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  1. Terpenes: What Are They & How Do They Affect You?

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    Medical marijuana consists of hundreds of compounds. THC and CBD are undoubtedly the best known — and studied — substances in cannabis.


    However, the marijuana plant contains an amazing array of aromatic chemicals, called terpenes and flavonoids, which give the herb its distinctive scent, flavor, and taste.


    Researchers now believe that these terpenes and flavonoids play a larger role than once thought when it comes to weed’s medicinal benefits.



    What Are Terpenes?


    Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons (among the hundreds of chemical compounds found in cannabis) that plants manufacture and which act as a defense mechanism to deter herbivores (deer or insects) from eating them. Some terpenes even attract species of predators who naturally feed on plant herbivores. Science, right?


    Terpenes work because they emit a strong aroma. They are frequently used as the basis of fragrances and flavorings in a wide variety of organic products. For example, the distinctive smell of lavender, mint, or marijuana is entirely due to the unique makeup of terpenes and flavonoids in each of these plant species.


    Like cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, terpenes interact with neural and cellular receptors. In particular, they can modulate neurotransmitter levels. By binding to receptors in the brain, terpenes can inhibit the breakdown of serotonin (a feel-good neurotransmitter) or boost dopamine activity (the neurotransmitter that regulates pleasure, motivation, and reward).  


    In fact, the terpenes in cannabis provide many of the same benefits as anti-depressants, but without the often debilitating side effects that traditional tricyclic or re-uptake inhibiting medications entail.


    THC, because of its psychoactive properties, has received the most interest from researchers. Likewise, CBD has attracted noticeable attention because of its effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system. In contrast, terpenes remain comparatively understudied and unappreciated, but preliminary evidence suggests they’re a much larger piece of the marijuana equation than we currently think.


    Weed Terpenes Facts


    Useful Facts About Terpenes


    Despite our limited understanding of them, here are some intriguing things we do know about the terpenes in cannabis:


    • Scientists have identified no less than 120 terpenes in marijuana.
    • About 10 to 30% of cannabis resin consists of terpenes.
    • The terms “terpenes” and “terpenoids” are often used interchangeably. However, terpenoids are terpenes that have been chemically modified by curing or oxidation.
    • Terpenes are responsible for pot’s distinctive odor; it’s what drug-sniffing dogs zero in on.
    • Synthetic forms of marijuana — such as Marinol — lack terpenes, which may explain why many patients find Marinol so ineffective as a medicine.
    • The terpenes in cannabis are often virtually identical to those found in other plants.
    • Evidence indicates that the terpene Myrcene boosts the effect of THC. Anecdotal reports suggest that eating Myrcene-rich mangos prior to ingesting cannabis can increase both the medical and psychoactive impact of THC.


    Terpenes & The Entourage Effect


    Most of the scientific and medical interest in terpenes has centered on their synergistic effects. For example, Dr. Ethan Russo has specifically called attention the so-called “entourage effect,” which refers to the way that the various compounds in cannabis work together and reinforce each other.


    More specifically, the presence of terpenes in marijuana can actually inhibit THC’s intoxicating effects. However, as Dr, Russo notes, the modulation of THC actually serves to increase marijuana’s “therapeutic index” meaning that an inhibition of THC’s effects can actually produce more medical value for you, the consumer.


    The dissatisfaction most patients experience with Marinol, a synthetic form of THC, illustrates shortcomings that stem from ignoring the entourage effect. Put simply, many patients find that the isolated concentrations of THC (meaning it lacks terpenes and any other cannabinoids) in Marinol produce a very unpleasant, ineffective experience.


    In fact, cannabis researchers believe that both terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD work to modulate THC’s effects. In particular, the presence of terpenes and compounds like CBD are thought to lessen anxiety while boosting THC’s analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, among other effects.


    This “phytocannabinoid-terpenoid synergy,” according to Dr. Russo, is the key to marijuana’s extraordinary versatility and effectiveness as a medicine, and is something we’re excited to learn more about as new research is conducted.


    In a word, the marijuana plant as a whole is more beneficial than the sum of its constituent parts. With terpenes in the mix, you get more bang for your buck.


    Difference Between Terpenes and Flavonoids


    Flavonoids in Cannabis


    Flavonoids are nutrients that give many plants their distinctive colors. For example, flavonoids are the compounds that give blueberries their vibrant hue. There’s already over 6,000 identified flavonoids known to scientists, and over 20 are found to exist in cannabis.  In particular, they are noted for their nutritive, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. The role they play in marijuana’s therapeutic effects is not well-known, but like terpenes, they are believed to have a synergistic influence.


    Only time will tell, as clinical studies will hopefully be possible in the not-too-distant future, once cannabis is removed from the federal list of Schedule I substances.


    Choosing Cannabis Strains Based on Terpene Profiles


    Terpenes are the building blocks of cannabinoids, plant hormones, and pigments. So, they naturally play a huge role in marijuana’s overall psychological and physical effects. Of course, terpene concentrations and configurations will vary considerably from strain to strain and even batch to batch. Environmental conditions and curing methods will also have a tremendous impact on terpene qualities.


    Many medical marijuana patients select specific strains by their scent. There is a sound basis for this. Different terpene concentrations have unique fragrances and medicinal properties. For example, anecdotal reports suggest that strains with a musk or clover scent provide relaxing and sedative effects. In contrast, pot with a piney scent is known for promoting mental alertness and boosting memory. And weed with a lemony scent is renowned for its mood-elevating qualities.


    The following are a few of the better-known terpenes along with their characteristics, the medical effects that they’re known for, and some typical strains you can find to match:



    Musky aroma. It’s normally found in fruit, but it is the most common terpene found in cannabis too. It is believed to quicken and intensify pot’s psychoactive properties. It is also known for its painkilling, sedative, and insomnia-fighting properties.

    • Medical Value: Natural antioxidant with anti inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. Also indicated for insomnia, depression, and muscle tension.
    • Strains to Look For: Pure Kush, White Widow, and El Nino.



    Citrusy smell. Researchers are studying its potential anti-tumor properties. Cannabis strains high in limonene are renowned for having an uplifting effect on mood.

    • Medical Value: Antimicrobial, antifungal and anticancer properties. Has shown efficacy for gastrointestinal disorders.
    • Strains to Look For: Lemon Skunk, Lemon Haze, Jack the Ripper, and OG Kush



    Characterized by a piney scent. This terpene has been used as an antiseptic, antitumor agent, and bronchodilator in many folk-remedy traditions.

    • Medical Value: For treating asthma and as a natural antiseptic.
    • Strains to Look For: Trainwreck, Bubba Kush, and Super Silver Haze



    Exhibits a peppery/woody aroma. Researchers are investigating the potential of high-caryophyllene strains to treat arthritis and neuropathic pain.

    • Medical Value: Possible gastroprotective properties. In particular, noted for treating autoimmune conditions like arthritis, ulcers, and depression.
    • Strains to Look For: Hash Plant and Trainwreck.



    Sweet, floral scent. Studies indicate that terpinolene tends to induce drowsiness. It has also been identified as a potential tumor inhibitor.

    • Medical Value: Has a sedative effect on the central nervous system. Also, believed to have antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal, and anti-tumor properties.
    • Strains to Look For: Pineapple Jack, Lemon Sour Diesel, and Super Jack.



    Pungent smell reminiscent of fir needles. Animal experiments suggest that camphene may help lower cholesterol.

    • Medical Value: Research indicates it is natural antibiotic with antiinflammatory properties.
    • Strains to Look For: Indica strains.



    Smells like lilacs. It is believed to have a  calming effect as well as antibiotic and antimicrobial properties.

    • Medical Value: Studies indicate it is an antioxidant.
    • Strains to Look For: Jack Herer.



    Rose-like aroma. Studies suggest this terpene may help reduce neuropathy.

    • Medical Value: Shows promise for treating neuropathic pain
    • Strains to Look For: Master Kush, Amnesia Haze, and Great White Shark.



    Reportedly has a spicy/citrus fragrance. Scientists are investigating its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential.



    Peppermint scent. It believed to have sedative and memory-enhancing properties.

    • Medical Value: May have fever-reducing and memory-enhancing properties. Also indicated for reducing stress.
    • Strains to Look For: Usually found only in trace amounts in cannabis, but believed to contribute the the entourage effect.



    Lavender fragrance. Studies suggest that it has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects.

    • Medical Value: Lowers anxiety, alleviates depression, and reduces convulsions.
    • Strains to Look For: Lavender, LA Confidential, and Amnesia Haze.



    Described as having a peppermint/citrus aroma. Turmeric, which has been used for centuries by Chinese herbalists to treat fungal infections, is very high in this terpene.




    Terpenes are widely recognized as a safe and all-natural way to promote wellness. Increasingly, patients and medical professionals are recognizing the important role they play in medical marijuana, as terpenes can help patients identify the most suitable strains for specific conditions. In addition, their synergistic effect, which magnifies the therapeutic value of cannabinoids and THC, is only beginning to be understood.

  2. Jetty Extracts Review: A More Stylish Brand of Waxes, E-Juices & More


    Jetty Extracts is a nonprofit founded four years ago in San Diego by surfers with a love of cannabis and a desire to help the ill. Its products, image and ethics totally embody So Cal.


    Utilizing a retro Americana aesthetic—think pomade, burlesque dancers and raw denim—Jetty has crafted marijuana concentrate products that speak directly to a fashionable young demographic always wanting something different. Their products are detailed, flashy and a great deal fancier than the minimal packaging of most cannabis products.


    A particular breed of jaded buyer will probably think “vegan über hipster” and approach Jetty Extracts products and reviews with a certain amount of skepticism and bias. It’s understandable; plenty of brands justify a higher price tag by creating products purely designed to appeal to a rebellious youth culture who’s willing to sacrifice quality for an appealing façade.


    Is Jetty Extracts any different? It sells attractive products, but do they live up to the level of quality promised by their packaging? We’ll review them and find out what the company’s all about. 



    Jetty’s CO2 Extraction 


    Part of a growing trend in the cannabis industry, Jetty solely makes extracts utilizing a supercritical CO2 extraction method, which is thought by many to produce a cleaner product and experience than those extracted with a solvent (most commonly butane).


    While some find butane extraction dangerous only in the hands of an unreputable producer, most research points to it creating a product that’ll more often than not contain additives not suitable for human consumption. Jetty’s CO2 method guarantees that the potential dangers of solvent-based extractions are avoided altogether.


    Jetty goes a step further than some of their competitors by adding back the terpenes that are often lost in the extraction process. Though these are only present in trace amounts (of almost all cannabis strains), they nonetheless act synergistically with cannabinoids and are often medically beneficial.


    Helping Heal the Sick


    Another way Jetty goes above and beyond commerce is with their Shelter Project initiative, which provides cancer patients with clean and safe medicinal cannabis oil and/or high CBD plants at no cost. The initiative is backed by donations, volunteers, and Jetty itself, as the company donates 1% of their gross revenue to the cause.


    Philanthropists, weed activists, and cannabis enthusiasts alike looking to support those in need can rest assured that a part of their purchase goes towards supporting a great cause!


    While 1% of revenue isn’t much (although it certainly adds up), we’re a growing business ourselves, and respect has to be paid to those who think about more than just money. After all, profits won’t move this industry forward, people will.


    Jetty Extracts Products


    The company produces extracts in all basic forms. These include:


    Vape Pen

    Simply combining the Jetty battery with the oil cartridge creates a convenient vape pen. Just push the silver button to produce the ideal dosage. Two or three solid puffs and you’ll be feeling better.


    The vapor is clean, smooth and doesn’t taste burnt like with some lower-quality concentrates. And Jetty’s wide variety of strains means that Jetty Extracts not only makes an effective product, but can cater to your favorite kind of high and improve almost any ailment.

    There’s also a handy leather Jetty Jacket you can tie to almost anything and take your vaporizer on the go! Now that’s something you don’t see everyday, and is testament to this company’s focus on delivering an exceptional, high-end product.


    Vape Cartridges

    Jetty Pure and Gold cartridges each contain 700mg of clear, clean cannabis concentrate. The Pure cartridges contain between 60 and 70% THC; the Gold cartridges around 80% THC. Pure cartridges sell for $40-50 and gold for $60-70. Each comes packaged in a small labeled burlap sack, which itself is housed in a rustic tube that looks more suited for incense than oil. In addition to their stylish packaging, Jetty also makes indica and sativa CBD blend cartridges (2:1 THC:CBD ratio) that have up to 30% CBD.


    Bonus: [thrive_2step id=’2036′]Download a free PDF[/thrive_2step] that includes the Best & Worst vape cartridges from 2016 & 2017. This has been our most popular guide so far.


    They’re available in a variety of familiar strains like Jack Herer, Trainwreck, Blue Dream, Green Crack and Grape Ape. Jetty’s website doesn’t list all of them so you’re dependent on what your local dispensary has in stock, or you could just use getnugg.com and find several dispensaries that have the one you’re looking for, and will deliver to your home.


    Vape Refill E-liquids

    These e-juices come with a dropper and contain 1000mg of flavorful oil in each 3ml bottle. In addition to refilling your own Jetty pen it can be used to replenish almost any empty cartridge or standard liquid vaporizer. Available in the same wide variety of strains as the cartridges.


    SEE ALSO: History, Effects, & How to Make THC Liquid


    CO2 Waxes

    Jetty Extracts CO2 Wax


    Jetty’s wax is offered in indica, sativa, hybrid, and a variety of specific strains, as well as in two levels of refinement: gold and raw. Jetty’s gold wax is a stronger, purer honey-colored concentrate while their raw wax is a darker amber since it isn’t as refined in order to preserve the medically-beneficial terpenes. Sold in 1g containers for $40-45.




    This is where Jetty has a major leg up on its competitors. This discreet, pen-like hybrid holds 1ml of their pure, strain specific CO2 concentrates in one handy dabbing device specifically designed to deliver clean, easy application. Even the packaging looks great. And with a reasonable $45-55 price tag, you get a big bang for your buck.


    SEE ALSO: The Best & Worst Vape Cartridges of 2015 & 2016


    Just twist to reveal the button, push, and apply the desired amount of wax or hash oil you want to dab. Or you could add a tad to your next bowl, joint or blunt for extra aid; if you don’t smoke or vape, the pre-filled wax is safe and delicious, so you can put a dollop on your favorite edible, food, dish or drink.


    Remember, concentrates naturally pack a punch so don’t be fooled by the small amount and use too much.


    Despite the container/tool/applicator’s efficiency, users have complained that its twist-and-push function is complicated and can cause more frequent malfunctions that end up accidentally wasting or adding an extra amount of concentrate.


    Since then Jetty Extracts has redesigned the dablicator by simplifying the process: just twist to release a proper and mess-free amount of wax or oil, guaranteed.

    Jetty also sells empty, refillable dablicators in packs of 25 for dispensaries, other concentrate producers and anyone who wants to see their name on this versatile invention.


    Paying for More Than a Great Product


    For that jaded individual with the (possibly) irrational fear of hipsters, Jetty Extracts may not be the best brand for you. Though the quality of the products is undeniably high in virtually every regard, they’re not the simplest, most straightforward, or cheapest that some traditionalists may prefer.


    Jetty’s products are sold at a somewhat higher than average price point. Those looking for fresh and innovative methods of medication will likely be happy to pay for the luxury, but anyone looking purely for the most cost effective way to get relief may find another company better suited to their needs.


    Where to Buy Jetty Extracts 


    Where can you find Jetty Extracts products available for purchase? You could go to their website to find retailers in your area, but that’s all you’ll find. Instead visit Nugg, the largest medical marijuana online delivery marketplace in California, to find a variety of their products from dispensaries in your area and compare prices!



    Then with just a few taps from any internet-connected device, order Chong’s products straight to your doorstep from whichever dispensary in your area carries them! Don’t have a rec or med card to legally purchase cannabis in California? No problem, because NuggMD allows you to get a MMJ card online in 15 minutes or less from your mobile device! And if you use NuggMD you’ll automatically receive $20 credit on your first Nugg order!


    Customer Testimonials 


    “Just picked up this indica dablicator from u guys at hempcon got to say its AMAZING !!!!!! Taste is so pure and clean I’m on the hunt for it now. #‎jettyproducts‬ is pure fiiiiiiire”Samuel G.


    “This was my first oil purchase and I was not disappointed. It’s pretty strong but I found it to be great for being uninhibited in social situations and when you have to still function. I’m kind of a sucker for the little bag it comes in as well. It’s a cute touch…I would buy again for sure.”  —Hannah M.


    “Very potent and great price for all the CO2 oil e-juice you get. Very tasty and smooth.” —Aidan D.


    “Not only is [the dablicator] much cooler looking than the less threatening syringes that CO2 wax usually comes in, it’s easier to apply…everything sampled had a clean taste to it…” —Ashleigh C.


    Jetty Extracts Rating 


    Effectiveness: 4.5/5

    Not only are Jetty’s concentrates effective, but the wide variety of products and strains means that they’re effective down to very specific kinds of uses and kinds of highs. Vaping an indica on the go, or adding a sativa concentrate to the outside of your joint are all possible with one or more of Jetty’s products.


    Strength: 4.5/5

    Their strength is comparable to other premium brands on the market. The gold cartridges are very strong, and only topped by companies with high amounts of THC as their primary selling point.


    Taste/Aroma: 4.5/5

    A clean extraction process that also preserves terpenes means that these concentrates taste great.


    Cost: 3/5

    While some may be happy to pay for a premium quality product, others will find the high price tag unjustified, due to competitors offering equally strong products without a high level of craftsmanship that they may find unnecessary.


    Overall: 4.25/5 

    From this Jetty Extracts review, you can see that the TLC that goes into their products is apparent: the innovative design of their dablicator, the purity of their extraction process, and their dedication to aiding cancer patients embodies everything a premium cannabis brand should be: stylish, philanthropic, and dedicated to creating kick ass products.


    Even though they may not make the ideal cannabis products for some patients, it’s almost impossible to find fault with the brand as it succeeds in practically every area that matters. The Americana-based image isn’t just a façade. Jetty is truly a company dedicated to craftsmanship as much as curing.