Ganja Gold King Tarantula Pre-Roll (2019 Video Review)

Nugg Team | January 17, 2019 | Leave a Comment


We all know the harsh and hellish feeling of smoking an inferior pre-rolled joint. This isn’t one of them.


In fact, this is just about the most potent, well-crafted, oil-dunked, hash-smothered pre-roll on the market. Make no mistake, here at Nugg we love the gift of full unadulterated flower (our name says it all).


Why pre-grind and pre-roll top shelf bud only to have it dry out before sesh time?


The truth is the right pre-roll can be the best option in certain situations. Say you’re at a party with a ten strong smoke circle. You might not keep up with grinding all that flower and rolling it into the joints necessary for such a large session.


In comes the Ganja Gold King Tarantula, heroically, packing enough punch to satisfy the most dedicated flower smoker.


It’s loaded with two grams of high grade flower (that’s not dry, we might add), soaked in CO2 extracted live-resin oil, then finally powdered with kief and hash. The result is an indulgence not to be taken lightly, so don’t smoke this thing alone (unless you roll like that or, in this case, pre-roll like that).


In short, the Ganja Gold King Tarantula is fire, but don’t take our word for it. Take Morgan’s as she breaks it down in this video review.


Eager to smoke this King Tarantula? Yours is just a click away when you order from Nugg online now!

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