Cannabis, a Gateway to Love as Seen by Artist Alex Grey

Jasmine Goodman | October 16, 2015 | Leave a Comment


Visionary artist Alex Grey is renowned for his enlightening perspectives on life. He’s a prominent activist in psychedelic awareness and an inspiring leader of creative consciousness.


Artist communities and cultural ambassadors everywhere honor Grey as one of the most important figures in our green generation. Integrating sacred sciences and modern mindfulness, his work paints pathways of interconnected ganja love through images, painting, poetry and words of wisdom.


Alex Grey 1995 Cannabis Cup Photo


“In my painting for the High Times 1995 Cannabis Cup I’ve shown the cannabis Goddess, Cannabia, surrounded by an aura of flames emitting smoke. Her hair is lush female sinsemilla buds, and her body is covered with the plant stalks, stems and green leaves. Her two mundane eyes are closed, the third “divine” eye on her forehead is open, revealing a world of fantastic and spiritual vision. To kiss her is to become intoxicated with her and turned on to one’s own fertile imagination. She holds a flaming marijuana leaf as the heart offering of the earth mother, a gift of sensuous pleasure and mystical insight.”


Cannabis is an ancient plant used for ritual, medicinal and recreational ceremonies and Grey’s work is heavily influenced by its sacred use as medicine.


In the interview below, Alex Grey discusses why he thinks cannabis is the most important psychedelic. Touching upon it’s nonexistent toxic dose, highly functional multiple uses, and how our founding fathers used the herb as inspiration for our founding documents, he and his wife Alison Grey praise cannabis for being an aphrodisiac, visionary and a revolutionary tool to consciously wake up to connect to what matter’s most in life: love.


Watch Alex Grey Psychedelic Spirituality and History Of Cannabis


Check out some of Alex’s other art pieces below, and visit Jasmine’s (author) awesome blog, the High Vibe Tribe.


Alex Grey Cannabis Woman


Alex Grey Cannabacchus


Alex Grey Fiery Woman

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