West Coast Cure Skywalker OG Ultra Purified Premium Shatter Oil Cartridge (2019 Review)

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Never count out the magic of Skywalker OG (or anyone named Skywalker for that matter). It’s an indica-dominant hybrid (85% indica and 15% sativa), a mix of the hugely popular Skywalker and OG Kush strains. I’m hoping to get these same effects from West Coast Cure’s (WCC) Skywalker OG shatter oil cartridge. 


West Coast Cure is known for super powered highs, the kind that leave you sprawled and staring with a blissful smile. That potency helped win first place in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup’s “Concentrates” category with their Hardcore OG Budder. Rapper/Viceland foodie Action Bronson has vocally supported this crowd-pleaser and their other award-winning budder, crumble and shatter.


This Skywalker OG “Ultra Purified” Premium Shatter Oil sounds like a dabbable, and that’s deliberate. The idea behind “shatter oil” is to create a vape that tastes and works like a dab with a full, flavorful terpene profile. It specifically operates on lower temperature levels to boost the profile and lower the throat harshness.


Let’s find out if the force is strong with this one as I sample WCC’s Skywalker OG shatter oil vape cart.


In this West Coast Cure Skywalker OG cartridge review, you'll learn about its:

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Packaging, Labeling & Product Design


west coast cure skywalker og cartridge review


Before I open the box, my expectations are set by the embossed gold crown logo. This brand is dedicated to helping you get as regally elevated as Queen Victoria (who got down with her tinctures).


The cart comes in a thick cardboard slip-case box with a custom cut foam insert that perfectly cradles it. The solid matte black and gold foiling feel sleek in my hands.


My only qualm with the packaging: the bottom kept falling about a centimeter when held upright, leaving me worrying about security.


The WCC Skywalker OG oil comes in a glass tank with a sturdy metal construction. The mouthpiece has the crown logo and the brand initials embldazoned in gold. Simple and classy.


But here’s the biggest bummer for me: besides the social media plugs and branding, there isn’t much product info.


It gives the net weight, strain name, mentions that it’s “Premium Nug Run,” and “Ultra Purified Premium Shatter Oil.” That’s it! Cannabinoid percentages? Not even THC. Ingredients? None. No batch number, manufacture date, best by date or lab test results. 


What’s in this thing became a bigger mystery than Murder on the Orient Express.


Quality, Ease of Use


Flavor-wise, I had reasonably high expectations. While I get subtle hints of pine and sweetness, it’s overwhelmed by an indescribable, inert flavor. From my experience, that’s usually a sign of a cutting agent like propylene or polyethylene glycol.


Though it wasn’t intolerable, there are tastier, distilled cartridges on the market.


Compatible with all standard 510 threaded pen-style vapes, this vape offers extremely smooth hits. However, I wasn’t able to get a consistent cloud of vapor from the oil, which is unfortunately dark and incredibly thin. It’s actually the thinnest oil I’ve reviewed so far (and I’ve reviewed a lot).


Potency, Effectiveness & Affordability


west coast cure skywalker og cartridge review


I was pretty disappointed in Skywalker OG vape’s potency. Since WCC is known for having awesome concentrates, I naturally assumed their vape cartridge would be filled with something special. I was wrong.


Not only did it look and taste like it contained a high volume of cutting agents, but the effects were at best mild and unreliable. I was hoping for something more heavy-hitting. I felt a slight difference, but nothing to make me say “I feel high.” If you have a low cannabis tolerance, you may find this does something for you. If that’s the case, let me know.


With the first few puffs, I got a lot of crackling before the oil settled. That makes me assume I purged the rest of their solvent off – into my lungs. I taste a bit of the terpenes on my first two drags, then the taste becomes too subtle to notice. Plus, I had trouble getting a solid hit.


For around $30, I wouldn’t buy this again. In my opinion, the high-quality packaging is worth more than the oil it’s housed in. I was quite disappointed. Check out Honey Vape’s superior Skywalker OG cartridge for just $5-10 more.


Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product


Packaging: 4/5

  • Casing is sturdy, golden and clean. Very classy.
  • Slipcase within has a foam bed to make sure the cartridge stays stationary. However, it isn’t that secure.


Labeling: 1/5

  • Basically no product information besides branding and the strain name.
  • No specific details about the cartridge and what it’s made of.
  • Needs much more transparency.


Cartridge Quality: 3/5

  • Minimalist construction.
  • High-end looking metal mouthpiece stamped with the brand initials and logo
  • Inconsistent vapor clouds.


Taste: 3/5

  • Initial pulls were flavorful from those amazing Skywalker OG piney terps but were quickly replaced by a bland nothingness that makes me think some not-so-great additives are also in there.


Vapor Quality: 4/5

  • Aside from the initial solvent burn-off, the draws felt clear and even.
  • Tough to get a consistent-sized cloud from puffing.


Oil Quality: 1/5  

  • Oil is too thin and dark to trust WCC’s branded “ultra-premium” claim.
  • Believe there’s some other unknown ingredients within.


Ease of Use: 4/5

  • Relatively easy to use with any 510 threaded battery; just twist on a battery pen and vape.


Effectiveness: 3/5

  • Effects were milder than I’d want from a WCC product and Skywalker OG strain.
  • Felt a slight difference but nothing that made me feel “high.”


Consistency: 2/5

  • Effects really varied, maybe due to the oil’s subpar quality.


Price: 1/5

  • Not worth $30 for the mild effects and lack of product and testing info.
  • Seems like the high-quality packaging is worth more than the actual oil inside.
  • I wouldn’t buy this product again.


Overall Rating: 2.6


With the unclean taste, oil’s runny nature, low potency and lack of product info, I wouldn’t recommend this Skywalker OG WCC cartridge. Disappointing, as the brand produces quality concentrates. To quote one of the wisest women in modern history: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

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  • Mario A

    I think you purchased a fake cartridge, this is nowhere near the quality of the cartridges that I have purchased from this brand. I am talking in terms of oil quality and packaging. If you do get a chance to purchase a real one, I assure you, you will definitely notice a difference!

  • JJ

    Hey man you purchased a fake cartridge unfortunately. The original ones are gold, and have oil so thick that you could turn it upside down for 30 minutes and it won’t move. Super clean and crazy potency. Hope you get your hands on a real one soon.

  • Daniel Phaithaisong

    Bro that is a fake cart. I can show you the golden oil it is supposed to look like, they are fire. And the boxes have child proof on it so you push a button and you pull the box out. It just doenst fall out. Impossible unless a counterfeit.

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