5 Ways Vaping at Home Beats Braving the Bars

Brian Pietrus | November 14, 2018 | 1 Comment


Getting elbowed by strangers. Feeling half a pint of beer drench your jacket from behind. Having to shout just to hear what your friend is saying. No matter how you slice it, going out drinking is overrated.


Sure, it can be fun to occasionally hit up your favorite low-key neighborhood bar with friends for a beer or two. But going out quickly loses its appeal once you’re actually at the bar. It’s one of those activities that sounds fun and exciting in theory, but in practice, it simply becomes a headache.


This week at Nugg, we’re opting to skip the bars and stay home with a tasty vape pen. If you’re thinking about braving the local bar scene, read our top five reasons to stay home instead!


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1. Save Some Serious Cash


Going out to the bar comes at a price – literally. Each pint you order at the bar will cost about as much as a whole six-pack of craft beer from your local grocery store or beer shop.


If you have a couple of drinks, you could easily spend $25 or $30 in a single hour when you include tax and tip. (And you should always tip if you’re going out!) Expect to spend double that amount if you’re covering drinks for a friend.


Instead of wasting that much cash in just a few hours at your local bar, why not pick up your favorite vape cartridge? You’ll enjoy a pleasant buzz, AND you’ll have a product at home that will last you much longer than a single night — that is, unless you’re some sort of Snoop Dogg weed prodigy.


2. Avoid the Next-Day Hangover


Ask any cannabis enthusiast about getting stoned versus getting drunk, and they’re likely to bring up the hangover that inevitably follows a night of alcohol consumption. If you’re an infrequent drinker (like I am), you may even feel hungover the next day from just two or three drinks.


Why wake up with a dizzy head and a queasy stomach in the morning? Cannabis will help you relax, have fun, and get a good night’s sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day!


And unlike alcohol, which can leave you combating nausea and/or diarrhea the next morning, cannabis actually helps relieve stomach ailments! You can’t go wrong!


3. Choose Your Own Crowd


Have you ever walked into your favorite bar, only to find that it’s packed with strangers being loud and obnoxious? Or even worse, have you seen some surly drunk trying to start a fight with another bar patron while their friends desperately try to talk them down?


Yeah, being around drunk people sucks. Yet another reason going out can be a bummer.


Skip the strangers, the rough and rowdy crowds, and the shoulder-to-shoulder wall of bros that’s somehow always blocking access to the bar. When you stay home with cannabis, you get to assemble your own crowd by inviting friends, neighbors, or roommates over for a vape session. Or skip the company altogether and have a solo session!


Plus, with everyone chilling out over cannabis instead of drinking themselves stupid, there’s virtually zero chance of a fight breaking out. Why put up with all the noise and discomfort while standing in a crowded bar when you and your friends could be chilling on the couch at home with a vape pen in-hand?


4. Be Your Own DJ


The inside of a bar can get loud, and we mean LOUD. As if the volume weren’t bad enough, you may also be subjected to music that you can’t stand. If there’s a band or a DJ performing, you’re at the mercy of their musical tastes. Even if there’s just a jukebox, you’ll have to pony up some cash if you want to hear songs that you actually enjoy.


When you stay home, you can pick the music you and your friends listen to. Spin your favorite records, put together a playlist on Spotify or Soundcloud, or skip the music altogether. You can even put on a movie – which will seem like a luxury if you’ve ever been stuck in a bar with the TV set to a never-ending sports game (unless that’s your thing).


5. Choose Your Own Effects


Alcohol only has two speeds: buzzed or drunk. Sure, you can choose between different types of alcohol, but they’re all going to deliver the same mind-numbing, speech-slurring effects.


With cannabis, you can dial in your desired effects. Trying to stay awake and talkative? Choose a sativa strain. Playing board games? A hybrid strain sounds perfect. Ready to wind down at the end of the night? Bring on the indica strains!


Vaping gives you even more precision over the effects that you feel. You don’t have to smoke a whole joint or bowl; just take a puff or two and see how you’re feeling.


Our current faves are the Himalaya Red Dragon Sativa vape cartridge and the HoneyVape Blackberry Kush cartridge.


The Red Dragon cartridge by Himalaya offers an uplifting, euphoric head high that’s derived from an Afghani landrace strain crossed with a South American sativa. It’s the perfect strain for laughing and reminiscing with friends during a fun night in.


If indicas are more your speed, the Blackberry Kush cartridge by HoneyVape will not disappoint. Expect insane terpenes from this Afghani x Blackberry indica strain – seriously, it’s one of the most flavorful vape cartridges I’ve ever tried.


You’ll enjoy the sweet taste of berries with every inhalation and exhalation, and the effects are incredibly soothing and fast-acting.


If you’re an experienced indica consumer, this strain will help you chill out while remaining social or even active. It’s also the perfect nightcap at the end of a fun evening at home – overindulge in Blackberry Kush and you may end up feeling like a melted pat of butter spread out over your couch. But don’t worry; you won’t feel any pain come morning!


Ready to stay in and vape? Check out the menu at Nugg! You and your friends can kick back, relax, and let the dispensary come to you!

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