD.


The only knock against Green Relief is in which many brands suffer: a lack of consistent posting. While the reads are insightful and informative, its infrequent posting schedule makes the blog a casual check-in rather than an everyday read.


Legalize It. We Think So. (LIWTS) 


Legalize It. We Think So (LIWTS) is one of the more straightforward brands on the list.


The site is almost exclusively dedicated to blog content. Topics fall under a series of categories: Legalize It, Grow, Edibles and Strains.


Readers can learn about male plants and if they can get you high, as well as easy to read listicles like the 10 rules to wake and baking. This is an excellent resource for those looking for dedicated cannabis content.


However, the site isn’t updated as frequently as some of the others, so be sure to have additional resources for daily information.


Didn’t see your favorite medical cannabis blog on the list? We know there’s a slew of excellent ones out there. Be sure to let us know your favorites in the comment section below! 

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