At Least Pot Smokers Can Read A Map

A hilarious Tweet by @ChiefWolfhound is going viral this week. In the Tweet, which appears to be part of a larger coordinated campaign called #COWillVapeYou, Chief Wolfhound, who is a retired SENIOR INTELLIGENCE OFFICER, says:

Of course, there’s something glaringly wrong with this post, seeing as this map appears to be alleging that Wyoming is Colorado…or maybe they’re arguing that Wyoming is weed central?

Or maybe the authors weren’t operating with all their faculties when they built this map. But this isn’t the first time it has made its ugly and hilarious rounds. The embarrassingly wrong map is actually a mistaken infographic that was published by USA today way back in 2016. Everyone from the Huffington Post to Westworld had a lot of fun with the much-needed geography (and spelling) lessons.

Those geography and spelling lessons apparently fell short of their mark though.

They are right about the spelling. On the map, it’s spelled marjijuana.

The Chief tried to pass the buck by blaming the ill-informed and misspelled map on the DEA


And also, it’s just the wrong source. But we knew that already.

And Echo makes a very good point.

It’s nice to see you can concede with a little grace, Chief.

But they aren’t about to let you off the hook.

Whatever the cause for the loose nut behind the steering wheel of this doomed infographic, the Twitter crowd had an absolute field day with this oldie but goodie, again.

As it turns out, scientific evidence is beginning to mount that marijuana use does not make us dumb, but even moderate alcohol use can damage the brain, so alcohol might be a better target for anti-cannabis prohibitionists concerned about national health.

Keep raising the bar weed tokers! Proving one failed scare tactic at a time that the gig is up on prohibition.

Deb Tharp: Deb Tharp is a cannabis activist, consultant, and writer. She began her cannabis activism at the age of 18, helping local candidates campaign door-to-door in the Midwest. Little did she know that the plant would save her husband's life a decade later. After watching him recover 60 pounds to his skeletal frame in a matter of months, she was convinced that the war on weed must end. She ran for State Assembly in 2010 while completing her bachelor's degree at University of California, Irvine. During her campaign, she managed to bring cannabis legalization to the forefront of the debate. Little more than a year later, she was publicly arrested while gathering signatures for a cannabis ballot initiative in Orange County. She fired back at the county by qualifying Measure CC in Santa Ana under Kandice Hawes' of OC Norml’s expert leadership. In the following years, she authored, qualified and helped to qualify over a dozen local legalization ballot initiatives across the state while teaching other activists how to do the same. She currently writes for Nugg, the nation's largest online cannabis marketplace, while pursuing her law degree at Taft Law School and will graduate in 2021.
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