How to Throw a Cannabis-Themed New Year’s Party

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Oh, hello, New Year’s Eve.


Finally, it’s time to let all of 2018 ride (and die). At NYE events, I find a prevailing mix of exhaustion and euphoria, and a natural-born comradeship of “We made it. I made it. New year, new me.” Maybe nothing much will change in 2019, but one thing’s for sure: celebrating the completion of 2018 is in order.


A good night looks different for everyone. For me, it’s joining my pals who’ve been with me through the highs (literal and figurative) and the lows. Yummy bites are nice, but the ambiance is even more important. And nothing sets the mood like a quality spliff to share.


What you'll learn in this article:

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2018 was the year of rockin’ cannabis cocktails. A bar and venue I frequent in Oakland won the Chicago-based Battle of the Bars competition with their bevy of cocktails, which included “No Place Like Home,” a vividly green drink which featured cannabis terpenes. Judges loved it, and the Starline Social Club took home the golden trophy.


It’s easy to make a winning adult beverage with tinctures, and I prefer sun-grown, whole flower infusions like those from Humboldt Apothecary. It’s fun to update an old standby, like a Negroni, with a modern twist. Plus, by adding, say CBD, you’re mitigating the overall effects of alcohol on your system.


If you’re going the canna-bar route, keep a few things in mind:


  1. Just like edibles, canna-cocktails are consumables and are metabolized differently than smokables. Wait 15-30 minutes in between drinks to see how the cannabis impacts you! Alcohol does amplify the effects of cannabis.


  1. The best cocktails have well-rounded, balanced flavor interactions. Since cannabis is herbaceous, citrus pairs nicely and offers the palate a clean, neutralizing taste. Think about the other ingredients’ aromatic qualities and how they will pair with cannabis.


  1. Limit the dosing to around 2.5-5mgs per drink. This will ensure the interaction between the alcohol and the cannabis doesn’t get overwhelming.


Flower, Vapes and Edibles for Different Experience Levels


So, you’re looking to have the best night ever? Even if you’re staying in with Netflix and your trusty cat, you’ll definitely want to have nature’s BFF in your back pocket, whether it’s in flower, cartridge or edible form. We’ve got a handy guide for you based on your comfort level and preferences. There’s no need to get “baked” if you’re newer to cannabis.


So, without further ado, Nugg recommends incorporating the following cannabis companies for your New Year’s Eve bash.


Lightweights Welcome


There’s no shame in knowing where you’re at and finding products to meet you there! Don’t push yourself for the sake of the “party,” because the goal is in boosting enjoyment. Finding the right balance and potency is the key to pleasure and relaxation.



Henry’s Original CBD Ritual 20:1 is a high-quality, chill strain. Because there’s little THC in Ritual, it’s likely that you won’t feel stoned unless you’re highly sensitive to THC: you’ll just feel well and at ease. This would be a great starter-bud for someone new to cannabis that may be afraid of getting “too high.”


It’s also super reasonably priced at ~$30 per eighth of Northern California, an outdoor-grown flower which crumbles nicely and burns hella clean. Simply for its healing effects on my stomach (great for hangovers, too, partygoers!), I’d buy Henry’s Ritual again and again.



Dosist pens are perfect for newbies because they are utterly simple to use. Just inhale and the pen will vibrate and shut off after you’ve gotten one dose. In an attractive design, these pens also have style – something that, let’s be honest, is great to flaunt when you’re not exactly sure what works for you, yet.


Bliss is 9:1 THC:CBD with notes of piney gas, and as a THC-forward formulation, will leave users feeling euphoric and buzzy. This pen is not economical for heavy users, but if one to two hits does you right, Dosist pens are your friend.



Honestly, my go-to recommendation is Kiva’s Terra Bite beans. They are just delicious, perfectly dosed, and never feel like riptide an hour after consumption.


Given that they’re Tanzanian micro-batched expresso beans, covered in Kiva Confection’s proprietary dark chocolate, and are just 5mg per bite, this pass-around tin is a party favor to end all others.


Old Pros


You’re not new to cannabis, maybe you’ve been smoking since your teens, and you aren’t afraid to go big or go home. Here are our suggestions for some old-standby heavy-hitters and some new kids on the block we think you’ll love.



THC Design’s Purple Punch is the king of relaxation. Though it’s got potential to be sedative to those who are not daytime indica smokers, it’s perfect for folks who are done with certain sativas’ “raciness” and are looking to ease into their evening in fine spirits and a handle on any lingering anxiety. Purple Punch is just the ticket with THC Design’s consistent genetics and reasonable price (around $40 per 1/8).


However, if you are looking for upbeat sativa vibes, we recommend Durban Poison (such a beautiful OG strain!) from Northern Emeralds. Spicy, piney, lemony, Durban Poison is a treat for the senses; after just a hit or two you’ll find yourself ready for the dance floor.



You might have heard the name Jack Herer. This well-balanced and easy-going strain’s namesake was a prominent cannabis activist who deserves a nod as we close 2018.


If you know what Jack Herer flower tastes like, then HoneyVape’s formulation is an almost exact replica of that smell and flavor profile. It’s got delicious spice citrus notes with a harsh skunk and gassy finish. One of my favorite flavor profiles and a proper homage to cannabis’ roots.



Korova is known for its powerfully strong bakes, and I second the dominant opinion about this brand. Its cookies, particularly the Vanilla Bean Minis, have great “bang for their buck” and will get you properly high.


I like them for their yummy buttery flavor (think classic sugar cookies); they’d make for a festive treat at a bumpin’ NYE get-down. They also have a high CBD and THC content that contributes to a wonderfully chill and full-force experience.


Highballin’ Highbrows


This section is for the cannabis connoisseur, someone who is pretty excited at the thought of a solid rose gold vape pen or who wants to try this season’s limited edition cream of the crop flowers. We’ve got you covered in this round-up of luxe cannabis goods.



With its signature orange box, Canndescent makes you feel as though you’re buying a luxury item off of the shelves of a high-end department store. Though they re-label strains with their own numbering system (which isn’t ideal), you can – and should – select by desired effects. “Create,” “Connect,” and “Charge” are all sativa-leaning choices that will leave you feeling energized and party-ready.



For true looks, check out Bloom Farms’ Rose Gold Highlighter pen. Their Rose Gold stylus features a metal mouthpiece, filigree accents, leaf-shaped LEDs and an overall classy feeling in the hand and in the mouth.


It also boasts a clear reservoir which speaks to the brand’s confidence in its golden oil, which gives users a feeling of creativity and connectedness. I like this pen for its fancy look and its sweet “crème brulee”-like flavors. It retails for around $60 but would make a sweet end to the year!



Cookies are also common in the consumables category but there’s nothing pedestrian about Utopia Macaroons.  Remarkably flavorful, their Peanut Butter and Raspberry Macaroons are gluten-free and vegan, making them perfect companions if you’re looking for a clean, guilt-free culinary experience. When you add their pure artisanal cannabis extract and splashy pink color into the mix, you’ve got something special.


Best part? There are four cookies per pack which can easily be broken in half or even quartered – and shared.


If you need recommendations about which products are best for your party guests, chat online with our Cannabis Concierge. Then hop over to the Nugg Marketplace and see if your favorite products are available for delivery in your area! 

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