Chuuuch Cannabis Hit Kit (2019 Video Review)

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Remember preacher/former pimp/spiritual adviser Bishop Don “Magic” Juan chanting, “Green for the money, gold for the honey”? You best not forget ’cause the Bishop is back and this time he’s running the cannabis game.


Chuuuch Cannabis comes correct with a full line of premium products to ensure your cannabis game is on point.


The brand begins with the very finest greenery, sourcing the best OG Kush flower for their vape pens, cartridges and pre-rolls.


These nuggs are behemoths–just check out the Godzilla-size one sitting on our reviewer Matt’s rolling board–you can’t CGI that! Don Juan himself even brought along a blinged-out chalice overflowing with this dank bud.


Take our word for it: it’s some serious top-shelf product. Just watch Matt vape this resulting oil and learn how you can stay fly like the Bishop.


After the green comes the gold. Chuuuch extracts all of those tantalizing cannabinoids from their OG Kush flower to create what we think just might be one of the best vape cartridges of 2019, available in this Hit Kit along with a gold pen battery and stylish green and gold carrying case. (Almost makes us sad to think about those plump nuggs ground up and distilled).


If you don’t need the Hit Kit but still want that OG Kush diet, check out their other offerings. The Key to the City is a battery and OG Kush vape cartridge neatly tucked into a retractable key fob; a perfect addition to your Caddy keys. Chuuuch also offers an OG Kush pre-roll 3-pack, signature OG Kush eighth jar, half gram OG Kush cartridge and, for the real OG’s, single and 3-pack pre-rolled blunts to put a lil’ more green in your game.


Order this Hit Kit and other Chuuuch Cannabis products online and have them sent to you!

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