1964 Grape OG Strain (2019 Video Review)

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What does 1964 have to do with cannabis? It’s the year the THC molecule was discovered by Israeli chemist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. And although cannabis has been used for millennia, for the first time its mystical psychotropic powers entered the scientific realm.


Cannabis has come a long way since ’64. What was a mind-opening, body-healing herb then would now be considered tumbleweed. Nowadays, we expect top shelf flower with 16% THC or above plus frosty, dense and pungent nuggs.


That’s exactly what the growers over at Supplied by 1964 are delivering; the brand even supports artists by commissioning stellar original work for their jars and boxes. What’s not to love?


Resident cannabis connoisseur, Morgan English, twists up some of 1964’s Grape OG, a crossbreed of Grape Romulan & Tahoe OG Kush, to give you the insider scoop on one of the best indica strains for anxiety and sleep.


Order this 1964 Grape OG flower, along with their other strains, online and have them delivered to your home in no time here!

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