Brand Spotlight: Rogers Proprietary King Size Pre-Rolled Joints

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Pre-rolled joints are budget-friendly, discreet, shareable, disposable and ready to go. This versatility makes them easy to transport and medicate. Rogers adopts the ethos of providing medical cannabis patients with top-shelf flower in an expertly-rolled joint.


If you’re looking for premium California cannabis flower at an inexpensive price, look no further than Rogers king size pre-rolled joints.


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About Rogers

How Rogers Pre-Rolled Joints Are Made


Where to Buy Rogers Pre-Rolled Joints

Customer Testimonials

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About Rogers


Rogers began its evolution into the pre-rolled joints market as a full-service dispensary in Westwood, California. The Bay Area-based brand served a variety of medical cannabis patients, including veterans who used cannabis to relieve mental and physical symptoms.


One particular customer, a disabled vet named Roger, would come into the dispensary every morning and get just one joint. So the shop began keeping a bowl of joints on the counter labeled “Rogers” and kept the name and philosophy ever since.


As a homegrown operation in their apartment in Beverly Hills, Rogers has maintained steadfast in its mission to bring premium, top-shelf cannabis to patients who need it an affordable price. Their pre-rolled joints provide patients with a consistent and clearly packaged way to smoke cannabis.


How Rogers Pre-Rolled Joints Are Made


The company sources their top-shelf cannabis flower from a master grower operating in the Santa Cruz mountains. Each king size pre-roll is packed using only lab tested, high quality cannabis flower, not trim or stems.


Rogers king size joints contain anywhere between 18-22% THC. Testing performed at SC Labs in the Bay Area performs cannabinoid profiling, pesticide testing, microbiological screening, and terpene analysis to ensure consistency and potency.


Rogers ensures your pre-rolled joints are free from pesticides, mold, mildew, and other contaminants, and only contain quality California grown cannabis. Rogers ensures every pre rolled joints is expertly-rolled to ensure no air pockets are present making it easier to light and smoke.




Rogers’ sleek, king size, pre-rolls come in California-compliant sealed packs of five joints to keep them fresh. Each king size joint contains a proprietary blend of 1.1 grams of high quality cannabis flower, totaling 5.5 grams per pack.


Medical cannabis patients can select between Indica (OG Kush) and Sativa (Jack Herer) packs, depending on their medical condition or mood. Their slim and elegant packaging is similar to a Davidoff pack of cigarettes, featuring a sophisticated “R” logo on the front, followed by clear package contents, strain dominance, and THC percentage.


Packs are no longer or thicker than a cell phone, so they aren’t cumbersome or clunky. At just over four inches long, this pack makes it easy to medicate when you’re on the go. The unassuming packaging doesn’t draw attention and could easily be mistaken for a pack of European smokes.


As an added bonus, every 25th pack will come with one 24k gold joint. For every 100th pack order, Rogers will send you a gold wrapped joint made possible by their partnership with Shine Papers, the inventor of the world’s first 24 karat gold rolling papers.


Think you deserve an Elite pack of joints wrapped in gold leaf paper? Fill out this form with your Instagram profile and a detailed explanation why you deserve a free pack of Rogers Elites.


For a pack of five premium Rogers pre-rolls, expect to pay $20-$30. Wholesale packs can range between $8-$10. With 5.5 grams in each pack, these joints are a steal. In truly luxurious fashion, they’re clearly labelled, “hand rolled in Beverly Hills by Billionaires.”


Where to Buy Rogers


Based in San Jose, Rogers delivers their pre-rolls to dispensaries around the Bay Area, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Redwood City, and San Francisco. Rogers continues to expand their operations outside of the Bay Area into Los Angeles and beyond (ironic, considering the were founded in L.A.).


But you can only get Rogers pre-rolls through a handful of verified cannabis delivery service or in Rogers’ network of California medical cannabis dispensaries. All you need is a valid California medical marijuana recommendation.


If you don’t have a MMJ recommendation, head to NuggMD and get yours online in minutes. After filling out basic patient info and meeting one or more of California’s qualifying conditions, you’ll talk directly with a cannabis doctor by live video conference. Your rec is only $49 or for $20 more you get it plus an I.D. card.


Now you can start ordering immediately through Nugg’s medical marijuana delivery service to locate the nearest dispensaries that carry and deliver Rogers king size pre-roll joints straight to your door.


If you’re a dispensary owner who’s looking to buy wholesale Rogers products in California, check out Nugg’s brand new wholesale service permitting medical cannabis dispensaries to purchase these packs for wholesale prices online.


Customer Testimonials


“Fantastic product. I picked up one pack each ot the Indica and the Sativa and they’re both wonderful. My delivery window was 35 minutes, my driver got here in under 20 minutes….would recommend to anyone looking for quality pre-rolls that are DEFINITELY worth the money.” Nelly


“Really good service and delivery time was fairly quick. Joints were worth the very cheap price. Definitely going to buy from here again.” Cyrill Ace


“These things are fucking amazing…super impressed with the potency of this [sativa]. Wasn’t expecting to be this lit with this little amount…good shit Rogers, l love your pre-rolls.” Strains of the Bay


“Super fast and friendly delivery and really large pre-rolls (so you get your money’s worth)! Would definitely recommend and will be ordering from Rogers again!” Riley

Additional Links


To find out more about Rogers’ ready-to-smoke joints, news, and more, follow them here:


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