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  1. How to Choose the Nugg Club Strain That’s Right for You

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    Choosing the right strain for you is a decision that only you can make. While there are tons of tips, no uniform choice exists. There is no perfect solution for a daytime strain for people that need to remain productive. The same goes for evening strains, and any other time of the day, really.


    Cannabis flower is sure to deliver some level of consistency but it does tend to change even when in the hands of master cultivators. When considering the person consuming it, these varying effects grow that much more. Each person reacts to cannabis differently.


    That’s why, when choosing which type of flower to consume, there are a certain set of criteria that helps you make your decision. Going beyond the physical focus, let’s dive into key questions you should ask before choosing which strain is best for you.


    Factors to consider when purchasing edibles:

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    Where it Was Grown


    If you can, find out where the product was grown. With that understanding, a consumer can better track the product’s path to the sales shelves. Because when you know that a cultivator is licensed and has it’s product lab-tested, you can trust you’re getting higher quality, better flavor, and reliable potency and effects. Anthony Franciosi, founder and head grower of Honest Marijuana Company, says that asking where the flower came from should be the first question asked.


    “I always lean towards growers that try to use organic methods and are conscientious about their footprint before I consider what kind of strain I want. In my experience, organically grown cannabis has a more unique flavor and better overall effect, so I like to start there,” he said.


    Touch and Smell


    If making a purchase in-store, be sure to get a feel for the flower. If it is dry or lacking in moisture, you may be better off with another choice.


    If your Sherbet smells like ChemDawg, you may have an issue on your hands. Your flower should have a strong-to-pungent odor that resembles its strain profile. Some flower will smell more like fruit or sweet hints, while others can smell more like the earth or fuel. Understand what a strain smells like and compare to what you are considering buying.


    Desired Effects


    The effects of a cannabis strain varies for a number of reasons. Each are points worth considering when mulling over which type of flower to buy.


    So what’s the difference between indica vs sativa?


    Sativas are more for keeping you going through the day. Meanwhile, indicas tend to produce effects that make it for night time. In other cases, hybrids can make a strain take on the effects of both. In the case of hybrid strains, understand the percentages in the flower. Some can be 50:50 while others are 80:20.


    Terpenes are another factor to consider. These compounds found in the crystals of flower, and numerous other sources, make up the aromatic and flavor profile of a strain. They also provide some of its effects. Each strain is composed of a variety of terpenes and will affect how a person feels.


    The same can be said for a cannabinoid profile. A strain with 2:1 THC to CBD is common for consumers. Meanwhile, medical patients may opt for a 25:1 CBD to THC strain so they can feel relief without a high.


    Beyond CBD and THC, over one hundred other cannabinoids can come into effect. THCA and CBDA are common and abundant cannabinoid acids with an array of others. While these cannabinoids will almost assuredly not get you high, they can alter the effects of a high.


    Dylan Smith, Head of Product at SmokeSmith Gear relies on reviews and budtenders to understand the experience a strain provides. “If they have had a good experience recently, then that’s a good sign,” explained Smith. “I am also a huge advocate of reading reviews.”


    In fact, the Nugg Team is always trying new products and reviewing them in detail. Our team reviews everything from flower and edibles to vapes and topicals.


    Budtender knowledge is also important. “Asking the budtender if he or she has personal experience is key,” Smith added. Buying online? No sweat. Nugg Club has a live chat team available to help you determine which strain might best suit your needs.




    Marijuana buds in jar with cannabis in rolling paper


    A flower’s strength can be included under desired effects but is also enough of a topic to stand on its own. Just a few decades ago, it was bewildering to find any flower that was beyond 10% potent. Today, the average flower ranges between 12% and 14% usually. Plus, many strains far exceed the average and can be as strong as in the high 20s or low 30s.


    Be sure to understand how strong a strain is before consuming. Though appealing, save off on trying the heavy hitters until you are more comfortable and familiar with your tolerance.


    Buyer Tip: It Varies By Region


    Smith also reminds buyers that a strain will vary by region. Unlike buying regulated products, cannabis strains can provide different experiences depending on where it is grown and purchased.


    “Cannabis has not gotten so standardized, so a strain can differ from region to region,” he said. “Thus, there is more impetus on the customer to know what they want, and to know what that strain looks and smells like before he or she walks into a dispensary.”


    If you don’t have the answers, consult with Nugg’s Cannabis Concierge.


    Popular Strains to Consider


    We agree that reviews are vital to the purchasing experience. It helps to know what your desired strain will do to you and how it will make you feel. To give you an idea, here are some of the most popular Nugg Club strains and their standout traits:


    • Blue Dream (Eighth Brother): A sativa-dominant hybrid that offers full body relaxation with a sweet blueberry aroma
    • OG Kush (Eighth Brother): A favorite strain since the 90s, OG Kush is a hybrid with a varied terpene profile which helps deliver hints of fuel, skunk and spice to the flower.
    • ChemDawg  (Eighth Brother): Known for its pungent diesel aroma, ChemDawg is not discreet and tends to pack a potent punch that is well above the average hybrid.
    • Sherbet (Henry’s Original): A slightly indica-dominant strain that calls GSC its parent, Sherbet is a full-bodied flower that offers up an array of sweet, fruity smells.
    • Purple Punch (Erba): An indica that smells sweet and delivers a potent punch that tastes great going down.
    • Miss USA (Lowell Herb Co): Offering up a strawberry-banana aroma, Miss USA is an indica-dominant flower that has tongues wagging for me of its deliciousness.
    • Grape Head (THC Designs): An indica-dominant hybrid, Grape Head’s flavor lives up to its name that offers up euphoric head highs to most consumers.
    • Forbidden Fruit (THC Designs): Forbidden Fruit is an indica that comes from two favorites, Cherry Pie and Tangie; guaranteeing a flavorful experience that is sure to leave consumers feeling the effects.
    • Sour Diesel (CaliGold): An icon in cannabis, this sativa-dominant flower is pungent and smells just like what its name implies. Going beyond aroma, this is a strain that provides effects well after consumption.
    • Do Si Do (Bloom Flower): One of the strongest flowers around, this pungent indica is likely to lock consumers to the couch after taking in its sweet, earthy flavors.
    • Green Crack (Dookie Bros): A sativa through and through, Green Crack is known for providing the energy rush of its other drug namesake without all the terrible effects. Though, consumers may be compelled for another taste of Green Crack’s tangy, fruity flavors.
    • Headband (Humboldt): Living up to its name, Headband is a hybrid that provides a comfortable yet noticeable head high that is sure to last a good while.


    Be sure to evaluate a strain for all of the above points and others. Remember that each strain can vary, depending on an array of factors. Do your due diligence and make an informed decision. In doing so, you’ll ensure that you have the most ideal experience while consuming.


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