Strain of the Week: 3C Banana OG

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What you'll learn in this 3C Banana OG review:

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This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid between Banana and OG Kush. It’s 60% Indica, 40% Sativa.



Glows bright-lime, coated in trichomes and scattered with rust red and golden yellow pistils.


Banana OG



Banana OG smells tasty and tropical, sprinkled with a little tart spiciness. It’s pungent, but doesn’t invade the whole room. There’s no muskiness or “skunkiness.”



This is where the Banana really shines through. Smooth and sweet. Taste sits pleasantly in your mouth for a while inhale.



Quick and notable pain relief, best described by muscle relaxation and light numbing. Simultaneously, the mind becomes activated and colors become more vibrant, and your energy and consciousness expands. (Keep in mind, these can vary from person to person).



Effects lasted over two hours; 8/10.



Labeled a “vegan” herb by Coast to Coast, this strain was cultivated and distributed using an animal-free process from start to finish.


Where to Find 3C Banana OG 


Banana OG Bong Hit


You can find and order 3C Banana OG on Nugg online.


Or, if you want to get out of the house, visit Coast to Coast Collective in Canoga Park, one of the city’s premier dispensaries with a friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere, and budding cannabis plants available for you to inspect right in the bud room!


This storefront is easily accessible and is dedicated to providing personalized attention, special deals and giveaways for qualified patients, and top-quality medication at all times. At Coast to Coast, you come for the bud and stay for the people. Their in-house branded line of flowers is titled “3C” and includes sativas, indicas, and hybrids.

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