Little Brittons Infused Hardy Candies (2019 Video Review)

Nugg Team | December 25, 2018 | Leave a Comment


We all loved Jolly Ranchers growing up. Why not? They’re America’s favorite fruity, little crack crystals of joy. (Mmm…that sweet, sugary high.) But, as we grew into adults, they lost that special “punch” we look for in a cannabis infused treat. That’s where Little Brittons came in.


Little Brittons’ infused hard candies are made from the finest cannabis buds, cleanly extracted with CO2 or old world bubble hash methods, then mixed into their signature 15 flavors to create a succulent candy experience. It’s the target that ol’ Jolly missed, and we love it.


Let your inner candy-fiend run free as Nugg’s cannabis expert, Ian Randall, tries some of Brittons top flavors. His  impression? Watch this video review to find out!


Order these Little Brittons infused hard candies and have them delivered to your doorstep with Nugg today!


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