How Cannabis Is Meeting the Needs of Today’s Consumer

Lauren Steinheimer | September 12, 2018 | Leave a Comment


With brands like Grubhub and Blue Apron becoming household names, our cultural shift towards online shopping and home delivery is nothing new. Now that legal cannabis has exploded onto the mainstream scene, let’s look at how this formerly underground industry is developing to meet the needs of the modern consumer.


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Convenience Is King


The booming on-demand economy thrives on the fact that people value convenience above all else. In fact, convenience is a commodity people are willing to pay a little extra for.


The popularity of meal delivery kits is a perfect example. Blue Apron founder and CEO Matt Salzberg recently told CNBC, “Every other retail category has been disrupted by e-commerce, and the same is now happening with food. It’s interesting to see all of this innovation happening.”


Similar to food and other consumable commodities, on-demand cannabis delivery services offer the same convenience in states where recreational marijuana is legal. If you think avoiding the grocery store is convenient, imagine how nice it feels to bypass a crowded dispensary. Since only a few customers are allowed inside a dispensary at once, you never know how long you’ll be waiting.


Here at Nugg, we want to make life easier for you! Designed to deliver exactly what you want, we consider ourselves the “Grubhub of cannabis.”


Our model saves you time and a trip to the dispensary without giving up the expertise of a professional budtender. Nugg’s Cannabis Concierge is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Before purchasing you can ask an expert about different products, dosages and effects from the comfort and privacy of home.


Time Is Money


America’s legal cannabis market is projected to grow to $24 billion by 2025, and those dollars aren’t coming from the deep recesses of your stereotype stoner’s couch cushions. Today’s upscale cannabis consumers are CEOs, healthcare providers, and busy parents striving to juggle the demands of a fast-paced life.


Streamlining service for cannabis consumers offers the same efficient experience as grocery delivery and other helpful online businesses. Not only does Nugg save you the time traveling to and from a dispensary, a quick chat with our Cannabis Concierge reduces your overall time spent shopping. That leaves you with more precious minutes to spend as you wish.


We Like Options


One of the major benefits of meal kits and grocery delivery services is the variety they introduce to your dinner table without the hassle of hunting down obscure ingredients. These services make a wide assortment of options available to consumers, no matter where they live.


For people with limited choices in nearby grocery stores, food delivery may be more of a necessity than a luxury. Similarly, cannabis delivery services allow patients and recreational consumers to sample a diverse array of products from various dispensaries.


Personalization Is Crucial


In addition to changes in the way we acquire goods, the shopping experience as a whole is evolving to satisfy consumers’ individual tastes. 


Take, for example, the monthly wine subscription expertly curated based on your personal palate, or a fashion box full of clothes someone selected to suit your unique style.  


Even your dog can get a regular delivery of his favorite treats and goodies. Isn’t it only natural to expect the same personalized service with pot?


This white paper on The State of Retail states, “In the US, 59% of consumers want real-time personal offers designed especially for them.” Even more than that, though, they want expertise. “78% feel sales associates should have a deep knowledge of the entire product range.”


Lab Tested Products


Long-time cannabis consumers who shopped on the black market understood that the flower and edibles they purchased weren’t lab-tested for purity or potency. But without other options, they had to accept the risk that they were consuming products that could be significantly stronger (or weaker) than they wanted. Likewise, they couldn’t be sure the strain they just purchased was free of contaminants, like pesticides and heavy metals.


As cannabis use is legitimized and licensed dispensaries open their doors, consumers can trust that they are receiving lab tested products, ensuring THC levels are accurately labeled and contaminants have been removed. This not only delivers a safer experience, but also a more flavorful one.


Full-Service Cannabis


At Nugg, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re proud to offer the industry’s first full-service cannabis experience.


A Cannabis Concierge is there for you, at any hour, to help find the most effective products for your needs. Have medical or legal questions? These tried-and-tested experts can answer anything marijuana related so you can use it with complete confidence.


Now that scientific research is available to explain the various effects of different cannabinoids and terpenes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Nugg’s friendly, knowledgeable Cannabis Concierges are ready to share current cannabis information and apply their expertise to meet your needs.


Our Cannabis Concierge isn’t a sales team and never pressures you to buy a product, they only provide facts to empower you to make the best decision. We only partner with dispensaries that adhere to the highest quality customer service, always ensuring an easy and pleasant experience.


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