Cali Gold OG Kush Semi-Dark Chocolate Bar (2019 Video Review)

Nugg Team | December 27, 2018 | Leave a Comment


You’ve just struck gold! What’s the first thing you do? Eat it.


That’s what you’d do if you got your hands on some rich, melty, 24 karat Cali Gold chocolate bars. Packed with 100mg of THC, this OG Kush Semi-Dark Chocolate Bar is a win for anyone looking to kick back, enter that euphoric state and sink into their couch for some Netflix. Ozark, anyone?!


Our in-house edibles expert, Matt Noah, takes us on a search for gold in this Cali Gold OG Kush edible review. He’ll examine the different strain offerings (yes, their chocolates are strain-specific), dosing and the effects to expect.


Curious where you can invest in some cannabis gold?


Skip the dispensary and visit Nugg where you can get Cali Gold chocolate bars delivered straight to your door. Yup, it’s really that easy!

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