Wandering Mind? These Five Nugg Club Strains Help You Stay Focused

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Everyone knows the old, frustratingly inaccurate tropes about cannabis: stoners are lazy and unmotivated, glued to the couch with a spread of snacks and a lack of interest in social activities. And sure, sometimes relaxation and sleep are the goal for some cannabis consumers. But not everyone responds to cannabis this way, and many consumers use cannabis for social situations and creative endeavors. In fact, some consumers swear that their choice in cannabis strains can influence the overall experience that they’ll have.


Indica strains are typically considered the PM form of cannabis – they’re great for pain management, stress relief, and battling insomnia, typically leaving consumers in a comfortable pile on the couch. But sativa and sativa-dominant strains are a different beast altogether. These cannabis strains are best for daytime use, as they can lead to increased focus, motivation, and (in high doses) an overactive mind.


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A Motivator or De-Motivator?

Because cannabis is still outlawed at the federal level, there hasn’t been too much research into the differing effects of specific cannabis strains. In fact, most cannabis research, in general, has been stymied by this fact. But among regular cannabis users, different strains of cannabis can cause vastly different effects.


We know that cannabis can cause an elevated heart rate in some consumers, which may translate into a motivated, “get up and go” mindset. But studies overwhelmingly suggest that cannabis doesn’t really move the needle in terms of focus and motivation; in fact, in some consumers, studies suggest that cannabis may actually decrease motivation and focus.


So, what really gives? Is cannabis ultimately a motivator or a de-motivator? It turns out, it may be both.


The Need for More Clinical Research

Some researchers speculate that cannabis may have a motivating impact on some consumers as a secondary effect. They theorize that cannabis may temporarily reduce an individual’s pain, stress, or anxiety, allowing them to focus more on a given project.


Unfortunately, until the laws change to encourage further clinical research, cannabis effects may continue to be largely subjective. The good news is that Nugg makes it easy to find a cannabis product that meets your needs! We’ve rounded up some of our customers’ favorite sativa and sativa-dominant strains so you can conduct your own trial and error to figure out which strains help you get focused.


Try These Strains from Nugg Club

Whether you’re working on an art project, trying to run errands, or getting into the mood for spring cleaning, read on to learn more about some of Nugg Club’s most popular motivating flower!


Orangeade #9

This strain is the love child of two other world-class strains: Tangie and Purple Punch. Orangeade takes after its sativa parent, delivering a soaring rush of mental energy and euphoria. However, this strain shouldn’t cause any anxiety or racing thoughts thanks to Orangeade’s indica parent, Purple Punch. Consumers report a great smell, taste, and overall experience, making Orangeade a perfect strain for creative endeavors that require focus and attention.



Another hybrid with sativa-leaning effects, Skunkberry came about from crossing a Blueberry strain with the hybrid Skunk. The result is a dose of euphoria and cerebral stoniness coupled with the physically relaxing effects of its indica-dominant Blueberry parent. Expect a strong odor, great taste, and well-balanced effects that pair well with social activities and isolated chores like cleaning equally well.


Super Silver Haze

This strain offers a blast of cerebral effects that are perfect for focus and motivation. Haze, Skunk, and (surprisingly) the indica strain Northern Lights came together to form this powerhouse, Super Silver Haze. The Haze and Skunk genetics provide consumers with a heavy head high that may include concentration and/or motivation for some consumers, while the indica lineage gives consumers relief from physical pain and stress. When these attributes combine, you can expect a euphoric, creative pick-me-up without anxiety or distraction.


Diablo OG

With a name like Diablo OG, you might expect some otherworldly origins for this strain. However, it’s actually the result of crossing two sativas – Grapefruit and a South African landrace sativa – with the indica strain Blueberry. Because of the Blueberry genetics, some consumers report that large doses of Diablo OG can lead to sleepiness and couch lock; however, in small doses, the sativa-dominant effects should shine through. Diablo OG offers a dose of euphoria and cerebral energy coupled with relaxing effects that are perfect for calming stress and tackling a creative project at home.


Gorilla Glue #4

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a real powerhouse strain. GG4, also known as Original Glue, combines the genetics of Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel (both sativas) with the hybrid Sour Dubble. Consumers generally report feeling a burst of euphoria and an overall happy experience, while the hybrid effects of GG4’s Sour Dubble parent lend physical relaxation and stress relief. You may experience couch-lock in higher doses, but with the right dosing, GG4 should help you focus on crafting or other creative endeavors (though GG4’s relaxing effects may make it difficult to leave the house).


Check out our review of NUG’s GG4 here.


Microdosing Cannabis Flower

If you’ve tried sativa strains in the past and still struggled to focus or feel motivating effects, it could be that you’re just smoking too much before tackling the project at hand. A popular trend in the cannabis world right now is microdosing — the practice of consuming just a small amount of cannabis to produce minimal effects. Vape pens make it easy to microdose, but you can microdose with cannabis flower as well!


Try using a small pipe or one-hitter to smoke flower, as a continuously burning joint will easily lead to overconsumption. Take a single puff, then set the pipe down and wait 20-30 minutes to see how you feel. Remember that the goal with microdosing is not to feel stoned, just to feel base-level effects – in this case, motivation and focus without cognitive distortion.



Check out Nugg strain’s reviews to learn more about the effects of different types of flower. If you’re ready to purchase and live in the Los Angeles area, click here to see if Nugg Club delivery is available! 


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