Colorado “Gas & Grass” Sells Weed and Fills Up Your Tank

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Originally posted by The Denver Channel

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Recreational marijuana users can now buy pot while filling up their gas tanks in Colorado Springs.

“Gas & Grass,” a gas station that also offers the convenience of purchasing medical marijuana — all in one — is the first of its kind and is officially open for business.

The store owner, Andreas Nilsson, explained the innovative concept.

“We have combined the two for the purpose of adding another level of convenience for our patients to be able to do their shopping of gas at the same spot where they would otherwise get their medical marijuana”

Medical marijuana patients who shop at Gas and Grass will receive 15 cents off every gallon of gas, and anyone can fill up at the station. The company says it hopes to emulate the loyalty/rewards programs that many grocery chains use to bring buyers back.

Gas and Grass First Marijuana Gas Station

“This is an opportunity to expand the market,” said Cannabis advocate Robert Chase back in September. “We still need the owners to be responsible.”

But innovative ideas like “Gas and Grass” have many wondering: What’s next — Donuts and Cannabis or Coffee and Weed?

“Those are all likely combinations,” said Chase. “There’s nothing in regulations now that prevent that.”

And particularly at Gas & Grass, you do need a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana to shop. However, anyone will be able to purchase gas and other items typically found at gas stations

The Denver7 reported on the story and spoke with street-goers, who had mixed reactions.

“You can buy cigarettes, you can buy beer, so why not?” said one woman getting gas at a Denver Conoco.

One Denver man would rather not see it.

“I think it’s a little crazy, especially in downtown Denver.”

The store is modified to follow state rules with separate entrances for the store and the pot shop.

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