Gyms, Supplements & Strains: Is Cannabis the Future of Fitness?

Tricia Cleppe | September 25, 2017 | 2 Comments


When people think about weed, they don’t often associate it with athletes. But new research shows that this stereotype is far from truthful. In a recent cannabis and sports article, we looked into the science behind improving athletic performance with marijuana.


Now we’re taking a look at some of the companies, events, and products on a mission to change the lazy stoner stigma and help improve athletic performance.


From companies who see the potential in cannabis-infused athletic supplements to activists creating cannabis-friendly athletic environments, the stereotypical idea of a “lazy stoner” is being turned on its head. Will this new proactive outlook catch on? 


What you'll learn in this post:

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Cannabis Gyms & Athletic Events


Power Plant Fitness

The world’s first cannabis-friendly gym is opening soon, right in San Francisco’s Mission District. Power Plant Fitness will allow gym members to consume cannabis before and during workouts. But their mission in the Mission District goes far beyond cannabis, hoping to enlighten athletes to the benefits of combining health, wellness, and fitness.


Power Plant Fitness is co-owned by Jim McAlpine and NFL running back/Heisman winner Ricky Williams, an outspoken advocate for cannabis who was repeatedly suspended from the NFL for failing drug tests due to cannabis use.


Cannabis Yoga

Regularly practicing yoga provides some pretty great health benefits, including increased flexibility, toned muscles, and improved cardiovascular health. It’s an ideal way to exercise when you need a good stretch or meditation.


Yoga’s quiet, relaxed feel makes it a perfect match for cannabis, which is why cannabis yoga classes are becoming so popular. From ganja yoga meet up groups in the Bay Area to classes such as Higher Self Yoga in the Los Angeles area, there are more of these opportunities popping up by the day. 


The 420 Games

Jim McAlpine, co-owner of Power Plant Fitness, also created The 420 Games as a way of showing the world that all cannabis users aren’t lazy and unmotivated, but quite the opposite.


The games combine athletic events like 4.20-mile fun runs and yoga with family-friendly music, educational talks, stand up comedy, and cannabis industry exhibitors. These events happen throughout the year in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, and Portland. Check out their site for more details.



Best Strains for Athletes



Harlequin is a 75% sativa-dominant hybrid that’ll give a very mellow high. Even though it’s more of a sativa, Harley’s high CBD content counteracts much of the psychoactivity that comes with THC. Harlequin is known for its subtle relaxation, allowing you to stay active but not anxious. Perfect to try before hitting the weights; you’ll more easily relax, focus on form, and continue rep after rep without much.


Bruce Banner

This sativa dominant strain has a high THC content that hits hard on the front end; you’ll feel its heady and energizing effects almost immediately. But this nuanced strain packs a second punch.


After the initial high hits, you’ll move into a more focused, mellow high. This makes Bruce Banner a perfect pre-workout strain. Get a gust of energetic high to get you started, then end your workout with a focused high that’ll keep you pain-free. Bonus tip: this is also a great strain to get you in the creative spirit.


Lemon Haze

Just the right amount of Lemon Haze is like a caffeine boost without the terrible jitters, making this sativa dominant flower such a popular daytime option. Its cerebral high focus you in on your work out, but be aware: this strain is potent. If you’re mixing Lemon Haze and athletics for the first time, be sure to go slow.



Another sativa dominant hybrid, ACDC contains high CBD and low THC, so it’s very popular with medical marijuana patients. Because of its nearly 19% CBD content and 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, the strain produces little to no psychoactive effects, ideal for treating chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and more. A great option for unwinding after a tough, aching workout. Smoke or vape (recommended) a little in or after an Epsom salt bath for a more relaxing recovery.


Cannabis Fitness Products


House of Jane Energy Capsules


This Cali cannabis company recently released a line of hemp-derived CBD energy supplements, including capsules, drinks and powders. Hemp CBD (great for pain management and lowering anxiety), eight amino acids, and B12 are combined to provide all-day energy without the jitters or crash.


Use their capsules before a workout to provide a boost of energy, focus, and performance. Try their CBD/B-12 Energy blend in capsule or powder form, ranging from $5.95 for a single powder pack to $39 for a 30-day capsule supply. Also available in Arizona, Nevada, and Washington state.


Golden Leaf Sports Rub

Say goodbye to Icy Hot patches and hello to Golden Leaf Sports Rub! The $15 rub is a great post-workout pain reliever, perfect for dissolving tension and inflammation. It’s made from a combo of cannabis, helichrysum, peppermint, clove, wintergreen, white camphor, cocoa butter, shea butter, frankincense, and myrrh—all natural coolers and soothers. Simply apply this therapeutic ointment on the affected area(s) then rub in circular motions.


CannAthlete Activation Spray

This incognito mint mouth spray is the perfect pre-workout option as it makes microdosing just enough (1mg of THC per spray) easy and accurate. The creators of this spray encourage just one dose before exercising to keep your mood elevated without feeling high, so a single $20 bottle will last 150 doses—a great bargain!


Dixie Elixir Cinnamon & Vanilla Synergy Dew Drops

These tinctures are great during or after a workout. Dixie’s Dew Drops have a 1:1 THC and CBD ratio, resulting in a mild high while effectively treating anxiety, pain, inflammation. Put one dose under your tongue for a focused and relaxed work out with a flavorful kick. A 100mg bottle typically costs around $35


Hmbldt Relief Dose Pen

This vape pen has a 2:1 THC-to-CBD ratio, perfect for a mellow high. Plus every puff is precise and consistent, so you won’t have to worry about getting too high before a workout. Their CBD-rich formula makes it a great pain relieving and anti-inflammatory option. The only downside to these pens is the price point, with a 200 dose pen (500mg) costing around $100.


While there’s still a lot of science to uncover about cannabis and athletic performance, many athletes have expressed their success in using cannabis as both a pain management medicine and performance enhancer.


If you’ve ever wanted to try mixing cannabis into your workout routine, these events and products are a great place to start! Questions about a product? Chat live with Nugg’s Cannabis Concierge who can listen to your needs and help you decide which cannabis products are best for you! 


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